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String Cheese Incident 06/22/02
Bonnaroo Music Festival, Manchester, TN
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Entered by Brad Leblanc
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Source Summary FOB DPA 4015's > Lunatec V2 > AD2K+ > Nuendo Multiface > Wave Lab (@24bit/96kHz) > MAC (Normal) > .ape 
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String Cheese Incident
Stadium Stage, Bonnaroo Festival, Manchester, TN
June 22, 2002

Source: FOB DPA 4015's > V2 > AD2K+ > Nuendo Multiface > Wave Lab (@24bit/96kHz) > MAC (Normal) > .ape

Taper:  Marc Nutter ([email protected])
Seed:  Jason Brantley ([email protected])


01. Intro
02. Walk This Way
03. Mouna Bowa->
04. On the Road
05. It is What It Is
06. Latinissmo?*->
07. I'm a Man??
08. ?BAM!??
09. Windy Mountain
10. Black and White??
11. Black Clouds->
12. Kashmir->
13. Black Clouds
14. Crowd


15. Search^-> Drums^-> Search^
16. Dirk


? with Steve Winwood on organ (and vocals for I'm a Man)
? with Karl Denson on sax
? with Chris Littlefield on trumpet
^ with Samson on percussion

Notes:  * unfinished

First Time Played: I'm a Man (Spencer Davis Group cover)

Last Kashmir: 5/4/2001 - Saenger Theatre, New Orleans, LA [95 shows]


-Fades added at start and end of set
-This 24bit/96kHz .ape set is for archival or playback via 2496 capable system only.
-There is also a 16bit/44.1kHz seed of this available for burning CDR's.
-The .md5 is for entry in the etree database and to insure you have the original .apes
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018756f8c2e3eb6b98497605cbb1bb77 *sci2002-06-22t02.ape
7ec4359930b969c0d0f9bdc1cec7cdae *sci2002-06-22t03.ape
3ef6106b8eae8429dd64acd4f2d45fad *sci2002-06-22t05.ape
d6ab08b1debcaa65f902c0b8e888c4d7 *sci2002-06-22t06.ape
aec49b72b9b44101c6fb4ddd1afed37e *sci2002-06-22t01.ape
8a107ebfd70bb8b03392c00134d5a8ea *sci2002-06-22t04.ape
0758ecc5322ce02463f53a6c8468bfa2 *sci2002-06-22t07.ape
828a4cd6951da4fa2ffd170ccb804014 *sci2002-06-22t12.ape
481e9187560cc9d4379ad5474e6931ee *sci2002-06-22t11.ape
c6449064a6c414b9690a9b57b2df0509 *sci2002-06-22t09.ape
4a7747c5b59878ebe6dea79b9112a209 *sci2002-06-22t16.ape
d46efad1e0ffcf4acad768d7e893f657 *sci2002-06-22t15.ape
cfd0140c261a1244a662468581370e67 *sci2002-06-22t13.ape
12100dc6202306c8d4f9ea17f6a57520 *sci2002-06-22t10.ape
b80d7bd674c6b94a161c604f45458e29 *sci2002-06-22t08.ape
187a3825537d096a252b6f6f83d7ffd4 *sci2002-06-22t14.ape

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(FOB) DPA 4023's > V2 >... (9) (FOB) B&K 4022 > V2 >... (1) AT-KP Studio Mics (FOB,... (0) FOB DPA 4015's > Lunatec V2... (0)
Date User Comment
10/12/2002 Jason Brantley This 24bit / 96kHz .ape seed is available via a vine I started at the 24 bit Trader's Yahoo group. You'll need to join the group with a profile to have access to the database to sign up (There is an option for "No Email" if that's your preference. Here's the link: