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Medeski Martin & Wood 10/07/12
Museum Events Center at Bethel Woods, Bethel Woods, NY
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Entered by Tom Luhrs
Checksums flac24-md5 , wav24-md5 , flac24-ffp
Disc Counts 0 / 0
Media Size Compressed: 2.44 GB (2623361802 bytes)
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Source Summary flac24; Source: Schoeps mk21(fob/dfc 5th row, NOS) -> kc-5 -> cmc6 -> Sound Devices 744T -> WAV (@24/96); WAV -> SoundForge Pro 10.0c (normalize, fades) -> CDWav -> FLAC 
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Medeski Martin & Wood
10/07/2012 The Museum Events Center at Bethel Woods, Bethel Woods, NY

Schoeps mk21(fob/dfc 5th row, NOS) -> kc-5 -> cmc6 -> Sound Devices 744T -> WAV (@24/96);
WAV -> SoundForge Pro 10.0c (normalize, fades) -> CDWav -> FLAC

Recorded, tracked and posted by Eric McRoberts

Set I:
01.  [00:36] - 'intro/crowd'
02.  [16:12] - Doppler >
03.  [04:48] - Open Improv >
04.  [06:01] - Ballade In C Minor, 'Vergessene Seelen' >
05.  [04:21] - Drums'n'Bass*
06.  [12:18] - "Fall River Blues"
07.  [10:06] - Truth or Suffering > Piano Outro >
08.  [12:18] - Suspicious Minds
09.  [01:31] - 'outro/crowd'

Set II:
01.  [00:23] - 'intro/crowd'
02.  [07:24] - Amber Gris
03.  [07:36] - "Piano/Bass Chase" > Bass Solo [@4:46] >
04.  [09:05] - "Melodiccordian Shuffle"+ >
05.  [10:32] - Illmoan >
06.  [06:46] - Percussion/Drum Solo
07.  [06:59] - "Wild Instrument Jam"^
08.  [09:16] - Nostalgia In Times Square / Angel Race (I'll Wait For You)
09.  [02:38] - 'outro/crowd'
10.  [11:55] - Olde Wyne

- Acoustic show -
* John on Claviola briefly
+ John on Bamboo Sax
^ each night seems to feature an Improv with John on a unique instrument; at this show he played an original Slovakian bassoon (Slovakian Shepherd Horn)

Dropouts At *:
s2t05: 07:28 - 07:29, 09:59 - 10:00, 10:05 - 10: 07, 10:16 - 10:17
s2t06: 03:15 - 03:17, 06:18 - 06:19
s2t07: 03:02 - 03:03

* Dropout Notes: I was also running a pair of Schoeps mk5(cardioid, DIN)>Sonosax SX-M2>Mini-Me in the 3/4 channels of the 744T which was expected to be be the better stero pair on my pole.  About 32 minutes into the second set I noticed that my 3/4 channels were flat.  Quickly seeing that the Mini-Me was dead I checked the battery, which also appeared to be dead.  I then attempted to swith the battery on and off twice briefly and nothing happened.  At this point I shut the battery off completely and checked the battery meters which showed a near full charge, so I'm thinking WTF happened?  I then turned the battery on and flicked on the Mini-Me and everything appeared to be fine.  The battery ran for about 5 minutes before shitting the bed again.  At this point I was a little perplexed and decided to pull the battery to let it cool down as it was very hot.  5 minutes or so later I plugged in the battery and flicked on the Mini-Me, which again worked fine for about 5 minutes then died.  At this point I said "fuck it" as I knew I had the mk21 pair as the packup and all looked fine.

Fast forward to when I got home and noticed the mk21 pair had short dropous on the recording each time the Mini-Me shut off and/or on.  The loss of the digital signal on channels 3/4 caused concurrent intermittent dropouts on channels 1/2, which is extremely frustrating.  FWIW, the Mini-Me battery was fully charghed when the show started.
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d73bff480cef3545d0ad30483b083024 *mmw2012-10-07s1t01.flac
804878be13523fec300783eb8e64f3f3 *mmw2012-10-07s1t02.flac
d5c389e6e5697b93604d12a4561dc8a8 *mmw2012-10-07s1t03.flac
e2442c62aabcf9f7b5144e3ed1b48fd2 *mmw2012-10-07s1t04.flac
fb94ba04828d95c48146f670868aa9f2 *mmw2012-10-07s1t05.flac
ac72748c19669ad3194f974026e8c9b6 *mmw2012-10-07s1t06.flac
38a366b5c492a642ac6deed3ed46827e *mmw2012-10-07s1t07.flac
8033565d79e2d2c435475eca702f0da0 *mmw2012-10-07s1t08.flac
f233d26fcd6bb921d42bff8c5f6f3faa *mmw2012-10-07s1t09.flac
cd8ddab8e5d122c808d1f1a12807edb6 *mmw2012-10-07s2t01.flac
f1470a8a7f339a0e5e735f6d00ca8000 *mmw2012-10-07s2t02.flac
875e7681c984d4d34a11f01e91abcb0d *mmw2012-10-07s2t03.flac
2ae277a5b0fb33fcec3e91be8c571fea *mmw2012-10-07s2t04.flac
552205b0bfbf2c173bab129054519d1b *mmw2012-10-07s2t05.flac
4b66260480fc93561b1749f92b262c4f *mmw2012-10-07s2t06.flac
82899a05376cc54ccdd7b38877136a92 *mmw2012-10-07s2t07.flac
182480f75e06ebd3c339a789fbb87681 *mmw2012-10-07s2t08.flac
8872bcf094139a7dcbc3d496a721c973 *mmw2012-10-07s2t09.flac
d5913e0bbbff89d509f5a7bc931d2d7b *mmw2012-10-07s2t10.flac
b3f105db91f916bf28dbe8b7d07a30c3 *mmw2012-10-07s1t01.wav
2a31319580bd77590ce247d5fa96c62f *mmw2012-10-07s1t02.wav
2460112fd38daf505dff24979e52b6ca *mmw2012-10-07s1t03.wav
b617d67a31370838e7bdf8595daf516b *mmw2012-10-07s1t04.wav
8bcd00cb3ba87cacf3494673bc3d2863 *mmw2012-10-07s1t05.wav
82fc6cabc78ca0f268db2586102425aa *mmw2012-10-07s1t06.wav
c72d4dbfefcf20a4e39d3c87fee21690 *mmw2012-10-07s1t07.wav
5b68420775bcea2b58a05bc4caaf46b0 *mmw2012-10-07s1t08.wav
aa4a2f459410c70365eae22392eae4d0 *mmw2012-10-07s1t09.wav
74fe8c63b606f5ed8a3d1f9597b2f36c *mmw2012-10-07s2t01.wav
6d8f6a19ed7431184145d8ca8e4f47a4 *mmw2012-10-07s2t02.wav
619df47d958e92638e9fea3406a9339d *mmw2012-10-07s2t03.wav
721d4ea881c691728bf0ad87e0b0c72a *mmw2012-10-07s2t04.wav
5b848803a5183e314cdb695815e88075 *mmw2012-10-07s2t05.wav
b0642813778cc6abf62160ccc89d9f65 *mmw2012-10-07s2t06.wav
c54bda84c429e7e3e6bd00f6c1880900 *mmw2012-10-07s2t07.wav
dbd166a058f0fda155b371d83e4a23a7 *mmw2012-10-07s2t08.wav
9ab9bfb13f5e2d78a6fba2a7c3e5dc4c *mmw2012-10-07s2t09.wav
a6a0c1816bab362b17df0ee11fcb44e9 *mmw2012-10-07s2t10.wav

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