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Allman Brothers Band 07/07/80
Palladium, New York, NY
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Entered by Matt Vernon
Checksums orig-flac-md5 , ffp
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Media Size Compressed: 894 MB (937426944 bytes)
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The Allman Brothers Band

New York, New York


Disc One
1. Don't Want You No More
2. It's Not My Cross To Bear
3. Can't Take It With You
4. Blue Sky
5. Need Your Love So Bad
6. Angeline
7. Mystery Woman
8. Just Ain't Easy
9. I Got A Right To Be Wrong
10. Try It One More Time
11. Statesboro Blues
12. From The Madness Of The West
13. One Way Out

Disc Two
1. Jessica - Whipping Post
2. Pegasus
3. Southbound
4. Ramblin' Man
5. In Memory of Elizabeth Reed

First show without Bonnie

Opening act: Henry Paul Band

Show Checksums
2cb4e99ab2294ec2b3bd7c728d3fbc05 abb1980-07-07d1t01_Don't Want You No More.flac
2b1810ee12dece7662c47d0e86f82a7b abb1980-07-07d1t02_It's Not My Cross To Bear.flac
e7ff2d38139ffe55b730dfe614c0cc65 abb1980-07-07d1t03_Can't Take It With You.flac
a6276b1fdb322730154c98472447acf8 abb1980-07-07d1t04_Blue Sky.flac
ae8f6b018f9c66b128a6bb2173d4e667 abb1980-07-07d1t05_Need Your Love So Bad.flac
f9ac1f59954b0bb64d72acc888539c5b abb1980-07-07d1t06_Angeline.flac
5f69662b097f421179c3cdefebf34d17 abb1980-07-07d1t07_Mystery Woman.flac
17437592cf55bb4ace8dafe55aa8d540 abb1980-07-07d1t08_Just Ain't Easy.flac
fffed42969c74b50868c1f6eb1113204 abb1980-07-07d1t09_I Got A Right To Be Wrong.flac
40b0eb36df1792ef0736a3e9f3a3591f abb1980-07-07d1t10_Try It One More Time.flac
ab607b78775875dd4e920b5984c3d368 abb1980-07-07d1t11_Statesboro Blues.flac
76f4c0eb873d40d3a028c696499713e2 abb1980-07-07d1t12_From The Madness Of The West.flac
3e30b1582021eaa58920400a7abb6268 abb1980-07-07d1t13_One Way Out.flac
74e96c30f0278170b2b14f60bc094408 abb1980-07-07d2t01_Jessica - Whipping Post.flac
3a388f6168317466f4c6544212ce4b0f abb1980-07-07d2t02_Pegasus.flac
a6e851477bfecabe6656f3dde1ac4e56 abb1980-07-07d2t03_Southbound.flac
bf77de00d74c40c568da06d2dee50d01 abb1980-07-07d2t04_Ramblin' Man.flac
c28b50bb211be7bee0fe1fc3572de797 abb1980-07-07d2t05_In Memory of Elizabeth Reed.flac
abb1980-07-07d1t01_Don't Want You No More.flac:280864507c3c72baee26a3600e36b44e
abb1980-07-07d1t02_It's Not My Cross To Bear.flac:cb75da56010c4f7f1570ea5b912d0967
abb1980-07-07d1t03_Can't Take It With You.flac:9dde59e20327b29e5dba761d7d5cc146
abb1980-07-07d1t04_Blue Sky.flac:4b6a74fabe4dfbb950261a36ee22d967
abb1980-07-07d1t05_Need Your Love So Bad.flac:b6592a6166efa389de58edbe24ef417c
abb1980-07-07d1t07_Mystery Woman.flac:56131aa18fdee6bb4da5e969723a4fff
abb1980-07-07d1t08_Just Ain't Easy.flac:a3478db805a16e519be4f48d45da80d1
abb1980-07-07d1t09_I Got A Right To Be Wrong.flac:3989d8eae4eb7d67b6b1761efcc2c5a0
abb1980-07-07d1t10_Try It One More Time.flac:1b4945190953de564df8cefa29a12711
abb1980-07-07d1t11_Statesboro Blues.flac:2aafb576834cd9198928881f93441074
abb1980-07-07d1t12_From The Madness Of The West.flac:c576c3506153805b6ec0c120065dd3ba
abb1980-07-07d1t13_One Way Out.flac:d1981594838e1894fbf4430cd19b6900
abb1980-07-07d2t01_Jessica - Whipping Post.flac:445c3e4540d6b8ec69ff9260d5a6786e
abb1980-07-07d2t04_Ramblin' Man.flac:8327608a8e07a5fad34e4f1d7e275fc9
abb1980-07-07d2t05_In Memory of Elizabeth Reed.flac:7d562b8f6209e7ca6587a698904b4bf7

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Date User Comment
09/10/2012 mgoldey A loud and somewhat harsh recording, but audible. Some buzzing from the PA or recording gear throughout.
09/12/2012 Sean612 There is skipping throughout this source, likely from a bad CDR rip.