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Gov't Mule 02/28/97
Rick's American Bar & Grill, Ann Arbor, MI
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Source # 121601 Other Sources
Entered by Albix
Checksums flac.ffp , flac.md5
Disc Counts 2 / 3
Media Size Compressed: 881 MB (923795456 bytes)
Date Circulated
Date Added
Source Summary flac16; Unknown DAUD recording > ? > flac16.
Originally seeded to by Brackstar
SBE's fix, new checksums and seeding to bt.etree by MULETAPER 
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Rick's Cafe
Ann Arbor MI

Disc 1:
Pygmy Twylyte>
Blind Man>
Mother Earth>
Game Face>
Mountain Jam tease>
Game Face>
Rockin' Horse>
Monkey Hill>
She's So Heavy jam>
'Til the Damage is Done>
Don't Step On The Grass Sam
+I Shall Return

Disc 2:
Kind Of A Bird
She Said She Said>
Gambler's Roll
Left Coast Groovies>
I've Been Workin'>

Larry McCray Intro
Born Under A Bad Sign
I Can’t Hold Out
Just Got Paid>
Who Do You Love>
Just Got Paid

*w/Larry Mc Cray on guitar
+1st time played

I grabbed this uncirculated source from dimeadozen. It was loaded with SBE's so I fixed them in traders little helper
nothing else has been altered except new FFP's and a new MD5
fixed and re-posted to etree 8-17-2012 by MULETAPER

I didn't even strip the "fixed" off of the files.just corrected the recording sector boundaries~

Source: Unknown audience recording=kickass!!

*One of the most incredible nights of music I've experienced.  The show was originally scheduled for the Reptile House in Grand Rapids, but they lost their liquor license and the show was moved to Ricks Cafe in Ann Arbor.

At its peak there were maybe 30 people at Rick's that night which made for an incredibly intimate night of music.  After more than two years of hardcore groveling I convinced one of the two tapers to make me a copy.  The sound quality is amazing, a beautiful recording which has never circulated until now.  I guarantee this show will kick your ass.

Lots of blues, insane jamming, monster bass, tight grooves.  Special note to the "She's So Heavy Jam", "Don't Step on the Grass, Sam", "Kind of Bird" (insane!), and the inspired encores with Chicago legend Larry McCray.  "Born Under a Bad Sign" is worth the download.  The night was enhanced by being able to hang out with Warren & Woody after the show, 2 of the most genuinely kind ass kickers I've ever had the pleasure to meet...

Show Checksums
01 Intro-fixed.flac:290c5f6db07c0a00077170bf6e4c2cd4
02 Pygmy Twylyte-fixed.flac:3480cdc31c78c7b682b34a34ecb61ed4
03 Blind Man in the Dark -fixed.flac:c9d44dda55690f9a5ea6201e16d80552
04 Mother Earth-fixed.flac:d686eab0b1d0451009b7756ef1b2fb89
05 Game Face-fixed.flac:12438d98c392c9023b42cae4d05b70ef
06 Mountain Jam-fixed.flac:3f81e73065a0d9480f004be18c605e3e
07 Game Face-fixed.flac:eeac695e2edada3259fedbff7d38aab5
08 Rockin Horse-fixed.flac:ca4c1005aabf43b20816afcc37eab606
09 Monkey Hill-fixed.flac:f9327829af704eef4c1f865879937cd9
10 Shes So Heavy-fixed.flac:97ee862c731889ab149941cadf2a0abb
11 Till The Damage is Done-fixed.flac:9dda1d829f1e5fd1a72310a2e0ceb4ba
12 Dont Step on the Grass Sam!!!-fixed.flac:b1ec7fdb52697ebef3294691f4d67101
13 I Shall Return (1st Time Played)-fixed.flac:39034ad46afc7b757c3a1eb86f47eeab
14 Kind of Bird !!!-fixed.flac:4bf2d78c7786c31630df1271cc36832a
15 She Said She Said-fixed.flac:0aa9e095da79f512578d05df8644b2ee
16 Gamblers Roll-fixed.flac:863387474ba0eb3e6124a743ea2ac09a
17 Left Coast Groovies-fixed.flac:8d4e46e745736ca3af19d0dda0204014
18 Mule-fixed.flac:83719f2dfc0a09a51a14786851400c00
19 Ive Been Working-fixed.flac:306b79a8139699a48aa70293da005e22
20 Mule-fixed.flac:0a432c246031a4d1dc5cc84b56992aec
21 Larry McCray Intro-fixed.flac:0e7c720a87bd83611fa0e8656ede8b88
22 Born Under a Bad Sign (with Larry M-fixed.flac:d28866a468d6bef482a0c4824be31c55
23 I Cant Hold Out (with Larry McCray)-fixed.flac:7ee947c69308684480cb05a33b194673
24 Just Got Paid (with Larry McCray)-fixed.flac:0b449bf92fdaeda04537c6ed39e77254
25 Who Do You Love (with Larry McCray-fixed.flac:e2e913bef8624c01f174e70479fa7ff1
26 Just Got Paid (with Larry McCray)-fixed.flac:150b54dd7ac02b18a68a02bd0329ba66
d536afb8f5980e8d57c3a17aca3311c0 *01 Intro-fixed.flac
6d60450023af15753a5d37cfcdf8bdaf *02 Pygmy Twylyte-fixed.flac
e937dc8a943936237b45f5c29f98214d *03 Blind Man in the Dark -fixed.flac
58b98b161ae483d652b944316016d55d *04 Mother Earth-fixed.flac
a8bd1a92e104a29bbea3797bdf002721 *05 Game Face-fixed.flac
952072926e7eb55061d145de3fba14e0 *06 Mountain Jam-fixed.flac
82f28e925dbcde364a47c357618b36a6 *07 Game Face-fixed.flac
3233c2e26eaeb37380aa9e304b9ebc71 *08 Rockin Horse-fixed.flac
7249a15c5a020a9f124ea236329ab391 *09 Monkey Hill-fixed.flac
976ad5097691ee507b76e38ede6d408d *10 Shes So Heavy-fixed.flac
6cb3f3e342261cc3bdfa446181745353 *11 Till The Damage is Done-fixed.flac
8e280b5a61f80f63bc9ba9f7acf45cf6 *12 Dont Step on the Grass Sam!!!-fixed.flac
91be56d8c1e4bec03015da3acd1451d5 *13 I Shall Return (1st Time Played)-fixed.flac
b11fa269eeafebad84bcafb9e654f47f *14 Kind of Bird !!!-fixed.flac
3c19b3acd24aca1b123a4758dc7aea43 *15 She Said She Said-fixed.flac
8bf9d379ed45b86df5c1529a9477f01d *16 Gamblers Roll-fixed.flac
47e8f47122a456aadd17fed5ce6196cf *17 Left Coast Groovies-fixed.flac
98bd4e7d7665799393fa212cc12e9181 *18 Mule-fixed.flac
2e6b1eaccc1228a698bf04a50d9d2741 *19 Ive Been Working-fixed.flac
baf20d4ade71e84272cb913ba96c634a *20 Mule-fixed.flac
3a3b1a69a2e7c9eb1761f33dbfff8b0c *21 Larry McCray Intro-fixed.flac
bfedbcd2d0987e7e790c516d3a88adce *22 Born Under a Bad Sign (with Larry M-fixed.flac
b841d62d076c4fb2b814e01717d3bf51 *23 I Cant Hold Out (with Larry McCray)-fixed.flac
d586387a95aa2e5de88772f4da89e9b5 *24 Just Got Paid (with Larry McCray)-fixed.flac
7711d2ae0d369356f1d8f09e952ae2d6 *25 Who Do You Love (with Larry McCray-fixed.flac
7669973205b2f6b1a9997dc55c8b468c *26 Just Got Paid (with Larry McCray)-fixed.flac

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