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Gov't Mule 10/31/12
Riviera Theatre, Chicago, IL
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Entered by Albix
Checksums flac.md5
Disc Counts 0 / 2
Media Size Compressed: 1.09 GB (1172073432 bytes)
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Source Summary flac16; Neumann ak40(din)>LC3>KM100>OadeM248 + ak50(nos)>
LC3>KM100>W.ModUA-5> Tascam DR - 680
Transfer : Sd card>samplitude SE No 9 >Cd Wave editor >TLH
Taped and seeded by: Craig Hanger 
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Gov't Mule
The Riviera Theatre
Chicago, IL

Source : Neumann ak40(din)>LC3>KM100>OadeM248 + ak50(nos)>LC3>KM100>W.ModUA-5> Tascam DR - 680
Transfer : Sd card>samplitude SE No 9 >Cd Wave editor >TLH
Location: ORTS/FOC 8' high
Taped and seeded by: Craig Hanger

Set 1
01.Blind Man In The Dark >
02.World Boss >
03.Larger Than Life >
04.Gameface with Mountain Jam Tease
05.Fallen Down >
06.The Other One Jam with Gimme Shelter Lyrics
07.Kind Of Bird with Get Up, Stand Up & The Wind Cries Mary Teases
09.Thorazine Shuffle

Set 2
01.Hendrix Interview
02.EXP* >
03.Are You Experienced?*
05.One Rainy Wish*
06.Up From The Skies*
07.Crosstown Traffic*
08.Bleeding Heart (Peoples, Peoples, Peoples)*
10....And The Gods Made Love*
11.Castles Made Of Sand*
12.Stone Free* with 3rd Stone From The Sun Tease
13.Rainy Day, Dream Day/Still Raining, Still Dreaming* with Chris Neal
14.1983...(A Merman I Should Turn To Be)* >
15.Machine Gun (Instrumental) >
16.1983...(A Merman I Should Turn To Be)
17.Bold As Love*

01.Happy Birthday Jam
02.Sco-Mule with Chris Neal; Smoke On The Water Tease & Dance To The Music Lyrics
03.Little Wing with Chris Neal

* First Time Played

Show Checksums
e8ff517c87071bbb23ee4c5ff38d3432 *Mule2012-10-31_s1_t01.flac
dde4d4e004f41556dda0459aa5f31f73 *Mule2012-10-31_s1_t02.flac
3b6e573a0b9746824adcc1342147b9d0 *Mule2012-10-31_s1_t03.flac
33eddd3d7e8575dba8883f85811210e2 *Mule2012-10-31_s1_t04.flac
2efd5fc03505f224799e6d3424724b69 *Mule2012-10-31_s1_t05.flac
a1c5ad1b1b9f1df2439c9319ef0a2312 *Mule2012-10-31_s1_t06.flac
41fbb149b5ee25be9f613f3691fcc78e *Mule2012-10-31_s1_t07.flac
acddd3aa508b552a328ae7fdd3d60139 *Mule2012-10-31_s1_t08.flac
93908b764cd94518f69a0de5e81f3483 *Mule2012-10-31_s1_t09.flac
8ff91967982716634570956b27d3b94e *Mule2012-10-31_s2_t01.flac
3522daa8bfb6247d2b4c4ce30271c0d6 *Mule2012-10-31_s2_t02.flac
9326b2d1a4886fb70c540a20cf76111d *Mule2012-10-31_s2_t03.flac
3759f0d6fab8efd55e8e1bfb722e0e69 *Mule2012-10-31_s2_t04.flac
96be6ed0a3c3058b96e15ebfacd43b7b *Mule2012-10-31_s2_t05.flac
c7b7c6fa78a1228b5e63b21c30223dd5 *Mule2012-10-31_s2_t06.flac
cfc8d9c8e84252909fbec9bfd43fb4ff *Mule2012-10-31_s2_t07.flac
a5a54af829b90576d6347ed7491502d3 *Mule2012-10-31_s2_t08.flac
1be184aeb1175c1751142bc30ec11d36 *Mule2012-10-31_s2_t09.flac
72671e394877cb6f275f04f606b022e0 *Mule2012-10-31_s2_t10.flac
c12ff0fd60b5a09776bca1a687de3270 *Mule2012-10-31_s2_t11.flac
cd75f2bfe8bdf9f95bf8f5018bd0125b *Mule2012-10-31_s2_t12.flac
0c66b976bdeeed593b56348c8a65f3ee *Mule2012-10-31_s2_t13.flac
6bb95cac3c06eb80828a8fabf7741168 *Mule2012-10-31_s2_t14.flac
05f14847a3e7384727bbef766acc6f9d *Mule2012-10-31_s2_t15.flac
553dc85f8047ff44ee65544d4f21b148 *Mule2012-10-31_s2_t16.flac
ae55cd4666bf350ef201ef5db835da8a *Mule2012-10-31_s2_t17.flac
f68c3446cc57af34646ec2092dda10fb *Mule2102-10-31_s3E_t01.flac
7c25e2abb66f4857ee1a4cf3f8cf8a8f *Mule2102-10-31_s3E_t02.flac
400422c6b877f7e8e47445377538e955 *Mule2102-10-31_s3E_t03.flac

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