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Phish 08/31/12
Dick's Sporting Goods Park, Commerce City, CO
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Source # 121853 Other Sources
Entered by Jason Sobel
Checksums 24bit-FFP , 24bit-FLAC-md5
Disc Counts 0 / 0
Media Size Compressed: 1.68 GB (1803415294 bytes)
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Date Added
Source Summary flac24; (FOB) Neumann AK 40 > Lc3 > Km 100 > Lunatec V3 > Sound Devices 702 @ 24/48; Cf Card > Wavelab 6.0 > CD Wave > TLH > 24/48 FLAC; Taped & Transferred by gotfob 
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Dick's Sporting Goods Park
Commerce City, Co

*Brought to You By gotfob*

FOB/DFC > Neumann AK 40 (NOS) >
Lc3 > Km 100 > Lunatec V3 > Sd 702 @ 24/48

Cf Card > Wavelab 6.0  >Cd Wave > TLH > 24/48 FLAC

Set I
01. First Tube
02. Uncle Penn
03. Carini>
04. Kill Devil Falls
05. You Enjoy Myself
06. Ocelot
07. Undermind

Set II
08. Runaway Jim
09. Farmhouse
10. Alaska
11. Chalkdust Torture
12. Emotional Rescue>
13. Fuck Your Face
14. Grind
15. Meatstick
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ph2012-08-31d1 Dicks FOB km140 2448t01.flac:609252a9e798af57b61e2c858aea149a
ph2012-08-31d1 Dicks FOB km140 2448t02.flac:9a1b2b85b9f0bc2619eb667cf581c8bb
ph2012-08-31d1 Dicks FOB km140 2448t03.flac:65ae3020ec49553f461033218adb2db7
ph2012-08-31d1 Dicks FOB km140 2448t04.flac:bab018dba45afd3bf8bf515b39233ae9
ph2012-08-31d1 Dicks FOB km140 2448t05.flac:4623b9609c1ad6ccd8882b2656b529ff
ph2012-08-31d1 Dicks FOB km140 2448t06.flac:e417c512ce2dcdfeccd893775aed4cdb
ph2012-08-31d1 Dicks FOB km140 2448t07.flac:b60781d361c00f8e9b0e21f31485ead8
ph2012-08-31d2 Dicks FOB km140 2448t08.flac:003d8c0bc0b5ac36cb8589beda52935e
ph2012-08-31d2 Dicks FOB km140 2448t09.flac:f74487c6157fb1f315629efce52f8547
ph2012-08-31d2 Dicks FOB km140 2448t10.flac:903754f8bb67930b5867f84326c106fa
ph2012-08-31d2 Dicks FOB km140 2448t11.flac:0fd5293341f727d40a18b24cced32fb7
ph2012-08-31d2 Dicks FOB km140 2448t12.flac:a4463137578dacdae94572277eef53bd
ph2012-08-31d2 Dicks FOB km140 2448t13.flac:5ff40106d8d20258c387d183dc864703
ph2012-08-31d2 Dicks FOB km140 2448t14.flac:9ae36bdacdbcfea862b89cb772e039d4
ph2012-08-31d2 Dicks FOB km140 2448t15.flac:d2a143736965b0617536aa724d6965f1
f0aa486a35c51b7b93fbeb330c82705e *ph2012-08-31d1 Dicks FOB km140 2448t01.flac
fdf69fc9c8d439aa0d19a8435fe2d514 *ph2012-08-31d1 Dicks FOB km140 2448t02.flac
11dda58f20abf48b5959ef971f96043d *ph2012-08-31d1 Dicks FOB km140 2448t03.flac
bc81d18f595885cb42c8c723e3c378f1 *ph2012-08-31d1 Dicks FOB km140 2448t04.flac
901b1e1fe31edea1fcf8485af0ea6200 *ph2012-08-31d1 Dicks FOB km140 2448t05.flac
fc67cc0490fb8a182d1132d88f354d4f *ph2012-08-31d1 Dicks FOB km140 2448t06.flac
88c2610e64fa2d448c3ba65295228338 *ph2012-08-31d1 Dicks FOB km140 2448t07.flac
1d2922961c9b3c787d855c5eeb50ee5c *ph2012-08-31d2 Dicks FOB km140 2448t08.flac
fae70034eff24173d06fddbd62a88deb *ph2012-08-31d2 Dicks FOB km140 2448t09.flac
2d2937e9b021886b1c809801f9cd6e00 *ph2012-08-31d2 Dicks FOB km140 2448t10.flac
28cd05c79b15f36d780ba03a76430882 *ph2012-08-31d2 Dicks FOB km140 2448t11.flac
beeedc7097f1f4e3a04548fc3609974b *ph2012-08-31d2 Dicks FOB km140 2448t12.flac
f7fdb8f85064fd18ebc86861efe3311c *ph2012-08-31d2 Dicks FOB km140 2448t13.flac
81f863faa8e0c04e59d5456ccca4942a *ph2012-08-31d2 Dicks FOB km140 2448t14.flac
6540122ec7d0a59e08608e3db4fb8351 *ph2012-08-31d2 Dicks FOB km140 2448t15.flac

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