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Grateful Dead 05/23/69
Seminole Indian Village, Hollywood, FL
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Entered by dr.unclear
Checksums shn-md5 , st5
Disc Counts 1 / 2
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Source Summary complete show from compilation of reel master and what is believed to be the cassette master; Source 1: SBD> MR> PCM> D> CD> EAC> SHN ; Source 2: SBD> MC> R> C> D> CD> EAC> SHN (?); See info file for details; via Jim Hale; Seeded to etree by Seth Kaplan & JCotsman 
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Grateful Dead

"Big Rock Pow Wow"
Seminole Indian Villiage,
West Hollywood, Florida

Source 1:
Source 2:

Disc 1 (18:13)

1.  Hard To Handle (4:53)
2.  Morning Dew (9:18)
3.  Me & My Uncle (4:01)

Disc 2 (68:30)

1.  Dark Star--> (18:44)
2.  St. Stephen--> (7:16)
3.  The Eleven--> (12:14)
4.  Lovelight (30:14)

source 2 provides:
--all of Hard To Handle
--from 2:53 in The Eleven to the end of the show

--Source 2 originated from a Serafin edit and originally was listed as a reel master, though there is reason to believe it was mastered on cassette, as noted on Eaton's list.   There are remnants of digital processing in the recording, including distortion from what is likely to be digital moise reduction. Sound Forge was used to correct the pitch and patch in the portions from the higher quality reel source.  
--this exact shn set may have seen limited circulation in early 2002 with the 2nd source listed as unknown

part of The Music Never Stopped Project 2002

Thanks to Jim Hale
edits/encoding by Seth Kaplan & JCotsman

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903cda16e49aaebb7c40e82e852760ed *gd69-05-23d1t02.shn
48a07e81aec0aa3f000880c92dc9f912 *gd69-05-23d1t01.shn
d7c15f35b063892e0724571cac70e6bc *gd69-05-23d1t03.shn
6903931304085ad565f4ed94cdd9c888 *gd69-05-23d2t02.shn
798b2e504d4f38c8b302429b90788d7d *gd69-05-23d2t01.shn
4ed39a129e592be6051040e50bd9d58d *gd69-05-23d2t03.shn
02d85b56bcb22f6480ec3986f384e688 *gd69-05-23d2t04.shn
74f1f1e06b1fa763a2769eb8ef4c72d6 [shntool] gd69-05-23d1t01.shn
1963813b98a5cf32419807ce961c32d7 [shntool] gd69-05-23d1t02.shn
d02e8af923d6ceab4dff9b1e8cda8e2d [shntool] gd69-05-23d1t03.shn
a66c9132fa07af4330423d75f9724c78 [shntool] gd69-05-23d2t01.shn
bb69772b97736fb390fe4d199bb58c5c [shntool] gd69-05-23d2t02.shn
7b0df8c4d1cb7bf727a2a9bb71888fa2 [shntool] gd69-05-23d2t03.shn
9612783156698f47d760ea130cab534e [shntool] gd69-05-23d2t04.shn

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