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Grateful Dead 04/05/71
Manhattan Center, New York, NY
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Source # 12367 Other Sources
Entered by dr.unclear
Checksums shn-md5 , st5
Disc Counts 2 / 3
Media Size
Date Circulated
Date Added
Source Summary shntool fix of Orf seed (?- note doesn't jibe with what is know of prev seed), by Chris Ladner 
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Grateful Dead
Manhattan Center
New York, NY

Original wav files digitally remastered by Leigh Orf   (~7-8 kHz tone removed digitally, plus smooth fades at reel flips etc.).  See for details.        

Cold Rain & Snow [5:59]
Me And Bobby McGee [5:54]
The Rub [4:14]
Loser [6:27]
Playing In The Band [4:35]
Big Railroad Blues [3:46]
Me And My Uncle [3:09]
Big Boss Man [5:00]
China Cat Sunflower [5:34] >
I Know You Rider [4:39]
Casey Jones [5:00]

Truckin' >
Drums >
The Other One >
The Other One Jam
Wharf Rat
Sugar Magnolia
I'm A King Bee
Sing Me Back Home
Not Fade Away [4:18] >
Goin' Down The Road Feeling Bad [5:23] >
Jam [1:41] >
Turn On Your Lovelight [22:59]

I downloaded this show from an etree server (i presume in december '99.
The md5's differ from other seeded versions of the show.
As far as i can tell, the original SHN's had sector boundary errors on several tracks (see len ouput) which i've fixed with shntool 1.01 and SHN's are now seekable.
Chris L.
candyman FTP
Show Checksums
6cd98c0cc99123384f6ef41d8d596f02 *gd-71-04-05-d2-t02.shn
a19ef6334f0d44f69bbd0854861d8b66 *gd-71-04-05-d1-t04.shn
14275184267edd8d0b58bfee280d34e8 *gd-71-04-05-d2-t03.shn
53644ce3a29b21c3fea2606bbc9345a4 *gd-71-04-05-d2-t04.shn
caf6c6772477df96198e30f0b07da5a6 *gd-71-04-05-d1-t05.shn
dd5309ff3a682f83a3ece2e9c9fcc2c1 *gd-71-04-05-d1-t06.shn
141a0fb146703b110e7e811855bb9524 *gd-71-04-05-d1-t07.shn
b1994774f1fa3d4e1ecf55178a88fd53 *gd-71-04-05-d1-t08.shn
362e9046ba0addc7cc40733ca89713c3 *gd-71-04-05-d1-t09.shn
3924ebe04d2f299cfa0ed31d79db9c0e *gd-71-04-05-d1-t11.shn
6199e43284b3871088968a149310d5b6 *gd-71-04-05-d1-t10.shn
34d9103ab38a8f3d0075622806fcf69d *gd-71-04-05-d2-t05.shn
56bc8a37c5bcdceb01b6d321150faf44 *gd-71-04-05-d2-t06.shn
e8fc332142f730350f8b8385ebd643c9 *gd-71-04-05-d2-t07.shn
3b0b7879200b5672f8cc09a3d9090143 *gd-71-04-05-d2-t10.shn
457fa2be9837cf531cee934dad5854ef *gd-71-04-05-d2-t08.shn
e1c7de5f68bc88547a15f0e449450977 *gd-71-04-05-d2-t09.shn
57f32149d0c2117655327f9255240b07 *gd-71-04-05-d3-t01.shn
ebecfa950e1e7e8379a8a7db6618e867 *gd-71-04-05-d3-t02.shn
4ff2171e36ff262cb19020ca2eee6dc3 *gd-71-04-05-d3-t03.shn
a3b4dbe102e8c14db67012e3d09ebf46 *gd-71-04-05-d2-t01.shn
6c8ab93c26f964e9e3244ba84e9d8e90 *gd-71-04-05-d1-t02.shn
62a0512d25d6b04917e3fa63304d82c5 *gd-71-04-05-d3-t04.shn
a6f372dfbe974ebef89a264535e9f9eb *gd-71-04-05-d1-t03.shn
fff3fcd489e02ca0c07184ca2e51ab6e *gd-71-04-05-d1-t01.shn
0180f2880df3b8b4eda45828874b3487 [shntool] gd-71-04-05-d1-t01.shn
ecb530a6bc86c51e2098737e0f7ad17d [shntool] gd-71-04-05-d1-t02.shn
6329e793a1da0147b0b5ae89adaae8f1 [shntool] gd-71-04-05-d1-t03.shn
d5cf90e25ca379a2ef8ee0c64e455a8d [shntool] gd-71-04-05-d1-t04.shn
2e8d2e728e4188bab41999227e055f4a [shntool] gd-71-04-05-d1-t05.shn
2f494967d2a5bdcc6c031ee2fad6e2aa [shntool] gd-71-04-05-d1-t06.shn
90bae6508893351fcec9d8e3d0cfbe13 [shntool] gd-71-04-05-d1-t07.shn
d0f3ac6657b0e82f5a9c22b7a76d0f16 [shntool] gd-71-04-05-d1-t08.shn
5bc1d4ca3f9dad416499fd84284ea457 [shntool] gd-71-04-05-d1-t09.shn
be7ff03d22111a6a7d1606133ec518f7 [shntool] gd-71-04-05-d1-t10.shn
474f4ec10d6bf20f93c0ddf20b98485d [shntool] gd-71-04-05-d1-t11.shn
b986ded02f474116309a35b92179e0ca [shntool] gd-71-04-05-d2-t01.shn
785b2de1ca3622957d755be9ccc4c1e0 [shntool] gd-71-04-05-d2-t02.shn
51721c9fecea437e52abb145dd94ccef [shntool] gd-71-04-05-d2-t03.shn
0118ccf36fbd21ef443d77c75d40d9bb [shntool] gd-71-04-05-d2-t04.shn
819c2ef12a044a76b526f41d0ed8a90d [shntool] gd-71-04-05-d2-t05.shn
7470a8bb6c3eacc7d0218f4def6611f5 [shntool] gd-71-04-05-d2-t06.shn
d38746225a50873415570a673be984f8 [shntool] gd-71-04-05-d2-t07.shn
58c912dffe6e3331312c17754b815e2d [shntool] gd-71-04-05-d2-t08.shn
5ff486d6b5e962ba5ccc7dca3d1b8dc4 [shntool] gd-71-04-05-d2-t09.shn
70ccf6579985b67170bec0b3050abba6 [shntool] gd-71-04-05-d2-t10.shn
5910cb20063872728365f916ae4ff698 [shntool] gd-71-04-05-d3-t01.shn
eb523ce5661cec2b3ad99a5344e73f26 [shntool] gd-71-04-05-d3-t02.shn
1706bc183e8beab5c59238e470fb87d4 [shntool] gd-71-04-05-d3-t03.shn
35d2abcdefcd2cab9360b2e57dc5eb05 [shntool] gd-71-04-05-d3-t04.shn

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Other Sources (comments)
remastered de-whined... (0) 7" 2-track BBD reel w/dolby... (0) flac16; Source:... (1) flac16; Partial show... (0) flac16; Recording... (1) flac16; Recording... (0)
Date User Comment
10/10/2002 Hamilton, Diana Hmm, there is a mystery about this one. The previous seed from which this supposedly stemmed, according to Leigh's comments, already had had its boundaries fixed. Also, if the parent shn set that Chris started with had different md5s, that points to a thrid 1999 shn set, precise origin unknown, maybe with Leigh's txt file wrongly pasted on? That kind of thing happens... :(
10/11/2002 Chris L. Back at the time when i downloaded this (december '99) there was only a handful of servers that i had access to - being one of them. i held off on distributing this, but kept getting asked for it, so enjoy... cautiously.
10/18/2002 Chris L i might add that if someone has the original shn's from leigh's seed i'd be happy to host them - i'm not planning on hosting these.