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Grateful Dead 09/13/81
Greek Theatre, U. Of California, Berkeley, CA
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Entered by Matt Vernon
Checksums flac-md5 , ffp
Disc Counts 0 / 0
Media Size Compressed: 3.91 GB (4194304000 bytes)
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Source Summary flac24; Recorded, Transferred and Mastered by N. Hoey (tagged version); 2 Nakamichi CM 300's > Sony TC D-5m (Dolby B) (tracks 01-11 TDK SA-X C 90 ~ tracks 14-26 Maxell UDXL IIS C 90)(FOB center); Nakamichi Dragon (Dolby B decoded) > A/D Apogee Mini Me (firewire)(96/24) > (Peak 7 OS X editing) > xACT (flac-tagging) 
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Grateful Dead Hearst Greek Theater Berkeley CA 1981-09-13

Recorded, Transferred and Mastered by N. Hoey (tagged version)
2 Nakamichi CM 300's > Sony TC D-5m (Dolby B) (tracks 01-11 TDK SA-X C 90 ~ tracks 14-26 Maxell UDXL IIS C 90) (FOB center)
Nakamichi Dragon (Dolby B decoded) > A/D Apogee Mini Me (firewire) (96/24) > (Peak 7 OS X editing) > xACT (flac-tagging)

Set 1:

01. Jack Straw ->
02. Bertha
03. Me And My Uncle ->
04. Big River
05. To Lay Me Down ->
06. Little Red Rooster
07. Loser
08. Passenger
09. Ramble On Rose ->
10. Let It Grow ->
11. Might As Well

Set 2:

12. Cold Rain And Snow ->
13. Samson And Delilah
14. It Must Have Been The Roses
15. Lost Sailor ->
16. Saint Of Circumstance ->
17. Terrapin Station ->
18. Never Trust A Woman ->
19. Drums ->
20. Space ->
21. The Wheel ->
22. I Need A Miracle ->
23. Goin' Down The Road Feeling Bad -
24. Sugar Magnolia *

25. (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction * ->
26. Brokedown Palace *

A straight transfer (of my master, not the patches), no DSP at all. minimal editing consisting of cross fades at pause breaks, insertion of patches, a few small level adjustments.

* These tracks sourced from a 1st gen. copy I made for a friend. The master tape has been missing for many years, a major reason for this not being circulated before. I kept hoping it would turn up. However, the well preserved copy is practically indistinguishable.

Patches were sourced from shnid 105585 and shnid 95425. Slight eq and pitch adjustments were made to improve sound character matching.

This source is marred by occasional wind flutter, mostly during the first set.

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5135198ff8b951c6c08db07d4a07f465 *gd1981-09-13 01.flac
42c47b4dab670af15d662a7f83e3e421 *gd1981-09-13 02.flac
76ce3ae9e3970aa0ee73a5427625315d *gd1981-09-13 03.flac
6a11bd82237b0c1f8073cdb814f24af2 *gd1981-09-13 04.flac
8badd2996195e3802f6c098840a69f96 *gd1981-09-13 05.flac
ff7a77f31cd1e125e5a0582f286b53b2 *gd1981-09-13 06.flac
5dabe89e922caa51f5cbcff5ae1c806b *gd1981-09-13 07.flac
1378065151775f0dd59023921124ef35 *gd1981-09-13 08.flac
c077b09003e7cac0269e54422d8215dc *gd1981-09-13 09.flac
7c0230ac9dd904258a3f90703888b9f2 *gd1981-09-13 10.flac
613bbfd08fcdabe51f97788286122fba *gd1981-09-13 11.flac
70a7c286cb589748799103d9678c11b6 *gd1981-09-13 12.flac
ad0b2725884324c6a49bb8a41e65f926 *gd1981-09-13 13.flac
641c35221f0056f30d084af0c5eb48cb *gd1981-09-13 14.flac
be8d5ebdd4589a1f0c82f7b46f61bb59 *gd1981-09-13 15.flac
41c306562f63afa387c3ff67b3b848b2 *gd1981-09-13 16.flac
07261ec381b2d4f20deda3a85f23568d *gd1981-09-13 17.flac
add023ed08e261e0789cff11c0155a0f *gd1981-09-13 18.flac
6017b9505c12b7167695a7d9d110971b *gd1981-09-13 19.flac
f954d3d4c7403245b0cd99e60fa8dbdd *gd1981-09-13 20.flac
1c7901c3878c6b74a0600dc16b8b251d *gd1981-09-13 21.flac
de5f22d9ee86709a74c50586f5a1a396 *gd1981-09-13 22.flac
84406319ba88a639f3b3635489507332 *gd1981-09-13 23.flac
58adbb4bd368f1c39efb4f46cdafb3c0 *gd1981-09-13 24.flac
4fa9f4f59ac08c5f8158113bdfde6a88 *gd1981-09-13 25.flac
9d3bd36c8b8cd2e9fbe20430e7799b3e *gd1981-09-13 26.flac
gd1981-09-13 01.flac:5df7ff412e75d117ba9d6a819ae98e48
gd1981-09-13 02.flac:040341f97e4837a0e4a9137a09a5d0e4
gd1981-09-13 03.flac:b14347abc96e0a2b6785af704cd11f32
gd1981-09-13 04.flac:6d97a66f9f2553a600edc38379c9aede
gd1981-09-13 05.flac:cb48ab1a18e421d20b13393ffa1efa83
gd1981-09-13 06.flac:633c36316b32e490043b3bae82a4e68d
gd1981-09-13 07.flac:9414d962d4cfd810ad7f0f9aca13f173
gd1981-09-13 08.flac:dbff8b604f3118575b4f91bd8340cb3e
gd1981-09-13 09.flac:a658c31e72b53fa18fa85cedfd0971a4
gd1981-09-13 10.flac:fd541ddd60f6fac7cda9719a3afc0952
gd1981-09-13 11.flac:399692d98242114272dd8ec7a0996cee
gd1981-09-13 12.flac:5fb5279c4bda3acad90db818594b3310
gd1981-09-13 13.flac:05636168c57847f5126aa55c60279e5d
gd1981-09-13 14.flac:722090d10035d2587e545ebecd5e8e98
gd1981-09-13 15.flac:3bb1874bce5d9d36359a90a89aa6f4d4
gd1981-09-13 16.flac:b7feff635a9fcbcaf46a42a9904057a1
gd1981-09-13 17.flac:f6e368117b257965b139c8ed0630591c
gd1981-09-13 18.flac:2e1be369fd34617d56983155c3f0708d
gd1981-09-13 19.flac:867a7552def4b51e5ff0eb05c5557e56
gd1981-09-13 20.flac:c507a93bd32e4c2019bbb36dea95e135
gd1981-09-13 21.flac:887a4c523d09d4d3db716eddc3e812cd
gd1981-09-13 22.flac:e81322f41288971492a9125b195cdad5
gd1981-09-13 23.flac:cb9557135cd2ce61466bef9b92e2ab2a
gd1981-09-13 24.flac:c95d409d4cc3f0132f8a44d1e67b84b7
gd1981-09-13 25.flac:732661cbab325f3b3af5d5bc761fa7ff
gd1981-09-13 26.flac:b939fa6c2b5bc5000ceaad86bf002862

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