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Gov't Mule 09/21/12
The Warfield, San Francisco, CA
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Entered by Albix
Checksums flac.ffp
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Media Size Compressed: 957.23 MB (1003730147 bytes)
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Source Summary flac16; Neumann KMF 4i > Naint Little Box > Tascam DR-07 (24/48) OTS 8 ft. Stand
DR-07 > USB > Sound Forge 6 (16/44) > CD Wave (tracks) > THL (8) 
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Gov't Mule
Warfield Theater, San Francisco, CA
Sept 21, 2012

Fixed Version
Neumann KMF 4i > Naint Little Box > Tascam DR-07 (24/48) OTS 8 ft. Stand
DR-07 > USB > Sound Forge 6 (16/44) > CD Wave (tracks) > THL (8)
Seamless mastering for longer media

Disc One/Set One:
1. Intro
2. Bad Little Doggie >
3. Brand New Angel
4. Steppin' Lightly
5. Unring The Bell
6. Endless Parade
7. The Shape I'm In
8. Captured
9. Thorazine Shuffle

Disc Two/Set Two:
1. Child Of The Earth >
2. Patchwork Quilt
3. Time To Confess >
4. Thelonius Beck
5. When Doves Cry/Beautifully Broken
6. Fallen Down
7. Other One Jam (w/ Rob Ingraham Sax) >
8. Drums

Disc Three:
1. Jesus Just Left Chicago
2. Railroad Boy
3. E: World Boss
4. crowd
5. EE: Lucky (w/ Ed Williams Pedal Steel)

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Gov't Mule 2012-09-21d1t01.flac:3cf29031b18ad94d14f991747e136693
Gov't Mule 2012-09-21d1t02.flac:263d44a48b35813a81ddd0a7fba09658
Gov't Mule 2012-09-21d1t03.flac:6ab6cdccb732285b6044c30f28b643e6
Gov't Mule 2012-09-21d1t04.flac:c265146dac598df0baf1672e8578f67d
Gov't Mule 2012-09-21d1t05.flac:c391667e3664fe26857b81e47b16c9bd
Gov't Mule 2012-09-21d1t06.flac:83846aa4ef127c15f0a93df762a313fd
Gov't Mule 2012-09-21d1t07.flac:1150918f115c957be5be11fb43eba2b6
Gov't Mule 2012-09-21d1t08.flac:e0cd2416479280b775a9ed2e0fbddd54
Gov't Mule 2012-09-21d1t09.flac:9c6c043530b615029bfefc6bb502382f
Gov't Mule 2012-09-21d2t01.flac:ddc2d16683015537ea864c3c035c7cb9
Gov't Mule 2012-09-21d2t02.flac:8a1041d18339a8173bde5682b8d390f2
Gov't Mule 2012-09-21d2t03.flac:ba78332dd2ec1ab5c2c580baac46a8d0
Gov't Mule 2012-09-21d2t04.flac:ffb7fbf7ca3f296e79662268e67afe07
Gov't Mule 2012-09-21d2t05.flac:dd049666b5659e087b5baabe4987a04e
Gov't Mule 2012-09-21d2t06.flac:d98f967b2a0a94985a301b4dab33d78a
Gov't Mule 2012-09-21d2t07.flac:3c0026ab65a3bb266a1e9ad4dba8f4a6
Gov't Mule 2012-09-21d2t08.flac:5dd38bc3059aa1ed6c9314708507de39
Gov't Mule 2012-09-21d3t01.flac:0c9d463acbb79684bcf64b34702b5a09
Gov't Mule 2012-09-21d3t02.flac:4c3891ab6dca4e6bd818167c45578bd9
Gov't Mule 2012-09-21d3t03.flac:0217f4dca685a58ca86dd2c102747dd2
Gov't Mule 2012-09-21d3t04.flac:5962e89506b4b82cab9f2838320dd4ef
Gov't Mule 2012-09-21d3t05.flac:cb2014d31045e66c47e1cfdee19ff4b2

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