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Grateful Dead 05/03/69
Winterland Arena, San Francisco, CA
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Entered by Matt Vernon
Checksums ffp , flac-md5
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Media Size Compressed: 229 MB (240123904 bytes)
Uncompressed: 439 MB (460324864 bytes)
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Source Summary flac16; SBD/PA Reel: TASCAM 22-2 modified for flat transfer. Reel-> Tascam 22-2 -> Tascam MKII DR-07 (24-bit, 96kHz) - DC8Forensics for editing and modification 
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Grateful Dead
Winterland Arena,
San Francisco,CA

This is the soundboard/PA version developed by dusborne and droncit, and incorporating some audience material in blank portions.
Contacts:  [email protected]

--Set 1--
101-t1 - Bill Graham introduction -> He Was a Friend of Mine
102-t2 - Cryptical Envelopment ->
103-t3 - Drums ->
104-t4 - The Other One ->
105-t5 - Cryptical reprise
106-t6 - Doin That Rag
107-t7 - Me & My Uncle

This reel was in droncit's collection for about 40 years.  For the reel, we added harmonics, minor eq adjustment, and used light noise reduction.  For the audience files we used the Reel as a source and a spectral difference filter to match the overall sound of the audience to the reel.The opening notes to cryptical sound like there are digital artifacts, but that's the way it sounds on the straight transfer.

We think it is a PA tape, not a soundboard, as it appears to be mono.  We modified it to align better with the l-r distribution on the audience tape. This version was developed as part of the syncing process for the matrix.
The Introduction is noticeably louder than it is on the audience tape so that it can be heard better.  Because it comes from the audience tape, the sound is muffled and boomy, but it's a fun part of the show so we included it this way.
Final edits to the PA and MTX files were done separately, so they do not match exactly.
There is still noise evident.

For Reel:  TASCAM 22-2 modified for flat transfer.
Reel-> Tascam 22-2 -> Tascam MKII DR-07 (24-bit, 96kHz) - DC8Forensics for editing and modification

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ac4b6f87a59a0f420f9eecdcd9a65ccf *gd69-05-03.PA.dusborne.droncitt01.flac
16dfb30be46c66319d5b9a8cb9c48cf1 *gd69-05-03.PA.dusborne.droncitt02.flac
4d8e50bf943e035d6b3181ff0a597fbd *gd69-05-03.PA.dusborne.droncitt03.flac
baa076df1a2bf685cbff1957538af5f9 *gd69-05-03.PA.dusborne.droncitt04.flac
31523eeface9e0b8e189e11655080acf *gd69-05-03.PA.dusborne.droncitt05.flac
aad64fab3a7edb63028971633c8c1cf8 *gd69-05-03.PA.dusborne.droncitt06.flac
759620a62a209e7c57e44b6cfa4d23a2 *gd69-05-03.PA.dusborne.droncitt07.flac
86c2805c78598ef7651b5ce1d4e30845 *gd69-05-03.PA.dusborne.droncitt08.flac

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