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Grateful Dead 12/12/80
Swing Auditorium, San Bernardino, CA
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Entered by Matt Vernon
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Source Summary flac16; Source: 2 Sennheiser MKH 406 TUD microphones > Sony D5M (w/ Dolby B, Bias @ 70us on 3 TDK MA C-90 tapes); Copy of masters: Sony D5M (w/ Dolby, Bias @ 70us) > Akaii GX-570 D2 (w/ Dolby B, Bias @ 70us on 2 TDK SA C-90 tapes); Transfer: Nakamichi CR-7A (azimuth aligned to tape, Dolby B, Bias @ 70us) > Korg MN-2000S 1 Bit DFF @ 2.822 MHz > AudioGate (convert to 24-96) > Audacity (clean up) > AudioGate (convert to 16-44) > CD wav > Flac (Level 8) > Stamp ID3 Tag editor; Recorded by: Ron Goldshine and John Musgrave 
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Grateful Dead
Swing Auditorium
San Bernardino, California
December 12, 1980

I always felt that this was the bands "Tribute to John Lennon"
(it was a sad week leading up to this show)

First Set:
disc 1
01. Alabama Getaway >
02. Greatest Story Ever Told (tape paused after song while equipment repairs take place)
03. Friend Of The Devil
04. Mama Tried >
05. Mexicali Blues
06. Althea
07. Little Red Rooster >
08. Peggio > (a foot gets tangled in the right channel mic cable - dual left channel from 1:57 to 3:07)
09. Looks Like Rain >
10. Tennessee Jed >
11. Promised Land

Second Set:
disc 2
01. China Cat Sunflower >
02. I Know You Rider (with Mountain Jam tease) >
03. Estimated Prophet >
04. He's Gone >
05. Eyes Of The World >
06. Drum Break >

disc 3
07. Drum Break (continued) > (tape flip - spliced but I can't find the location)
08. Space Jam >
09. Truckin' >
10. Warf Rat >
11. Around and Around > (a couple of seconds were lost in the tape flip - spliced with a patch between 1:27:04 and 1:27:09)
12. Good Lovin'
encore: (encore call edited)
13. Don't Ease Me In

Recorded by: Ron Goldshine and John Musgrave with help from Mark the B-Man and Mike Martin (guarding the mic stands)

2 Sennheiser MKH 406 TUD microphones > Sony D5M (w/ Dolby B, Bias @ 70us on 3 TDK MA C-90 tapes)

My Copy of masters:
Sony D5M (w/ Dolby, Bias @ 70us) > Akaii GX-570 D2 (w/ Dolby B, Bias @ 70us on 2 TDK SA C-90 tapes)

Nakamichi CR-7A (azimuth aligned to tape, Dolby B, Bias @ 70us) > Korg MN-2000S 1 Bit DFF @ 2.822 MHz >
AudioGate (convert to 24-96) > Audacity (clean up) >
AudioGate (convert to 16-44) > CD wav > Flac (Level 8) > Stamp ID3 Tag editor

The San Bernardino Swing Auditorium was about 1 1/2 hours east of Los Angeles.
It was a somber drive as John Lennon had been murdered only 4 days earlier and everyone was still in shock.

The San Bernardino Swing Auditorium was a real sweatbox and some of my favorite concerts were seen here.
A narrow rectangle, with the stage in the middle of one of the longer sides.
We were sitting dead center and about 5 rows into the risers (distance might have been around 75-100 feet from the stage?)
Tonight we were using 2 ten foot microphone stands.
For the first time I wouldn’t have to hold my hand above my head for the 3+ hour show.
Our equipment included the new Sony D-5M portable cassette recorder along with two new Sennheiser MKH-406-TUD microphones.
We were ready!

The band took off roaring.
Jerry’s voice was in great shape, his guitar leading the way for Bobby and Brent.
Phil’s bass was weaving in and out, while the two drummers in the back were holding it all together.
The first set was almost a continuous medley, peaking in a truly spectacular “Tennessee Jed”, and ending up in a rocking out version of Chuck Berry’s “the Promised Land”.
We could almost see the energy pouring out at us, and we all wondered what the second set would bring.

After the required hour break the Band came back out and opened up with the beautiful pairing of “China Cat Sunflower” and “I Know You Rider”,
which then slipped right into “Estimated Prophet”, “He’s Gone”, and then “Eyes Of The World”.
The audience was in awe and one couldn't help but associate some of these lyrics with John Lennon.
It has been reported that Jerry had tears running down his cheeks during "He's Gone" (I think I did too)

At this point the Rhythm Devils took over, the rest of the band exiting the stage for the next 15 minutes, then slowly returning to perform the magic “Space Jam”.
“Trucking” was the center piece moving into “Warf Rat” and another Chuck Berry original “Around And Around” then finishing off with "Good Loving".
The encore was the newly reborn “Don’t Ease Me In”.

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Grateful Dead-1980-12-12-d1tr01.flac:2a891c848a6cba2a815386092d67daf6
Grateful Dead-1980-12-12-d1tr02.flac:1be14bddbd274bafd9d8ff06535a6490
Grateful Dead-1980-12-12-d1tr03.flac:ac94eb3b8522571088abae83161ec359
Grateful Dead-1980-12-12-d1tr04.flac:1d73f63292a25c73a1a71d5cbfa601b7
Grateful Dead-1980-12-12-d1tr05.flac:89a0f104ab1a9ddd95f4a2d20c4e3702
Grateful Dead-1980-12-12-d1tr06.flac:0f67193b5889f741eccd0b5ce6f8ede0
Grateful Dead-1980-12-12-d1tr07.flac:5774de5d2f19a9cb9fa078ef2fe9a525
Grateful Dead-1980-12-12-d1tr08.flac:c1d1cddba00b67df32a8f20df062319b
Grateful Dead-1980-12-12-d1tr09.flac:2556192391b69f795474f7621e3bf316
Grateful Dead-1980-12-12-d1tr10.flac:b05e7cad698f5f2a098b55d8da6bb00d
Grateful Dead-1980-12-12-d1tr11.flac:2c3cf9694998cfa0f97b342d8119945a
Grateful Dead-1980-12-12-d2tr01.flac:68ce8ff07bd6943ffbffa152547818d2
Grateful Dead-1980-12-12-d2tr02.flac:164ee58741dd603bd817ab3486c750d0
Grateful Dead-1980-12-12-d2tr03.flac:98b964db49d76a196c37559bc489d433
Grateful Dead-1980-12-12-d2tr04.flac:71c7088660dc5674c9aee7b17e493d74
Grateful Dead-1980-12-12-d2tr05.flac:7f4012f14f6ca8db5cf8fc9d0e241b5f
Grateful Dead-1980-12-12-d2tr06.flac:799aabdc9253bb031f84ca3aaebccac3
Grateful Dead-1980-12-12-d3tr01.flac:6a98daa2737081e84652d2661e3b7dae
Grateful Dead-1980-12-12-d3tr02.flac:3e456d703fdda7ee1a65e2b1d98139ab
Grateful Dead-1980-12-12-d3tr03.flac:b8143e41df621a146e14e0369657fa4c
Grateful Dead-1980-12-12-d3tr04.flac:3e5d356f6bf906b7cc6ab910b1c3d668
Grateful Dead-1980-12-12-d3tr05.flac:c777e2524b7919198425615c2c8995f2
Grateful Dead-1980-12-12-d3tr06.flac:2f971eff54919583627f2e99fd3f662c
Grateful Dead-1980-12-12-d3tr07.flac:ecb3b05e8d388c837a85ca12a29d3c67
909dedb54cf8c8461a4ed1c9e79eb08e *Grateful Dead-1980-12-12-d1tr01.flac
7a20099a96a8a72ca5c4a573987c1bba *Grateful Dead-1980-12-12-d1tr02.flac
d75ecb8847fb58c50cbb7be4936b01c4 *Grateful Dead-1980-12-12-d1tr03.flac
0bdd67978e6b0b9f8756bc2c5662fa5d *Grateful Dead-1980-12-12-d1tr04.flac
5c93e9d3a4e4b9f8c2297c4dd6084718 *Grateful Dead-1980-12-12-d1tr05.flac
4962dda13fd322ff6c56fb58b52c871f *Grateful Dead-1980-12-12-d1tr06.flac
14c68c18084f12dedbc31f57f20d4c30 *Grateful Dead-1980-12-12-d1tr07.flac
8f13b374a9bf57e189fded5fa1db8afd *Grateful Dead-1980-12-12-d1tr08.flac
38139c93b62c66b2800ad780a23424c2 *Grateful Dead-1980-12-12-d1tr09.flac
e5dd845a385a0e7b1104e5384067a305 *Grateful Dead-1980-12-12-d1tr10.flac
207136cc768ff0637fd3ed30a0385284 *Grateful Dead-1980-12-12-d1tr11.flac
e4e8662842f248125bb9e6f17c75103d *Grateful Dead-1980-12-12-d2tr01.flac
c9f7ec87a11296e170d4262f2a79d363 *Grateful Dead-1980-12-12-d2tr02.flac
fccd84d74ad3269af46aa5b18ecc3c87 *Grateful Dead-1980-12-12-d2tr03.flac
230d7f518e38731694eb53bdf4201d65 *Grateful Dead-1980-12-12-d2tr04.flac
6bbe44eeff7c69ae30c56d722a470ec0 *Grateful Dead-1980-12-12-d2tr05.flac
6bd98dcd18637a81989cc40fe422c0ed *Grateful Dead-1980-12-12-d2tr06.flac
263a627a15e0ee48351c32c893ec67fc *Grateful Dead-1980-12-12-d3tr01.flac
958050956dad407567902a2316c56c19 *Grateful Dead-1980-12-12-d3tr02.flac
8e8db5bc7a71ec642c770abf4885ad44 *Grateful Dead-1980-12-12-d3tr03.flac
7178b01d60d7554cc938b555c674b839 *Grateful Dead-1980-12-12-d3tr04.flac
f297ef7d187d10632df1cec2b0efbf80 *Grateful Dead-1980-12-12-d3tr05.flac
325b1f9e8496b58691d690454f64a73f *Grateful Dead-1980-12-12-d3tr06.flac
b5e88f4a96bc37e90276de3eee367437 *Grateful Dead-1980-12-12-d3tr07.flac
909dedb54cf8c8461a4ed1c9e79eb08e *d1tr01.flac
7a20099a96a8a72ca5c4a573987c1bba *d1tr02.flac
d75ecb8847fb58c50cbb7be4936b01c4 *d1tr03.flac
0bdd67978e6b0b9f8756bc2c5662fa5d *d1tr04.flac
5c93e9d3a4e4b9f8c2297c4dd6084718 *d1tr05.flac
4962dda13fd322ff6c56fb58b52c871f *d1tr06.flac
14c68c18084f12dedbc31f57f20d4c30 *d1tr07.flac
8f13b374a9bf57e189fded5fa1db8afd *d1tr08.flac
38139c93b62c66b2800ad780a23424c2 *d1tr09.flac
e5dd845a385a0e7b1104e5384067a305 *d1tr10.flac
207136cc768ff0637fd3ed30a0385284 *d1tr11.flac
e4e8662842f248125bb9e6f17c75103d *d2tr01.flac
c9f7ec87a11296e170d4262f2a79d363 *d2tr02.flac
fccd84d74ad3269af46aa5b18ecc3c87 *d2tr03.flac
230d7f518e38731694eb53bdf4201d65 *d2tr04.flac
6bbe44eeff7c69ae30c56d722a470ec0 *d2tr05.flac
6bd98dcd18637a81989cc40fe422c0ed *d2tr06.flac
263a627a15e0ee48351c32c893ec67fc *d3tr01.flac
958050956dad407567902a2316c56c19 *d3tr02.flac
8e8db5bc7a71ec642c770abf4885ad44 *d3tr03.flac
7178b01d60d7554cc938b555c674b839 *d3tr04.flac
f297ef7d187d10632df1cec2b0efbf80 *d3tr05.flac
325b1f9e8496b58691d690454f64a73f *d3tr06.flac
b5e88f4a96bc37e90276de3eee367437 *d3tr07.flac

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