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Phil Lesh & Friends 07/27/13
GOTV - Seaside Park, Bridgeport, CT
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Entered by Matt Vernon
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Source Summary Source:Audio Technica AT897's>AT8202(-10DB)>Tascam DR100MKII Transfer:SD Card>PC>CD Wave>FLAC Taped and Transfered by M.Laurentus Sr. Official Taper Section 
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Phil Lesh and Friends
Gathering of the Vibes
Bridgeport, CT

Source:Audio Technica AT897's>AT8202(-10DB)>Tascam DR100MKII
Transfer:SD Card>PC>CD Wave>FLAC
Taped and Transfered by M.Laurentus Sr.
Official Taper Section

Set 1
Disc 1

D1T01 Tuning
D1T02 Cumberland Blues
D1T03 China Cat Sunflower >
D1T04 Cold Rain and Snow
D1T05 Bird Song >
D1T06 All Along the Watchtower >
D1T07 I Know You Rider

Set 2
Disc 2

D2T01 Tuning
D2T02 Alligator >
D2T03 New Speedway Boogie >
D2T04 He's Gone >
D2T05 Cryptical Envelopment >
D2T06 Dark Star >
D2T07 The Other One>
D2T08 Dark Star>

Disc 3

D3T01 Stella Blue
D3T02 Not Fade Away
D3T03 Donor Rap
D3T04 Box of Rain

Phil Lesh - Bass, vocals
John Kadlecik - Guitar, vocals
John Medeski - Keyboards
John Scofield - Guitar
Joe Russo - Drums
Bill Evans - Sax for the whole 2nd set

Show Checksums
554830a06af20cb5091b9b308e330724 *D1T01 Tuning.flac
402c172eba43624478b642e41027e829 *D1T02 Cumberland Blues.flac
859db3dfc9ba42c9bdbfcd79914172c0 *D1T03 China Cat Sunflower.flac
6dce17634a9b3c0d266d08f2df14f2bc *D1T04 Cold Rain and Snow.flac
45c53aa589bd9a22b128be6d6ccf953d *D1T05 Birdsong.flac
c25b6fc211e8c83469adb5f1bed908ed *D1T06 All Along the Watchtower.flac
955a65d8a5f7a5d06a270bed7c6c54fb *D1T07 I Know You Rider.flac
e1b3a76140a1336d69a4474c3cb38e60 *D2T01 Tuning.flac
eaff06c2498efcfdc2dfa572bbed9cf9 *D2T02 Alligator.flac
15742faa2ca80190dbca2dd54c066522 *D2T03 New Speedway Boogie.flac
db9a4778b4bfbfbe85992439e6ee0e4b *D2T04 He's Gone.flac
27f7dd2d528b383ff8385b90b3ade165 *D2T05 Cryptical Envelopement.flac
33a3e3e86159382dbfa835e8744e7592 *D2T06 Darkstar V1.flac
649cbad59de15698c7964e0a46ef5336 *D2T07 The Other One.flac
dc93af810f2c9435888637b2ab003295 *D2T08 Darkstar V2.flac
2880dd80c0ca112e5ece9cccfe458af9 *D3T01 Stella Blue.flac
88cda03cfb895dc48eb1402b9af7de38 *D3T02 Not Fade Away.flac
50b4df7f5af2d022c22b6093ab592e0d *D3T03 Donor Rap.flac
3c27341164c887c5c3c44abe049020c3 *D3T04 Box of Rain.flac
D1T01 Tuning.flac:b966e7a1e119c5fdbd8a4805964e4ea9
D1T02 Cumberland Blues.flac:cb4a7f967131a3a04cc8852cc3ed4863
D1T03 China Cat Sunflower.flac:565d6a8b63e167cec27b1570394e2650
D1T04 Cold Rain and Snow.flac:7c08d4bc5efb88ae8360596e1af6c751
D1T05 Birdsong.flac:8ecbd4594dcfa9b930e1b2ca6edb8608
D1T06 All Along the Watchtower.flac:12f2f0ca41756af12e217684e6f3ebd6
D1T07 I Know You Rider.flac:ac64896bcf2e0818d7f6f25a1846e8fb
D2T01 Tuning.flac:880ad6938ea1c146e422ef2f925f520c
D2T02 Alligator.flac:5bb4a31d493f33513d5b28bd206a63ef
D2T03 New Speedway Boogie.flac:1fef2fdb37668af2eb4c989a6a81691e
D2T04 He's Gone.flac:a0d1e1ed198d731ba1c6e76ada86cc3d
D2T05 Cryptical Envelopement.flac:fdbceb8c954dfab9cd90faf1ccd3919f
D2T06 Darkstar V1.flac:b91833d13d1ecdb42677c1d20f3b1fab
D2T07 The Other One.flac:b76697e2520ca8bdd527ed87e6176b51
D2T08 Darkstar V2.flac:f6f4702e419f171f282f9a7d23e8bd12
D3T01 Stella Blue.flac:91ca4998c70e858cef7b6a587ad3c99b
D3T02 Not Fade Away.flac:98e9335d2426e07e89a8e3572ab4bccd
D3T03 Donor Rap.flac:8fd994a59857785781798b88a7f8826f
D3T04 Box of Rain.flac:4beae5b739b50c3bca295be7857e9ff1

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