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Wilco 12/31/99
The Riviera, Chicago, IL
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Entered by ziko
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Riviera Theater
Chicago, Il.
December 31, 1999

Lineage:  SB => Master DAT => DAT => CDR => EAC => Magix Audio Cleaning Lab => WAV => FLAC Conversion (level 8)

Track Listing:

Disc 1 (52:40):
1.  Intro (0:26)
2.  Sunken Treasure (6:56)
3.  Too Far Apart (4:07)
4.  Candyfloss (3:03)
5.  Red Eyed and Blue (2:27) =>
6.  I Got You (2:00) =>
7. Martian Invasion (2:37) =>
8. Elvis Intro (0:28) =>
9. Hound Dog (2:06)
10.  Revolution (3:51) =>
11. I Got You (reprise) (1:07)
12. Countdown (1:41)
13. Auld Lang Syne (1:12)
14. Someone Else's Song (3:17)
15. I'm Always In Love (3:53)
16. How To Fight Loneliness (4:49)
17. Hotel Arizona (5:01)
18. Nothingsevergonnastandinmywayagain (3:31)

Disc 2 (51:42):
1.  She's A Jar (4:36)
2. A Shot In The Arm (5:15)
3. Misunderstood (6:47)
4. Should've Been In Love (3:43)
5. Hesitating Beauty (3:13)
6. I Can't Stand It (4:07)
7. Monday (4:36)
8. The Long Cut (4:31)
9. Box Full Of Letters (3:28)
10.  California Stars (4:05)
11. Forget The Flowers (3:38)
12. Outta Site (Outta Mind) (3:38)

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File size:
       -  FLAC compressed:  581 mb
       -  Uncompressed:  1.02 Gb

Notes:  Great Wilco New Year's Eve set from 1999/2000 headlining a double bill with Steve Earle.  While not as wild a setlist as the New York 2004 show, this was fun . . . the band started "I Got You" at 11:45 PM, and shortly into the song costumed "Martians" burst onto the stage and pretended to kidnap the band.  The lead Martian introduced the audience to the world's new "king," and an Elvis impersonator (the roadie whose name escapes me came out, did a couple of songs, and helped the band count down to midnight.  The joke fell pretty flat, and Tweedy made several jokes about it during the rest of the show in trying to recover.  You'll see why they reverted to a taped "Auld Lang Syne" in 2004 -- none of the band knows the words, and their guesses on the lyrics are much funnier than the Martian joke.

The recording is great -- very well mixed.  Levels are a little hot, but I didn't hear any distortion.  I used Audix to edit out a couple of brief static bursts between songs (from the monitor - not diginoise); otherwise this recording is untouched.

No artwork; sorry.  Please make some!

Show Checksums
c1655952795726dae8e09cb0d685563e *Wilco19991231d1t01 Intro.flac
36d29ee3054434d2de4f636fe3a2c2a0 *Wilco19991231d1t02 Sunken Treasure.flac
e972bb89d3acef57b821acbac61747fa *Wilco19991231d1t03 Too Far Apart.flac
978d570a086b4bdcd4e0d761b9bf2d65 *Wilco19991231d1t04 Candyfloss.flac
44f3c5efa122b93603a0556ac9b870cb *Wilco19991231d1t05 Red Eyed and Blue.flac
0b2c78c624dd928e159150ab378f49cb *Wilco19991231d1t06 I Got You (At the End of the Century).flac
cedcfbcf7848abc2b56948cdaed3b067 *Wilco19991231d1t07 Martian Invasion.flac
0ee088824caba3066889f3b079977995 *Wilco19991231d1t08 Elvis intro.flac
d608bde5d5e751a8ece53ec9ef8a99ce *Wilco19991231d1t09 Hound Dog.flac
d54db52f8951c4921fe7656d24945e5b *Wilco19991231d1t10 Revolution.flac
600c72b52b67a0fd66b5b69a798fe3a0 *Wilco19991231d1t11 I Got You (reprise).flac
87684174a96ddd777386f54f8894db3a *Wilco19991231d1t12 Countdown.flac
e00e03867bdb0a58c036e71b01736786 *Wilco19991231d1t13 Auld Lang Syne.flac
2611e437e0b49b4258ca854603135b81 *Wilco19991231d1t14 Someone Elses Song.flac
46e7cd707769f362810ef7e3876ee4e3 *Wilco19991231d1t15 Im Always In Love.flac
61d653cd2201df1befc3df4f56810bb2 *Wilco19991231d1t16 How To Fight Loneliness.flac
d466f9f9a362a84f4801e57dc2737b89 *Wilco19991231d1t17 Hotel Arizona.flac
c15630d0876c78fab39868e9fa9d7d93 *Wilco19991231d1t18 Nothingsevergonnastandinmywayagain.flac
ed361bdbcc06fe9c19244786b20f0669 *Wilco19991231d2t01 Shes A Jar.flac
6120ee0c9bf2f2cd0366aeeb6d294889 *Wilco19991231d2t02 A Shot In The Arm.flac
af115cc5ee5482b0ac01e203d8e56329 *Wilco19991231d2t03 Misunderstood.flac
bb446d30b34e4e3376516c3680364c51 *Wilco19991231d2t04 Shouldve Been In Love.flac
fa0b0e1bfbb15f324fafea825e0a8bf9 *Wilco19991231d2t05 Hesitating Beauty.flac
396115cfd155d6be67308434cdbe2cbd *Wilco19991231d2t06 I Cant Stand It.flac
7da56b28ea3d9153549750119b543f26 *Wilco19991231d2t07 Monday.flac
c2d964640940080742bdf79cd88cdcee *Wilco19991231d2t08 The Long Cut.flac
4a8fe77433fb5d4a1186a4c6c0711506 *Wilco19991231d2t09 Box Full Of Letters.flac
e885854ff02d03d3dbb6a8c92c6b1723 *Wilco19991231d2t10 California Stars.flac
c9ed0bea123eafcf8eafdf9550f7cb02 *Wilco19991231d2t11 Forget The Flowers.flac
bacf44876c537b867203371a864bf6c2 *Wilco19991231d2t12 Outta Site (Outta Mind).flac

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