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Trey Anastasio 03/02/01
Thomas Wolfe Auditorium, Asheville, NC
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Entered by Jason Sobel
Checksums FFP
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Media Size Compressed: 1 GB (1076905838 bytes)
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Source Summary flac16; AKG 460b/ck61 > Lunatec V2 > Sony SBM-1 > Sony TCD-D8; Sony PCM-R500 > Marantz PMD-661 > cd wave > tlh (16b/48khz); Taped by JK; Transferred by John M. 
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trey anastasio band
thomas wolfe auditorium
asheville, nc

Set I
01- When the Saints Come Marching In^
02- Mozambique
03- I Done Done It
04- Ooh Child
05- The Chicken
06- Push On til the Day >
07- Tube Top Wobble
08- Sunday Morning
09- At the Barbeque
10- Come on Baby Let's Go Downtown
11- Burlap Sack and Pumps
12- Waves
13- Mountains in the Mist^^
14- At the Gazebo

Set II
01- crowd
02- Drifting
03- First Tube
04- I Want to Take You Higher
05- Rainy Day Women #12 & 35
06- Gotta Jibboo
07- The Way I Feel
08- Til I Met You#
09- Windora Bug#
10- Aqui Como Alla
11- Hard Hearted*
12- Possum*
13- Yellow Submarine*###

^ - with band marching into the venue (through the crowd) in marching band outfits
^^ - Trey on acoustic guitar
# - new original; Trey began by explaining the title, and telling how he has been on a "pop love song writing" kick.
# - Trey on keys
* - Trey and Mike Gordon only (both on acoustic guitars)
### - Trey motioned backstage for the rest of the band. When the lights came up on them in the middle of 'Yellow Submarine,' they were wearing costumes and proceded to march out of the auditorium through the same door they came in. They played some sort of an exit march; Mike was playing cymbals, and Trey was playing a bass drum. The crowd followed them outside until the band vanished backstage through a side door.

source: akg460b/ck61>v2>sbm1>d8 ots, dfc by JK
transfer: DATmaster/sony pcm-r500>marantz pmd661>cdwave>tlh (16b/48khz) by john m 2013-02-16

*upgrade to shnid 87738*

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tab2001-03-02 akg461s1t01.flac:f8aa1e0ff06f3a15b71ab0f93622d0c5
tab2001-03-02 akg461s1t02.flac:f4d08cd7670fb54b91e6cdda44a6ca27
tab2001-03-02 akg461s1t03.flac:5077d98f61f223bad568500abc538e51
tab2001-03-02 akg461s1t04.flac:047851f186614294a0ab6bb055dd5fd1
tab2001-03-02 akg461s1t05.flac:7493f0b0b3e295b2a9596b7c2e58e2de
tab2001-03-02 akg461s1t06.flac:1e8ad929c0d24ce8c308e861b84889d2
tab2001-03-02 akg461s1t07.flac:9e131ecb9c69105a858d7ac54b605fcf
tab2001-03-02 akg461s1t08.flac:874821fdd7836a0e78b0809633eca927
tab2001-03-02 akg461s1t09.flac:2bde7296f31574dcb7c5f6dd7caf9e5b
tab2001-03-02 akg461s1t10.flac:28dce5c089d52c52f27d2a7210b48e86
tab2001-03-02 akg461s1t11.flac:1b21267e298be9f04cbafb6d94c2f7d3
tab2001-03-02 akg461s1t12.flac:5e79b64b87faff8e8f46ad85d9e063ff
tab2001-03-02 akg461s1t13.flac:2b58b1fd62e94556285ba14f492c8685
tab2001-03-02 akg461s1t14.flac:ce9513bcddb7c4cf867b3401f8b6ae59
tab2001-03-02 akg461s2t01.flac:71b4db2fd56a0a6db269708713e19a0c
tab2001-03-02 akg461s2t02.flac:5e221919f0b20360272acf9dbb5e5741
tab2001-03-02 akg461s2t03.flac:36d059c518fcedc619e4431952179d7d
tab2001-03-02 akg461s2t04.flac:827bbe3daef8a3ebd1c80e7329e15a5d
tab2001-03-02 akg461s2t05.flac:dae5c40ea08ee60ab53f7ee947d296b9
tab2001-03-02 akg461s2t06.flac:3e5e3232cea8614144d9b7bebb03dabb
tab2001-03-02 akg461s2t07.flac:3729d617b7eede421e521956e1ba9722
tab2001-03-02 akg461s2t08.flac:8a98e4ca850376b0fd55650a5f33fabf
tab2001-03-02 akg461s2t09.flac:e27d0670f8e541a74c46fc614b4c0a1d
tab2001-03-02 akg461s2t10.flac:cb62b47b020370e83b56b5d852710b0c
tab2001-03-02 akg461s2t11.flac:23323d66c66fe78133753d2c58526780
tab2001-03-02 akg461s2t12.flac:8bbcaa48ab974185eab3f8e266ba9e99
tab2001-03-02 akg461s2t13.flac:7b653feb812e9c61a2f16183d52eba10

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