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Black Crowes 03/24/13
Academy, Manchester, England
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The Black Crowes
Manchester Academy
24th March 2013

Relatively new venue, this is the largest of the three Manchester Academies.  Largely speaking, it’s a fairly characterless brick building, and inside, the main (downstairs) concert hall is a windowless, concrete rectangle, roughly 75 feet wide, 120 feet long, 18 feet high with the stage at one end.  That said, the helpful staff can get people in quickly, and out even quicker, via cargo doors on one wall which open up onto Oxford Street at the end of the gig.

One level, all standing, barring a small, raised viewing gantry at the back of the room (largely) for disabled or less able attendees.

Utilitarian, but it does a job.

Capacity 2,300, pretty much sold out.

No support act.

Band :
Chris Robinson – Vocals & Harmonica
Rich Robinson - Guitars
Steve Gormanm – Drums & Percussion
Sven Pipien – Bass
Adam MacDougall – Keyboards
Jackie Greene – Guitars & Mandolin

01 Jealous Again
02 Thick N Thin
03 Hotel Illness
04 Medicated Goo
05 Sister Luck
06 Wiser Time
07 She Talks to Angels
08 The Last Place That Love Lives
09 Whoa Mule
10 My Morning Song
11 High Head Blues
12 By Your Side
13 Thorn In My Pride
14 Remedy
15 Goodbye Daughters of the Revolution
16 Soul Singing
17 Encore Break
18 Descending
19 Hard To Handle > Hush
20 Willin’

Recorded by Lesterferget – A Rockin’ Regimental Recording
30 feet from the stage, dead centre


Sound Forge Pro 10>
Traders Little Helper>
Torrent Site

Soundwise – 7.0 to 7.5 out of 10.0
Not the easiest of captures; very loud (causing slight clipping in one or two places), amidst an all standing audience, hence some movement in sound and a bit of chatter.

Do what you will with it - except sell it :
You got it for nowt, you give it for nowt

Honest and entertaining, all fans of blues/southern/country rock should have something (official) by the Black Crowes in their collection.

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01 Jealous Again.flac:8393fa44e49736c9c3532c5ac0997167
02 Thick N Thin.flac:c639980d79b345d7674f9767b1e04cd2
03 Hotel Illness.flac:1e758d94ebec7b68f11dda6e6695ea93
04 Medicated Goo.flac:b775cf4fb63ac7a5aa7faa6b86e6baa4
05 Sister Luck.flac:a50c3c2f7393fb9ee6f1104febbf799d
06 Wiser Time.flac:e8f2db97467110f4e25a3f70ff8433bf
07 She Talks To Angels.flac:7694451475d1f263f557c0be4e850617
08 The Last Place That Love Lives.flac:7c318b7b2e719eb574ac3af927fbdfa8
09 Whoa Mule.flac:eda0eb37610443576307d4a8c166e2d7
10 My Morning Song.flac:07be75bcc709136a0d6d36156a436c77
11 High Head Blues.flac:44974cb9174f0acc8a93e281d2c4a4ee
12 By Your Side.flac:f2ae8361ac5acb54c817544365d98019
13 Thorn In My Pride.flac:6ed1f00f12bea05cbdb3fee72d53a88f
14 Remedy.flac:261ff6589e7e18ac97624d4ebc29c277
15 Goodbye Daughters Of The Revolution.flac:49057d112fe0d9fb9aa2f8488b7df9ae
16 Soul Singing.flac:27b3f8bf8734ace3b96a8c1dd17130f1
17 Encore Break.flac:ced38e20a6f62f9dbc14bd15e77498bd
18 Descending.flac:af05f68dd660718571679c9d378cfb2c
19 Hard To Handle - Hush.flac:a1b5687bfba9df5a9a619a0906e08de3
20 Willin.flac:7e84b082650342daa022ff3c46897b9b

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