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Zero 06/11/94
Blue Star Cafe, Hartford, CT
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Source Summary Onstage AMS ST250 "Soundfield"->DAT master->CDR>EAC>SHN 
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Zero - 06/11/94
Blue Star Cafe - Hartford, CT

onstage AMS ST250 "Soundfield"->DAT master->CDR
recorded by Ron Keyser
EAC'd and shn'd by Ray Brooks

CD #1 - Set I
1.) Intro
2.) Nancy Germany->
3.) Tangled Hangers
4.) Baby Baby
5.) Mercury Blues
6.) Golden Road

CD #2 - Set II
1.) Berm
2.) Highway 61->
3.) Gregg's Eggs->
    Black Magic Woman->
    Papa Was A Rolling Stone->
    Gregg's Eggs
4.) Home On The Range

CD #3 - Set II cont.
1.) Further On Up The Road
2.) Pits Of Thunder
3.) Tear Tags Off Mattresses
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871a1eec879a36e02de945f638f82637 *zero94-06-11d1t1.shn

ff7ff0c62487513bdcea4e431204c40f *zero94-06-11d1t2.shn

14cb981b2d37843e4ba3caa78f23083e *zero94-06-11d1t3.shn

fcfd64ca43a97e6011a669a42d657bb5 *zero94-06-11d1t4.shn

ab997c10160759e8d236e1530b6cd6f0 *zero94-06-11d1t5.shn

4c2a09edbc82af34a1ad800adea33692 *zero94-06-11d1t6.shn

d74dc79b1351dbd5d450ed01d0d83331 *zero94-06-11d2t1.shn

e711b0debb74356f2a3e875aa9e94147 *zero94-06-11d2t2.shn

46dbb374460831fceb6634fb5c84163f *zero94-06-11d2t3.shn

5685806e4f27abfcea34b40a9f34ea1f *zero94-06-11d2t4.shn

14bcd0de76c14ba2d80e979fca5e41be *zero94-06-11d3t1.shn

105950e7ca83a7b73201bfa342523653 *zero94-06-11d3t2.shn

74685e74fe0c489fc68fbf4606ba3216 *zero94-06-11d3t3.shn

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