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Allman Brothers Band 09/22/02
Mud Island Ampitheater, Memphis, TN
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Sept. 25, 2002
Source Summary Source: AKG C-2000B (Section C, Row 14 Dead Center)> Edirol UA-5 > USB > IBM Thinkpad 600e 
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Allman Brothers Band
Mud Island Amphitheatre
Memphis, TN

Source: AKG C-2000B > Edirol UA-5 > USB > IBM Thinkpad 600e
Recorded with: Cool Edit Pro
Section C, Row 14 Dead Center
Mono>Stereo Conversion applied with Cool Edit Pro
Taped and seeded by: Jason Carter
Wind was present all night

Disc I
1. Tune Up
2. Statesboro Blues
3. All Night Train
4. Ain't Wastin Time No More
5. Woman across the River
6. Hot Lanta
7. Midnight Rider
8. High Cost of Low Livin
9. Trouble NO More

Disc II
1. Rocking Horse
2. Desdemona
3. Instrumental (untitled)
4. Black Hearted Woman
5. Same Thing
6. Stormy Monday

Disc III
1. Dreams
2. Liz Reed *
3. Drums
4. Bass > Liz Reed
5. Revival

*with Kofi on Flute
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726b18ddc515c2a4f877e3857da12190 *abb2002-09-22d1t1.shn
18f7fb250d03b31b8bf14807c604fb41 *abb2002-09-22d1t2.shn
2f43bda4eed1bc1683609ed42d60e120 *abb2002-09-22d1t3.shn
a937a2af4a3fe5f0e959e5bb7839c409 *abb2002-09-22d1t4.shn
e79606917c8666b1b73da14d56dd5f30 *abb2002-09-22d1t5.shn
be5e5d347392b16859317afc91f70376 *abb2002-09-22d1t6.shn
0cc3215529130571c25a7a7153ef1afd *abb2002-09-22d1t7.shn
ff43614c405ec0fe4fd5c236163d3c41 *abb2002-09-22d1t8.shn
ccb50bde213e67289b1279ebb6012b2f *abb2002-09-22d1t9.shn

d8ecca242feacc946b6e919031cfad8c *abb2002-09-22d2t1.shn
7e37f6dac2825ab6c336341e983435b9 *abb2002-09-22d2t2.shn
669669e18057ee209735d255536d05b1 *abb2002-09-22d2t3.shn
2c3cd9d8bc229fe4de6bf04646cd4e4b *abb2002-09-22d2t4.shn
cc5e11cd9156bbbe3ef974f994e98144 *abb2002-09-22d2t5.shn
2797e37ce6990cd7fc4434516052aac2 *abb2002-09-22d2t6.shn

60799e132716e783f5f6c83f66152cd6 *abb2002-09-22d3t1.shn
3b5c8c8a44651ddea5ca0c855d975319 *abb2002-09-22d3t2.shn
34a8ca7260d9e5c647fe76af1b7518eb *abb2002-09-22d3t3.shn
d95bf4ece639cc8806a0482a17928060 *abb2002-09-22d3t4.shn
d217e0504d97b07b1d9a250a0abc5e6d *abb2002-09-22d3t5.shn

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