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Wilco 05/23/95
Fox Theatre, Boulder, CO
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The Fox Theatre
Boulder, Colorado

SBD recording

Disc 1
1. We've Been Had
2. I Must Be High
3. Box Full Of Letters
4. Too Far Apart
5. Shouldn't Be Ashamed
6. Walk Where He Walked
7. No Sense In Lovin'
8. Its Just That Simple
9. New Madrid
10. Pick Up The Change
11. That's Not The Issue
12. Should've Been in Love
13. Passenger Side
14. Passenger Side (fast)
15. Casino Queen
16. The Long Cut

Disc 2
17. Screen Door (acoustic)
18. Black Eye (acoustic)
19. Gun (acoustic)
20. Wait Up (acoustic)
21. Reincarnation (acoustic)
22. Pecan Pie (acoustic)
23. Give Back The Key To My Heart
24. E: Who Were You Thinkin' Of
25. E: I Got You
26. E: Outtasite
27. E: Listen To Her Heart
28. E: Satan Your Kingdom Must Come Down
29. E: Acuff Rose
30. E2: Let's Hear It For Rock N Roll
31. E2: Henry And The H-Bombs
32. E2: I Can't Keep From Talking

pulled from EasyTree/Dime back in August 2003. Thanks be to the taper original seeder.

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d169ed2ec63ee0740e6f7f25a8400b7d *wilco1995-05-23D1_03.shn
729f010d32c8815b1d7d6871e76a7488 *wilco1995-05-23D1_04.shn
6f33d274ed3ab6b32806b9cab54de4a8 *wilco1995-05-23D1_05.shn
b37be0322e873f5815a6c3af7f216acc *wilco1995-05-23D1_06.shn
565cb6b711cb51b17b0ce4158c4671a0 *wilco1995-05-23D1_07.shn
918fe3db1bd8836edfcbe67da4da480f *wilco1995-05-23D1_08.shn
b0ff59d617497a7f702740f0a8047109 *wilco1995-05-23D1_09.shn
84bc5069e184cc5c019c97458fb787de *wilco1995-05-23D1_10.shn
a47c3ad503a58060a483a7718e69ebf5 *wilco1995-05-23D1_11.shn
1afde2d66e57e433a28689b4fccc5cd5 *wilco1995-05-23D1_12.shn
4ad7a570652a32a5fcf275195a13f14e *wilco1995-05-23D1_13.shn
cb90cd9c66c86f2c64278fe3ebd3e71d *wilco1995-05-23D1_14.shn
23bb0ddcfd4418bb08209b0e3d2849e2 *wilco1995-05-23D1_15.shn
7aa59ee157298c2f9f0088f5941db020 *wilco1995-05-23D1_16.shn
02f346b4c096bd67eaa362d42b63d810 *wilco1995-05-23D2_01.shn
277020f73cdd607bfea9127e4207bd79 *wilco1995-05-23D2_02.shn
d040a7572b3499ba06a1cae7acbb75ee *wilco1995-05-23D2_03.shn
67e386559e95e11debb2dd7a01370fdc *wilco1995-05-23D2_04.shn
b9c62d1bf94a9d84d8edddcbce2e4133 *wilco1995-05-23D2_05.shn
9ff2fbbe558dd4277d6c3a1c11daff45 *wilco1995-05-23D2_06.shn
8ee2bafc304c59312aa45541fd87bbb4 *wilco1995-05-23D2_07.shn
d6d5de21256f03aa79fb9dfe708b4af9 *wilco1995-05-23D2_08.shn
4e9bfb8f2899c317b9da89609d550fad *wilco1995-05-23D2_09.shn
c5929f1f2678b967861e452ec6000452 *wilco1995-05-23D2_10.shn
66b3703675aa11a0610aaff6120cd1fd *wilco1995-05-23D2_11.shn
a276bbcf6e05f7c7a3bb0783f64f9405 *wilco1995-05-23D2_12.shn
c933305bda63061bf6eb55784e18e1e9 *wilco1995-05-23D2_13.shn
bed7e3264540a942ab9273431927a5d9 *wilco1995-05-23D2_14.shn
afe481348140dc89d3cdceaf0e5c9a92 *wilco1995-05-23D2_15.shn
6819872f46da63ef1c44efc614e48be0 *wilco1995-05-23D2_16.shn

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