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Wilco 04/14/99
Barrymore Theatre, Madison, WI
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April 14, 1999

Barrymore Theater

Madison, WI

SBD > ? > CD > EAC > FLAC

Disc 1

01 I'm Always In Love

02 Via Chicago

03 How To Fight Loneliness

04 Hotel Arizona

05 Red-Eyed And Blue

06 I Got You (At The End Of The Century)

07 When You Wake Up Feeling Old

08 She's A Jar

09 A Shot In The Arm

10 We're Just Friends

Disc 2

01 Nothing'severgonnastandinmyway(again)

02 Hesitating Beauty

03 Christ For President

04 Passenger Side

05 Monday

06 Can't Stand It

07 In A Future Age

08 Summer Teeth

09 My Darling

10 ELT

11 New Madrid

12 California Stars

13 Casino Queen

14 Outta Mind (Outta Sight)

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4454fe464cd6d2fc0b272af0b0805b3c *wilco1999-04-14_d2t01.flac
11744d5e78dcbd0451b898418ef176c3 *wilco1999-04-14_d2t02.flac
f5fb52094a79e40bf38d6b4b10e7643c *wilco1999-04-14_d2t03.flac
c807d24ddddb8638cba5811e7ca3978a *wilco1999-04-14_d2t04.flac
504fa7e053de814bad08f172be9d32d1 *wilco1999-04-14_d2t05.flac
7de6814ce9da93c5a0283edd28642c2f *wilco1999-04-14_d2t06.flac
f883bdec05dd31e1c37c64a439d89d7a *wilco1999-04-14_d1t01.flac
2c4f30ff527b9b05a2504500d6701ebf *wilco1999-04-14_front.jpg
4c42c3aa88164440bbec250af11a6469 *wilco1999-04-14_info.TXT
da905a9c2dee17a3c1834d81e62e1818 *wilco1999-04-14_d2t07.flac
59867c64466222a99abcfae363c285ea *wilco1999-04-14_d2t08.flac
a7993e27fda303c2511d4c5a2a9ec5a0 *wilco1999-04-14_d2t09.flac
eae77ffff3d2fb4edbf4d67f23a2a3c6 *wilco1999-04-14_d2t10.flac
2c09d2668f5e262c6a6c15ba4e81c705 *wilco1999-04-14_ffp.txt
bca30d64a86f8a8ed68510efddcea4a1 *wilco1999-04-14_d1t02.flac
657ff283a28cbee4ba97e297e5667bff *wilco1999-04-14_d1t03.flac
b4a712ce37a778e00c142f003a873445 *wilco1999-04-14_d1t04.flac
d49444d6fe5b44fe9c860324a83a5b32 *wilco1999-04-14_d1t05.flac
58ab6200c1ab5f3ac26f91f9f57a79ba *wilco1999-04-14_d1t06.flac
6aae460989bbf9b108fb0d1925560bf5 *wilco1999-04-14_d1t07.flac
d76b202cb3b12d118f427bfa2a2437f1 *wilco1999-04-14_d1t08.flac
e6ae395d5ca058db369023004d0e3dc9 *wilco1999-04-14_d1t09.flac
7812f35a66933cd781f071404a175358 *wilco1999-04-14_d1t10.flac
581bfbb09141d6b4971ba7908c396e6e *wilco1999-04-14_d2t11.flac
a350ea0eb845def43571d80ed610fed6 *wilco1999-04-14_d2t12.flac
dced163353187537a4691dc6ed31f6b6 *wilco1999-04-14_d2t13.flac
4a0062549e03f6239bc3fe2c433d70d9 *wilco1999-04-14_d2t14.flac

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