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Grateful Dead 04/17/71
Dillon Gym, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ
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Entered by Matt Vernon
Checksums shn-md5 , st5 , orig-a6192-shn-md5
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Source Summary set 2; SBD>Reel>?> D, with 1.1 sec from a secondary source spliced into d1t4 to patch a d/o; "the best source out there"; no Lovelight flip; via R. Nayfield 
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The Grateful Dead
04/17/71 Set II
Dillon Gym, Princeton University, Princeton NJ

Growing up near Princeton, this show was one of the first dead tapes
I ever heard.  My copy was probably S:RCCCCCCCCCCC but I loved it anyway.
I later received a much better copy (sounded like 2-3 analog gens) with
a really lame flip at 45 minutes (aka middle of King Bee).

When I first got my DAT deck, a kind soul (thanks Mike) spun me a copy
of the set. This copy had a cut in Lovelight but beat the analogs any day.
I finally found a copy without the infamous cut in Lovelight and decent
levels to boot.

Since this set was worth the trouble of getting different copies
at least 5 times, I figured that I'd distribute it further than it has
been until now.

The lineage of these files is:
Main:  S:R?D
Dub:   S:RPD
Both DATs were downsampled into my computer via ZA2 (48>44.1)

The Main tape sounds much better than the dub - which is only used for 1.1
seconds (want to find it?  Listen to the last time the guys say "the blues"
in Bobbi McGee)

Given the differences in the reel flip (at the end of lovelight)
I would guess that the 'Main' tape represents a separate A>D transfer than
the 'Dub' tape.  If you know more, I'd love to hear about it.

This tape is NOT an A+, healy master to DAT, multi-track remix, 96bit A>D
conversion.  This is from a reel made in 1971, so you will hear some rough
bits.  To the best of my knowledge, this transfer represents the best
circulating copy in existence.

Rod Nayfield [email protected]
with thanks to D.H.

Disc 1

1] Good Lovin' >
2] Drums >
3] Good Lovin'
4] Me and Bobbi McGee
5] Deal
6] Beat It On Down The Line
7] King Bee
8] Bertha

Disc 2

1] Sing Me Back Home
2] Goin' Down The Road Feeling Bad >
3] Turn On Your Lovelight

There is plenty of room for filler at the end of Disc 2.
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fd257532001758002adb58e58b826646 *gd710417d1t01.shn
2254ee26d601b86e484cd14e3156e1cc *gd710417d1t02.shn
11107d69300111b43318192c7c5920e8 *gd710417d1t03.shn
28565f7281cf500fe848a7dc4cc9be29 *gd710417d1t04.shn
a8a53c0f77e74539693921d5d605d58b *gd710417d1t05.shn
405880292bd7ee5dcbc837728a55fc13 *gd710417d1t06.shn
2f1e8b5f8e8424fc27b7b5eb650e9632 *gd710417d1t07.shn
2a8234fc990b8fe92d8f3833c9d72aa3 *gd710417d1t08.shn
ef6efaea389a5b58e51b18e2a63b7208 *gd710417d2t01.shn
080c3d6cccebbbe1ec616e31ff902ad4 *gd710417d2t02.shn
c1046036b6fa5d3df9134f4878a16d4c *gd710417d2t03.shn
925238e70b213bb4608b25373963d8ee [shntool] gd710417d1t01.shn
280fe6896004f0c67b2b16c8743cfee7 [shntool] gd710417d1t02.shn
731d3ae295ef5720b76d393bbf73d4fb [shntool] gd710417d1t03.shn
4659a06977ab8fc5edb1f840b3ba01f8 [shntool] gd710417d1t04.shn
e0ce3186bd61b985ea6f2f7566c6acb3 [shntool] gd710417d1t05.shn
424997d6e6e38400a8ec2c5db1ecc428 [shntool] gd710417d1t06.shn
080eade7c824dd5c1eab5a1fae79a53c [shntool] gd710417d1t07.shn
dbf2843b68c0b52042130c61ed48b077 [shntool] gd710417d1t08.shn
51bf8fadcf4c5ee54cad8878a701bc3b [shntool] gd710417d2t01.shn
e82867dd84d322ef2bb7361a44e4ca98 [shntool] gd710417d2t02.shn
ff91db61d64952678543c6f845d93e27 [shntool] gd710417d2t03.shn
e8da86257dae3b28e30510df539c0625 *gd71-04-17d1t01.shn
49309feb96ad8f1904b83e21b94b2a51 *gd71-04-17d1t02.shn
63ed3ddec5b6efe824172bde39427587 *gd71-04-17d1t03.shn
ab663894f6089169df7f1d4f026c362a *gd71-04-17d1t04.shn
07a039a6e826e3b968d0fa826e394bd9 *gd71-04-17d1t05.shn
3ebb4d56ed8d7e9a442a41ce8eff6294 *gd71-04-17d1t06.shn
6f7a2f95d4b73a77dac3145ae7d6a318 *gd71-04-17d1t07.shn
c9fcca71409199f7458f12394c889dca *gd71-04-17d1t08.shn
d9a0c6fbdf4543b40e3f437b89ae9653 *gd71-04-17d2t01.shn
c049d208adb6ef1f32cd9618d0a04c51 *gd71-04-17d2t02.shn
38e09ebad5df6009290ba991ccffe96f *gd71-04-17d2t03.shn

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10/01/2002 GDLIVE
08/05/2006 Albix SBE's found.