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Phish 09/17/99
Shoreline Amphitheatre, Mountain View, CA
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Entered by Jason Sobel
Checksums FFP
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Media Size Compressed: 875.81 MB (918351379 bytes)
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Source Summary flac16; AKG 460b/ck61 > Lunatec V2 > Sony SBM-1 > Sony TCD-D8; Sony PCM-R500 > Marantz PMD-661 > audiogate (16/44.1) > cd wave > tlh; Taped by JK; Transferred by John M. 
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shoreline amphitheatre
mountain view, ca

Set 1:
01- Mozambique
02- Guyute
03- Ghost >
04- Lawn Boy >
05- Peaches en Regalia >
06- The Moma Dance
07- Water in the Sky
08- When the Circus Comes
09- Back on the Train >
10- David Bowie
11- The Squirming Coil

Set 2:
01- Runaway Jim
02- Sand
03- Piper >
04- Roggae
05- You Enjoy Myself[1] >
06- Jam[2]
07- Wolfman's Brother[3] >
08- Cold Rain and Snow[4]

09- Viola Lee Blues[5]

[1] No vocal jam; Phil Lesh on a second bass guitar.
[2] Bass jam; Phil Lesh on a second bass guitar.
[3] Phil Lesh on a second bass guitar.
[4] Phish debut; Phil Lesh on a second bass guitar.
[5] Phish debut; Phil Lesh on a second bass guitar and Warren Haynes on guitar.

Notes: Set 2 was recorded with more gain.  Phil Lesh joined the band on a second bass guitar from YEM through the end of the show. The encore also featured Warren Haynes on guitar. Cold Rain and Snow and Viola Lee Blues were both Phish debuts. YEM did not contain a vocal jam. The subsequent jam out of YEM comprised of solely Mike and Phil Lesh.

setlist info courtesy of

source: akg460b/ck61>v2>sbm1>d8 ots by JK
transfer: DATmaster/sony pcm-r500>marantz pmd661>audiogate(16/44.1)>cdwave>tlh by john m 2012-12-08

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ph1999-09-17 akg461s1t01.flac:754e1f15f5302ad10e642e4e21ac8974
ph1999-09-17 akg461s1t02.flac:71d785a15851682208d1d72e5e31998f
ph1999-09-17 akg461s1t03.flac:85d5fcf661d883375a00913ec5b08426
ph1999-09-17 akg461s1t04.flac:f1549b44d43f41e6acf5ea6be7099a35
ph1999-09-17 akg461s1t05.flac:b19166c148d821cc8c0ec75f5ed0a971
ph1999-09-17 akg461s1t06.flac:4679620524076a8fddadb903a0ac1824
ph1999-09-17 akg461s1t07.flac:efb064370aa2ae66bd16c7ed34b8aabc
ph1999-09-17 akg461s1t08.flac:a672837d475f2243c6593ad33ea59b20
ph1999-09-17 akg461s1t09.flac:902eacb8489247a3bcce3df455b52b85
ph1999-09-17 akg461s1t10.flac:25a7d43c2f3569b88074cd97868fbb92
ph1999-09-17 akg461s1t11.flac:54373e9b87dfac1b9d61e5f29fb81554
ph1999-09-17 akg461s2t01.flac:dbc12245d9b0838793403b4e0c8fb0fb
ph1999-09-17 akg461s2t02.flac:2ad23f159aa7b6014dd1f910cbbfc982
ph1999-09-17 akg461s2t03.flac:c82c394d163a34da3c06d3ea60773fed
ph1999-09-17 akg461s2t04.flac:d95adb283ae1b2c8f7e134a38854766e
ph1999-09-17 akg461s2t05.flac:ca2847cb80df22e6f326d0a915447a15
ph1999-09-17 akg461s2t06.flac:ef64fcd2c088e25f0a1b80a586f87279
ph1999-09-17 akg461s2t07.flac:ae9927db87e8e41197165cc6d7b235a3
ph1999-09-17 akg461s2t08.flac:2fdb6967fee7791fa5a0dd0a59a57f9a
ph1999-09-17 akg461s2t09.flac:6effa27eb0f1c92af42a2aac7ad91108

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