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Disco Biscuits 10/01/02
Bash On Ash, Tempe, AZ
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Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary FOB/DFC @25ft. Schoeps CCM4V>Lunatec V2>Modified Sony SBM-1 Transfer: Sony PCM-R500>Delta DIO2496>Samplitude>CDWav>SHN Taped and transferred by Kevin Hughes ([email protected]
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The Disco Biscuits
Bash On Ash
Tempe, Arizona
October 1, 2002

Source:  FOB/DFC @25ft. Schoeps CCM4V>Lunatec V2>Modified Sony SBM-1
Transfer:  Sony PCM-R500>Delta DIO2496>Samplitude>CDWav>SHN
Taped and transferred by Kevin Hughes ([email protected])

Disc 1
1. tune up
2. Rock Candy>
3. The Very Moon>
4. Shelby Rose
5. M.E.M.P.H.I.S.>
6. The Overture(1)>
7. Rock Candy

Disc 2
1. Chemical Warfare Brigade
2. Jigsaw Earth>
3. Crickets(2)>
4. Spraypaint Victory(1)>
5. Crickets(2)>
6. Jigsaw Earth>
7. Trucker's Choice>
8. Jigsaw Earth

Disc 3
1. crowd
2. Spaga
3. Story Of The World

1 Inverted version
2 Dyslexic version (ending first, then beginning)
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5af8fe00d52c8ba9574eab41ce11dc27 *db02-10-01d1t01.shn
125078965f9e814e23550be2bff0920e *db02-10-01d1t02.shn
2249c7e8b1ee0e7c57ff982279c699d0 *db02-10-01d1t03.shn
f829fa0ae398dfce92ff54e3c5c5de7d *db02-10-01d1t04.shn
1eb1e38dffb70a2fed13f58d950c68c7 *db02-10-01d1t05.shn
a184d5950b344d9b845e1610f13a93b4 *db02-10-01d1t06.shn
51818336073cf2f8109a9a7580fad928 *db02-10-01d1t07.shn
2600b7c672389347c9b8259013fcf59f *db02-10-01d2t08.shn
e098c74d35d59e2801bffeca8f61054f *db02-10-01d2t02.shn
411d1789adf8dec5b31a8937bd11f52d *db02-10-01d2t03.shn
c3a33ba32ced2782dfceb9bd09b81f7b *db02-10-01d2t04.shn
b856d3f081ef7876055a8d0243a3c5aa *db02-10-01d2t05.shn
251c276d1b0171d11bf1bc120af3adda *db02-10-01d2t06.shn
c730ff945a4cd879c1664cbff3896c3e *db02-10-01d2t07.shn
0b02bfb98abcdc86b1e99bda099b54e8 *db02-10-01d2t01.shn
3e201124fccb72a5d94ff5a259eb6041 *db02-10-01d3t03.shn
5ea91e7a4b7a7a78da5f013a3760596a *db02-10-01d3t02.shn
035dd5c9a5a46e5e7b26830db4ddb112 *db02-10-01d3t01.shn

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01/30/2003 Greg Yurkovic Sector Boundary Errors on tracks 2 and 3 of disc 2.