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Medeski Martin & Wood 10/16/98
Classic Center Theater, Athens, GA
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Entered by duggy
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Source Summary flac16; RETRACKED Source: b&k 4011's>Lunatec v2>Tascam dap1, mics at the stage lip; Transfer: Master DAT>Tascam HDP2>Flash Card>Audacity for tracks and FLAC creation, Trader's Little Helper for FLAC Fingerprint creation 
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Medeski Martin & Wood
Classic Center Theatre, Athens, GA
October 16/1998

[This fileset is a RETRACKED and UPDATED ID3 tagged version of]

Source: b&k 4011's>Lunatec v2>Tascam dap1, mics at the stage lip
Transfer: Master DAT>Tascam HDP2>Flash Card>Audacity for tracks and FLAC creation, Trader's Little Helper for FLAC Fingerprint creation
Recorded and transfered by Chaffe McIlhenny

RETRACK by InsectEffect (12.19.2012)
With help from duggy's diligent notation.
** Guaranteed SBE Free **
ID Tagging: FLAC > MP3Tag (ID tags)
by dug (crookedbirds AT gmail DOT com) – Jan 1st/2013

--- ONE SET ---
01.  [12:46] - Improv >
02.  [05:41] - Hey-Hee-Hi-Ho
03.  [08:09] - Just Like I Pictured It
04.  [10:41] - Latin Shuffle >
05.  [05:12] - Bass Solo
06.  [08:09] - Tubby* >
07.  [06:18] - Sugar Craft >
08.  [01:12] - Combustication Intro+ >
09.  [02:42] - C-Jam Blues >
10.  [03:02] - Macha >
11.  [05:29] - Wiggly's Way >
12.  [06:16] - Is There Anybody Here That Love My Jesus >
13.  [09:02] - Church of Logic >
14.  [04:36] - Night Marchers >
15.  [00:58] - 'Billy Speaks/Band Intros'^ >
16.  [09:05] - Start/Stop >
17.  [05:29] - Spy Kiss >
18.  [01:43] - Combustication+ >
19.  [05:45] - No Ke Ano Ahiahi
20.  [14:55] - Improv Intro > Bubblehouse > Wig Wise > Bubblehouse%

--- NOTES ---
Most of show with DJ Logic on Turntables (except Latin Shuffle and Tubby)
* With acoustic/melodica ending and drum outro
+ combining these two tracks creates a performance of the tune Combustication (unlisted bonus track on the album of the same name); the band leads into the start of Combustication after Sugar Craft (t05), but the tune's head is never quite reached until it later emerges from Spy Kiss (t18)
^ w/ a noise/space jam under the intros that dies off and then resurfaces to build into Start/Stop
% Bubblehouse begins with brief improv/space intro. Wig Wise (D. Ellington) begins properly @7:55, with the band having begun playing on the tune's theme @6:07
** Fits on Two Discs **

I like to move back and forth, so that could be some kind of insect effect...
--Mitch Hedberg

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8b19138f2a8fa94016ccbc3e647094ba *mmw1998-10-16t01.flac
eb22d7ab9bfd81faf695a0684892d826 *mmw1998-10-16t02.flac
20f81ddb07e0357b46f173728f5468cf *mmw1998-10-16t03.flac
738246f60a3dcd7a48db0b47b028ec86 *mmw1998-10-16t04.flac
208aa0c39ef6a74b9a508c8cf464b77a *mmw1998-10-16t05.flac
4ee5de8ef88d30c940602c0067a42c98 *mmw1998-10-16t06.flac
75c5ee8a36f09a48e134eef375bd8db9 *mmw1998-10-16t07.flac
0350fea5e75037d252a26f990f9445fc *mmw1998-10-16t08.flac
5d83da19a3904c3618e229d8d89843cf *mmw1998-10-16t09.flac
dc6b80d78ea22bc318533b502dd1d000 *mmw1998-10-16t10.flac
5edd95b290cc9aa966f6de2e65036e45 *mmw1998-10-16t11.flac
466917810a5fbb1758965a840b4a0037 *mmw1998-10-16t12.flac
bbe5765e1bafc42f196fd93cdee75abb *mmw1998-10-16t13.flac
cf908596c367ec6444473db18e4554b6 *mmw1998-10-16t14.flac
7e11a18451aa3f798ac544f1cea9d5d8 *mmw1998-10-16t15.flac
5b7f62d53c649a36d13eb344bfff0388 *mmw1998-10-16t16.flac
1535d47806eca88f991a42e50f45f7c4 *mmw1998-10-16t17.flac
e62090095af0686cfd90764c2d8be4b8 *mmw1998-10-16t18.flac
5dfdd0628771dab048c1c0a7f3368ffc *mmw1998-10-16t19.flac
a6f28f44f6b6efafc2470c521ad477eb *mmw1998-10-16t20.flac
261c2119b26e22d695dbc611e6af7254 [shntool] mmw1998-10-16t01.flac
127cb1b211102a31da1210d17a843645 [shntool] mmw1998-10-16t02.flac
4270b8be6e6a6db9f1a305cffa27ca7c [shntool] mmw1998-10-16t03.flac
fb163653c6607b551b4f73ab935bb84e [shntool] mmw1998-10-16t04.flac
dd2497be9fb40c351340fad4a96b8a08 [shntool] mmw1998-10-16t05.flac
d1b86a4f0f0ce02bcfc3399b0e52450e [shntool] mmw1998-10-16t06.flac
28f1db251b6a500474a3aff4c05a71ba [shntool] mmw1998-10-16t07.flac
5583bcb9a3ed2ab6b849d0ce17e9058b [shntool] mmw1998-10-16t08.flac
e22a9b558ca3e0bb8cfa529b669ed202 [shntool] mmw1998-10-16t09.flac
004a333794acb4fda0df08cffd413a89 [shntool] mmw1998-10-16t10.flac
cc4329d95d31115343dec4b41cf31c0d [shntool] mmw1998-10-16t11.flac
e0ce9cb2478327f42699618aacf5b7fc [shntool] mmw1998-10-16t12.flac
dfb8795c4f63035ee8a2609d0b664616 [shntool] mmw1998-10-16t13.flac
e7ff3ae4ed91047abf8434cb2b58917d [shntool] mmw1998-10-16t14.flac
8f8b3ed97b275a6ba415f1b5e96a059b [shntool] mmw1998-10-16t15.flac
bbe0984cb6ae7be50690c93d7df23778 [shntool] mmw1998-10-16t16.flac
281c98e970c8ffbdce7a4340b6a6603a [shntool] mmw1998-10-16t17.flac
2f9bc7785d9ca9e386fb48152e946adf [shntool] mmw1998-10-16t18.flac
9ad5b3c9d5b9d684d9952555f5df9251 [shntool] mmw1998-10-16t19.flac
93f4f0c9258a87b66a863c74e4b0e6da [shntool] mmw1998-10-16t20.flac

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flac16; Source: b&k... (2)
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01/02/2013 duggy This is a RETRACKED and UPDATED ID Tagged version of this previous source.
08/15/2014 gruven42 Quantization noise throughout.