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Grateful Dead 08/01/73
Roosevelt Stadium, Jersey City, NJ
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Entered by dr.unclear
Checksums shn-md5 , st5
Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary complete show from most up to date SBD sources with AUD patches; compiled from S. Kaplan and N. Weiner seeds; source 1: SBD>MR>R>R>D>CD>EAC>SHN; source 2: SBD>MR>C>D>CD>EAC>SHN; source 3: AUD>MR>C>C>C>CD>EAC>SHN; See info file for details; Seeded to etree by JCotsman; With thanks to Alan Schlissel & Jeff Cook  
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Grateful Dead

Roosevelt Stadium,
Jersey City, NJ

source 1: SBD>MR>R>R>D>CD>EAC>SHN
source 2: SBD>MR>C>D>CD>EAC>SHN
source 3: AUD>MR>C>C>C>CD>EAC>SHN

Disc 1 (76:06)
set 1:
1.  Phil's announcements (0:47)
2.  Promised Land (3:13)
3.  Sugaree (8:01)
4.  The Race Is On (3:05)
5.  You Ain't Woman Enough (3:09)
6.  Bird Song (11:14)
7.  Mexicali Blues (3:24)
8.  They Love Each Other (5:06)
9.  Jack Straw (4:54)
10. Stella Blue (7:40)
11. Big River (4:52)
12. Casey Jones (6:45)
set 2:
13. Around & Around (5:08)
14. Mississippi Half Step (8:39)

Disc 2 (74:31)
set 2 continued:
1.  Me & My Uncle (3:09)
2.  Row Jimmy (8:43)
3.  Dark Star--> (24:50)
4.  El Paso--> (4:23)
5.  Eyes Of The World--> (20:05)
6.  Morning Dew (13:19)

Disc 3 (24:07)
set 2 continued:
1.  Sugar Magnolia (9:45)
2.  //Goin' Down The Road Feelin' Bad--> (9:27)
3.  One More Saturday Night (4:55)

This SHN set is a compilation of previous SHNs seeded by Seth Kaplan and Noah Weiner.  The bulk of the show is provided by a slightly degraded SBD (source 1).  Dark Star through Morning Dew is from a crisp SBD remastered by David Gans (source 2).  A very good mono audience recording (source 3) provides the following patches:
--the first 5 tracks of disc 1 that are missing from the SBD
--the first ~10 seconds of Stella Blue
--the first ~5 seconds of Half Step
--dropout @ 8:44 to 8:47 of GDTRFB
--~30 seconds at the end of GDTRFB and very beginning of OMSN

--the first few notes of GDTRFB are clipped (they are also clipped on the audience recording)
--OMSN is rather degraded and may be from an alternate, higher generation SBD source
--Sound Forge was used for minor pitch corrections and other minor edits

part of The Music Never Stopped project 2002

Thanks to Alan Schlissel & Jeff Cook for supplying the ingredients
edits/encoding by JCotsman
Show Checksums
bf0382953a3c5c99a6cc1bc7c4b5e785 *gd73-08-01d1t05.shn
a6983d0d3ab52f763575a584e00068dd *gd73-08-01d1t02.shn
f5672aedae5c3f30a9ea2eca5db27a57 *gd73-08-01d1t03.shn
390f9e6f4522510f44ca45ec89e7cca7 *gd73-08-01d1t04.shn
628f8f346e09e21264929ab27c60b97e *gd73-08-01d1t01.shn
d11b39853fd5b770426e8b6e1655771e *gd73-08-01d1t06.shn
2a1274b19a45bc87a4d0405420acc933 *gd73-08-01d1t07.shn
925229692e34010f64f1b176151f88fb *gd73-08-01d1t08.shn
58e8033d10836905bff39db8dac0217d *gd73-08-01d1t09.shn
4914a3953c2b6f486751f52fffc8766b *gd73-08-01d1t10.shn
6d1d69d9655c7363e18a41a30b114464 *gd73-08-01d1t11.shn
5978f01c7a3b7b101f4fbf6be0b0af33 *gd73-08-01d1t12.shn
15ea61f7af9b2747c8f491961af807a5 *gd73-08-01d1t13.shn
f3bf10aa01b377ce8fd8932607e351c7 *gd73-08-01d1t14.shn
50ed88c2eabb0ff894a72aa561b1ad1f *gd73-08-01d2t02.shn
43f0f745e3ee08b8d5189bbdc9e9e96c *gd73-08-01d2t01.shn
ebd790b815e59f0d1652a6f139348de1 *gd73-08-01d2t03.shn
01834c5f3f5c603e18869e93cd89948f *gd73-08-01d2t04.shn
f0bfffc588f4b8ad11c32d756f31f6d9 *gd73-08-01d2t05.shn
1a5dafd0391c9ff890cbd5823b0946c6 *gd73-08-01d2t06.shn
a766ef80c3b35d240fdab0ddabe115fc *gd73-08-01d3t01.shn
7db79cbb931c65029ca869aad5ff6fb2 *gd73-08-01d3t02.shn
9efa912af5d9647c361d91eeec6c0473 *gd73-08-01d3t03.shn
b90d49414b70d6a8e3b02b125177e128 [shntool] gd73-08-01d1t01.shn
a72e5f6fa00ee2af20e29722b7ed3a54 [shntool] gd73-08-01d1t02.shn
e304226652ba4e438692003cc3840ac1 [shntool] gd73-08-01d1t03.shn
0dbcc3fb968831a71c4de4fe59159118 [shntool] gd73-08-01d1t04.shn
42cf5b2e058ea8c1c7b9a2df21e62fd0 [shntool] gd73-08-01d1t05.shn
7a557bf04a980eb6838adc935be63c02 [shntool] gd73-08-01d1t06.shn
5dc438d050ba4b319b402cd8d5de47de [shntool] gd73-08-01d1t07.shn
98951fbe6e7efe58998d8c8b6074a091 [shntool] gd73-08-01d1t08.shn
d2c7d218dab9c296ed9bf14735fde898 [shntool] gd73-08-01d1t09.shn
994ee8ab61ec66b19fa70968fdff6f75 [shntool] gd73-08-01d1t10.shn
2b731d03f4b2e49b16184667441ad449 [shntool] gd73-08-01d1t11.shn
5ff27a3d86713d1741ea3d54fef01a73 [shntool] gd73-08-01d1t12.shn
c1cc8e84cc2b8afad69262f4b9c4d9e0 [shntool] gd73-08-01d1t13.shn
a5aa0dd1e6d9d6d20ec553bc8611355b [shntool] gd73-08-01d1t14.shn
1ed0e1a95c96d518037d9ed334a906eb [shntool] gd73-08-01d2t01.shn
1157912e9bed12d3fce4f4477419b52f [shntool] gd73-08-01d2t02.shn
2d8d33506f9f508026718c0dad45004c [shntool] gd73-08-01d2t03.shn
f4e70f1a7462e30bf012ec221e1a1533 [shntool] gd73-08-01d2t04.shn
3659a21e6b6efb2017a910588d6a03d3 [shntool] gd73-08-01d2t05.shn
fcf5b6549c786eca9cbdc107e6ca7490 [shntool] gd73-08-01d2t06.shn
8c682b00d8ab405d2e171ffddcdd8d40 [shntool] gd73-08-01d3t01.shn
c69192a4743a657ca752f3e9d47ed0b8 [shntool] gd73-08-01d3t02.shn
0b864efc98a28c119f9c641e475cae02 [shntool] gd73-08-01d3t03.shn

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Date User Comment
12/18/2003 Joe Samaritano What source or sources is Row Jimmy from? It is hissy, but it sounds much better than the non-Gans SBD parts. The hiss then completely goes away at the tail end of the track.
06/22/2008 mayormarionbarry It would be nice if someone could remaster this.