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Grateful Dead 10/23/70
McDonough Arena, Georgetown U., Washington, DC
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Entered by dr.unclear
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Source Summary includes NRPS; source (a guess?): AUD Taper: Cary Wolfson, Sony TC124 with a 1 point stereo mic 15 feet back from stage > MC > C > DAT > ??? > CD > EAC > shn; seeded by Sketchy; shn info submitted by user jamballyho 
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Grateful Dead & New Riders of The Purple Sage
October 23, 1970
McDonough Arena - Georgetown Univ.
Washington, DC

Disk #1

1.) Glendale Train (5:28)
2.) Dirty Business (9:58)
3.) Lodi (3:49)
4.) Last Lonely Eagle (3:54)

Grateful Dead
1.) Casey Jones (5:21)
2.) Mama Tried (2:54)
3.) Hard to Handle (7:36)
4.) China Cat Sunflower -> (5:11)
5.) I know You Rider (4:45)
6.) /Sugar Magnolia (5:15)
7.) Candyman/ (7:26)
8.) Good Lovin (15:15)
9.) Me & My Uncle (3:17)
10.) Truckin' -> (6:30)
11.) The Other One -> (6:22)
12.) NFA -> (3:39)
13.) GDTRFB -> 4:26)
14.) NFA (3:26)
15.) Encore: /Uncle John's Band (7:21)

AUD Taper: Cary Wolfson
Sony TC124 with a 1 point stereo mic 15 feet back from stage > MC > C > DAT > ??? > CD > EAC > shn

This is my best guess at the lineage and the source.  NRPS played before the Grateful Dead, but you put the shows in whatever order you wish to.

There is some question as to whether the Me & My Uncle was played before or after the Good Lovin'.  Based on the information from, I placed it after.  You can choose to do whatever you wish with it.  In addition, you'll note that this is far less than two disks worth of material.  If anyone has any more of the NRPS show, I'd recommend adding to the rest of the NRPS material and sending me a copy as well.

[email protected]
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366aaafb24ee0b9317daf082be82d84d *gd70-10-23-01.shn
3eaeadf8c68a12a1de0ed1e44a028112 *gd70-10-23-02.shn
58f5c40d139f4f2661f47a0cd9864bf7 *gd70-10-23-03.shn
efd53584336f05365e15a99b2b206e7c *gd70-10-23-04.shn
ed0feab9e31807839c066d1a97080d2a *gd70-10-23-05.shn
942014aadb7bfb09a0be546aea52e58e *gd70-10-23-06.shn
9ab631acb432c2292d3c345ee5352e62 *gd70-10-23-07.shn
5ba2bbd9332984c49efce9a8a7cafb04 *gd70-10-23-08.shn
6b52d4a6ffb51a17b664aa42b047f80e *gd70-10-23-09.shn
35dbfaf89fa7edeaa6d86627e5cba1c5 *gd70-10-23-10.shn
7d09574f96e84fb0f192a4779254a343 *gd70-10-23-11.shn
987cb1fbdfc0f062de76440997569867 *gd70-10-23-12.shn
87eaea7260944cb12bfa415b29f6eb46 *gd70-10-23-13.shn
372d81c6ac58377ffbafd9659f705c84 *gd70-10-23-14.shn
bc9bcfc5154c3b4b63309da2a44ece64 *gd70-10-23-15.shn
ba66679b31c7cfbf7a01fb8220e5af1a *NRPS70-10-23-01.shn
aaa9d0ffb184eb5856bcbfdc27426b01 *NRPS70-10-23-02.shn
893ea70492889f98cd4272e7a9821992 *NRPS70-10-23-03.shn
ad6f2045f390b2bd50c1e6c2c47cd3e8 *NRPS70-10-23-04.shn
797206207a8a6c44d17eac3d2b698e53 [shntool] gd70-10-23-01.shn
10358fc1ffd2a3bc7eec6bd542c7eb5a [shntool] gd70-10-23-02.shn
d5216c7b248116b6a112fb1f2e227add [shntool] gd70-10-23-03.shn
02ebc8348431f6ade03eaf6ed370bd13 [shntool] gd70-10-23-04.shn
2b68c0924f6f28de0d2aff5e257b9612 [shntool] gd70-10-23-05.shn
d130e75e2b97692c7f06496d128ab2b5 [shntool] gd70-10-23-06.shn
444b9d72deebad6a71f41ede9120f2fd [shntool] gd70-10-23-07.shn
56c6358c027b47a6144fc2e3d7b9b503 [shntool] gd70-10-23-08.shn
22149378a654baf90e54420c45e463ca [shntool] gd70-10-23-09.shn
91eae3840ce6e897257152a3783913a3 [shntool] gd70-10-23-10.shn
b104954291aace31ef7d6ee690d8026d [shntool] gd70-10-23-11.shn
899223b200067dd2f385c75026669081 [shntool] gd70-10-23-12.shn
b045fd41d04b890576acebc35e545f65 [shntool] gd70-10-23-13.shn
eedbcfbebf79543bcf3c0e9ad4dcb07d [shntool] gd70-10-23-14.shn
b2db93a7b5c0f5fbc6902c36f8fca1c4 [shntool] gd70-10-23-15.shn
6e8689b7323804e0965b2ca798ac9b82 [shntool] NRPS70-10-23-01.shn
5a7df088e7674766e6dd6913b68e4358 [shntool] NRPS70-10-23-02.shn
297faf4784241303ef68a81b83d697ee [shntool] NRPS70-10-23-03.shn
977bc7c8af39c4c41dd69b7681b6ab88 [shntool] NRPS70-10-23-04.shn

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