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North Mississippi Allstars 09/15/12
Ogden Theatre, Denver, CO
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Entered by vanark
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Source Summary flac16: Beyerdynamic MC803 > dmod UA-5 > R-09 
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North Mississippi Allstars
Ogden Theatre
Denver, CO

source: (FOB/DFC/DIN110*/9\')Beyerdynamic MC803 > dmod UA-5 > R-09
lineage: R-09 > PC > Wavelab > CD Wav > TLH > .flac

taped, transferred, mastered and uploaded by Corey/KIND Recording

Set List

01. Shimmy She Wobble~>Station Blues?
02. ?
03. ?
04. Shake~>
05. ?*~>
06. Snake Drive
07. Washboard Jam
08. ML (Goin\' Home)?~>
09. Shake\'em On Down
10. ?
11. Colorado Women~>Po Black Maddie~>Skinny Woman
12. Instrumental?
13. All Night Long#
14. Goin\' Down South~>
15. Stuck Inside Of Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again~>
16. ?
17. Rollin\' & Tumblin


18. Instrumental?
19. KC Jones
20. ?
21. ?^

* = JoJo Hermann enters on keys half way through, stays for entire show
# = Luther on bass, Lightnin\' Malcolm on guitar/vocals
^ = JoJo on Keys/vocals, Sherman Ewing on acoustic guitar/vocals


Missing Cats opened the show up

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c6eafade5aa151ece8eb2981f5a7d1d3 *nma2012-09-15t01.fob.mc803.kindrec.flac
1c8da32ac1014a71de5f00c761f0637c *nma2012-09-15t02.fob.mc803.kindrec.flac
e78e65eb0a9bbe72ae83e6097671d683 *nma2012-09-15t03.fob.mc803.kindrec.flac
c91a3eecc5718ab373af203ffa223ae6 *nma2012-09-15t04.fob.mc803.kindrec.flac
71ab33f449bd21fb1e2f22ca4c4ae44d *nma2012-09-15t05.fob.mc803.kindrec.flac
9d2acad7933f3caa5c9b6b6a72434287 *nma2012-09-15t06.fob.mc803.kindrec.flac
b01e0509a42150af98fab26006b647c3 *nma2012-09-15t07.fob.mc803.kindrec.flac
d765d766732a8cb1ab46ca598e2307b7 *nma2012-09-15t08.fob.mc803.kindrec.flac
af579e342b32250c5f6780f2df284cb5 *nma2012-09-15t09.fob.mc803.kindrec.flac
9759685c97351f9960fa1b94b61514b1 *nma2012-09-15t10.fob.mc803.kindrec.flac
9e692f8af75f496a3f57dc5a44365e87 *nma2012-09-15t11.fob.mc803.kindrec.flac
02acd69f15428c78cd5db8783d2717c0 *nma2012-09-15t12.fob.mc803.kindrec.flac
0024efba24159a17430729348f9e9e3d *nma2012-09-15t13.fob.mc803.kindrec.flac
795cfadfc48871c94c8727a0d708e8d3 *nma2012-09-15t14.fob.mc803.kindrec.flac
84a6c1a9509d941d28582893d5513860 *nma2012-09-15t15.fob.mc803.kindrec.flac
d8bcdf7b53ba453c7441c6e5cb5d0064 *nma2012-09-15t16.fob.mc803.kindrec.flac
dbeedec42bb419617169b8f3e7e03706 *nma2012-09-15t17.fob.mc803.kindrec.flac
6925a167fa49623fce5cc07549217b3e *nma2012-09-15t18.fob.mc803.kindrec.flac
f9f4a7faf92a145a070e81894a2dc4e1 *nma2012-09-15t19.fob.mc803.kindrec.flac
14beb2d4aa74bd8d03dfd2a38c09adb0 *nma2012-09-15t20.fob.mc803.kindrec.flac
91d4bda454f02be27c2309062f60f73d *nma2012-09-15t21.fob.mc803.kindrec.flac

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