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Phil Lesh & Friends 07/26/13
Seaside Park- GOTV, Bridgeport, CT
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Entered by Matt Vernon
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Source Summary Source:Audio Technica AT897's>AT8202(-10DB)>Tascam DR100MKII Transfer:SD Card>PC>CD Wave>FLAC Taped and Transfered by M.Laurentus Sr., M.Laurentus Jr. Official Taper Section 
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Phil Lesh and Friends
Gathering of the Vibes
Bridgeport, CT

Source:Audio Technica AT897's>AT8202(-10DB)>Tascam DR100MKII
Transfer:SD Card>PC>CD Wave>FLAC
Taped and Transfered by M.Laurentus Sr., M.Laurentus Jr.
Official Taper Section

Set 1
Disc 1

D1T01 Tuning
D1T02 Scarlet Begonias
D1T03 Just Like Tom Thumbs Blues
D1T04 Crazy Fingers
D1T05 Friend of the Devil
D1T06 Deal
D1T07 Uncle John's Band

Set 2
Disc 2

D2T01 Tuning
D2T02 The Golden Road To Unlimited Devotion >
D2T03 Viola Lee Blues >
D2T04 Saint Stephen >
D2T05 Unbroken Chain >

Disc 3

D3T01 Shakedown Street >
D3T02 Standing on the Moon >
D3T03 Goin' Down The Road Feelin' Bad
D3T04 Donor Rap
D3T05 Box of Rain

Phil Lesh - Bass, vocals
John Kadlecik - Guitar, vocals
John Medeski - Keyboards
John Scofield - Guitar
Joe Russo - Drums

Show Checksums
589a4b23ea0b00e1e4b8e6d895ee2ae7 *D1T01 Tuning.flac
34d84a5ebbcdf7fe3853459f150e9adf *D1T02 Scarlet Begonias.flac
3a5f251e64a158ed404794073208fa0f *D1T03 Just Like Tom Thumbs Blues.flac
63ad2247a4000b47286e153552106824 *D1T04 Crazy Fingers.flac
9c555e7ec223140d959fb31e424cf475 *D1T05 Friend of the Devil.flac
4c5e5ddf5e148470a0b8f0edc05e7e29 *D1T06 Deal.flac
664e9adb8f732629cc102fac4f25c12f *D1T07 Uncle John's Band.flac
8a131286b7992144d3d4665b9f4b248a *D2T01 Tuning.flac
72c98d481dcfaed96883970401531e8b *D2T02 The Golden Road To Unlimited Devotion.flac
619dd06a444753b00ca7eca0c9935437 *D2T03 Viola Lee Blues.flac
d443c9d18f50e1a1c1c1d9e68e0574eb *D2T04 Saint Stephen.flac
b44c4fd5d0a30e5626c8d55044e57f26 *D2T05 Unbroken Chain.flac
429eada58b76aa024dd83507124fa1cc *D3T01 Shakedown Street.flac
fcca423bc55eb9a19232af1c04cf3edf *D3T02 Standing on the Moon.flac
ec5b3911eb35400eb0bec24ead395f27 *D3T03 Goin' Down the Road Feelin' Bad.flac
7e4297b005268329a7cb8a4daaea79a2 *D3T04 Donor Rap.flac
8a59278f53c6645ac351654287b3377b *D3T05 Ripple.flac
D1T01 Tuning.flac:1a033c977993cd44d181e8eaee48e9ca
D1T02 Scarlet Begonias.flac:5cd0fa8be77745a80ee80d008c857375
D1T03 Just Like Tom Thumbs Blues.flac:9a3594f61792db3cbe3b275e4722b541
D1T04 Crazy Fingers.flac:c81bee6cea4c98ecd8338bdd31ffa2ca
D1T05 Friend of the Devil.flac:66d10b8c9600086bc9c22cdbfdb8a77a
D1T06 Deal.flac:efbaf84b0854ee3b80f434c57a5ae71e
D1T07 Uncle John's Band.flac:02258dcf90fe59c72492a6381af9a435
D2T01 Tuning.flac:ca085bae8c2b72c8b9d91820d4c5b2f6
D2T02 The Golden Road To Unlimited Devotion.flac:7de2fc7aa523b67b9bc2bc8671dd21b4
D2T03 Viola Lee Blues.flac:05a7f2252c0b7d73e2453bf415bf26ff
D2T04 Saint Stephen.flac:ff8831d6d8e91abcad2c03a85f27b2ed
D2T05 Unbroken Chain.flac:ce6ff94db07d154f24ef6e8941407bab
D3T01 Shakedown Street.flac:de899b3701def8c2c93ee5521012bb82
D3T02 Standing on the Moon.flac:3049ed114d3d39b2d14c11c1e8fc10d3
D3T03 Goin' Down the Road Feelin' Bad.flac:8fb8aa813f41cdadaa6d4b1091722f41
D3T04 Donor Rap.flac:7e0250b8441e88fc2b3ac3052e89d5f6
D3T05 Ripple.flac:3a0514225d040824b7a893953e8c8a42

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