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Phish 07/13/13
Merriweather Post Pavillion, Columbia, MD
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Source # 125054 Other Sources
Entered by Matt Vernon
Checksums 16bit-FLAC-md5 , ffp
Disc Counts 0 / 0
Media Size Compressed: 788 MB (826277888 bytes)
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Source Summary flac16; Schoeps MK4 > CMC-6 > Sound Device 702 (16/44.1); Flash Card Reader > USB > .wav > Adobe Audition > CD Wave > Traders Little Helper (FLAC Level 6); Taped by muleman; Transferred by pmonk 
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July 13, 2013
Merriweather Post Pavillion
Columbia, MD USA

Taped by muleman
Transferred: pmonk

Source: Schoeps MK4>CMC-6>HYDRA stereo XLR cables>Sound Device 702 [16/44.1]
Lineage: Flash Card Reader > USB >.wav >Adobe Audition > CD Wave Editor>Traders Little Helper(Level 6)>foobar2000v0.9.5.6 (Tagging)>Traders Little Helper (md5)

Set 1

01. Kill Devil Falls
02. Destiny Unbound
03. Taste
04. Halfway to the Moon
05. Twenty Years Later
06. Maze
07. Yarmouth Road
08. Split Open and Melt

Set 2:

01. Down with Disease
02. Free
03. Bouncing Around the Room
04. Birds of a Feather
05. Harry Hood[1]
06. Architect
07. Mike's Song
08. Simple
09. Weekapaug Groove


10. Waste
11. Good Times Bad Times


[1] BOAF and Divided Sky teases by Trey; Dog Log tease by Mike.

Show Checksums
853c975d1b463fd5354ba79149ec37d7 *phish2013-07-13set 1t01.flac
d744524d79fb1f92277e409fb4d19b12 *phish2013-07-13set 1t02.flac
67cc0a07e29151e923836043cc6cdd22 *phish2013-07-13set 1t03.flac
c87be1a1b3c7a06131e4a0d9741422e1 *phish2013-07-13set 1t04.flac
0399b2869ac38b8dc42575039137072f *phish2013-07-13set 1t05.flac
2029467d7c217d3c19f2a0d936663268 *phish2013-07-13set 1t06.flac
2d9efc303af537f4839f80035b29db46 *phish2013-07-13set 1t07.flac
76e3226e1243dea9a87becf5a3803353 *phish2013-07-13set 1t08.flac
3c7f893b65eac1542a045d3601101127 *phish2013-07-13set 2t01.flac
5f91408ff996b68e606f95d2fe1095b3 *phish2013-07-13set 2t02.flac
1d291ee1110347b87ce79c0ce9bd30da *phish2013-07-13set 2t03.flac
2507602c53afa78eb602bbb94c004630 *phish2013-07-13set 2t04.flac
a24baeb8f48f654f3e0d86c982d6b1b1 *phish2013-07-13set 2t05.flac
9ca44faf8af23f85307f766c3acd5084 *phish2013-07-13set 2t06.flac
2eb0c8bb9e1da6200f2268cf990ea42f *phish2013-07-13set 2t07.flac
413b278851b2e8d07225706a0135e845 *phish2013-07-13set 2t08.flac
ffdad0eec72bdc9f95697fd0fe4589bd *phish2013-07-13set 2t09.flac
1e4927a41d4aba55be81bf1eda23f62a *phish2013-07-13set 2t10.flac
d818266ffc2f13f8d72512afa6493726 *phish2013-07-13set 2t11.flac
phish2013-07-13set 1t01.flac:cc6222d9f0081576c2abb7bfda7b7209
phish2013-07-13set 1t02.flac:1e17580512ece83aa35de19f1ec8bc45
phish2013-07-13set 1t03.flac:6afc033156ca5bdd5e7ae36081b6cfc5
phish2013-07-13set 1t04.flac:d54be2b4dd1064fef531d316b5fbc033
phish2013-07-13set 1t05.flac:9ddd2667c7cd71da0ab92f2cd8f12209
phish2013-07-13set 1t06.flac:0022790df541e2991dbe9f94328c3e3d
phish2013-07-13set 1t07.flac:af742685883d7e4784a988136fb23e4c
phish2013-07-13set 1t08.flac:e4517c078050a96c9b3d2e645ed83863
phish2013-07-13set 2t01.flac:19e5a5e9aab7c2e6fc1153346413b86a
phish2013-07-13set 2t02.flac:0d11c07a6552748f1272040c5c29f8b1
phish2013-07-13set 2t03.flac:3ad171d2d889b10d44c29ec78a6e2c72
phish2013-07-13set 2t04.flac:20aa3b93a09b4907a66b858141673593
phish2013-07-13set 2t05.flac:1ef4733d115e9db609b8c04ffc0201c6
phish2013-07-13set 2t06.flac:241027014dd6b14971e268608aec6e7e
phish2013-07-13set 2t07.flac:8d26837b455e308d82bf235fb41a68a7
phish2013-07-13set 2t08.flac:bc45ecdf2860a74d37bb69157a571571
phish2013-07-13set 2t09.flac:b5d318e13cf6cc646fc981f95c5d2186
phish2013-07-13set 2t10.flac:268de652c2675717bf931c090072f326
phish2013-07-13set 2t11.flac:d9451304463260fce9a70525d615f887

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