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Phish 04/23/93
Reed Athletic Center, Colgate U., Hamilton, NY
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Entered by Jason Sobel
Checksums FFP , FLAC-md5
Disc Counts 0 / 0
Media Size Compressed: 828.89 MB (869149742 bytes)
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Source Summary flac16; SBD > cass/3; Nakamichi Dragon > Korg MR1000 @ 24/96 > iZotope SRC > iZotope MBIT+ Dither > Adobe Audition 3.0 > Trader's Little Helper; Transferred by ifthir 
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April 23rd, 1993
Cotterel Court, Colgate University
Hamilton, NY

-Source is on two Maxell XLII-S Analog Cassettes, likely SBD/3
-Analog source in Colgate University (SBD/2) library provided by Shelly Culbertson
-A>D via Nakamichi Dragon > Korg MR1000 @ 24/96
-96khz > 44khz sample rate conversion via iZotope SRC 64 bit SRC
-24bit > 16bit bit depth conversion via iZotope MBIT+ Dither
-Tracking performed in Adobe Audition 3.0
-FLAC conversion via Trader's Little Helper
-Thanks to Michael Lavoie and Michael Hamad for the source tapes

All transfers by [email protected] (10.6.2013)

Soundcheck believed to be

0. Buffalo Bill, Horn, Funky Bitch

Set 1

1. Runaway Jim [7:46]
2. Weigh > [4:49]
3. Sparkle [3:36]
4. Split Open and Melt [9:11]
5. Fluffhead [13:54]
6. My Friend, My Friend > [6:37]
7. Divided Sky [12:26]
8. Guelah Papyrus [5:19]
9. Dedication [0:52]
10. Lawn Boy [2:35]
11. Chalkdust Torture [6:37]

Set 2

1. Golgi Apparatus [4:38]
2. Maze [9:19]
3. Curtis Loew [4:49]
4. It's Ice > [7:55]
5. Paul and Silas [2:57]
6. Big Ball Jam [2:25]
7. Mike's Song [8:41]
8. I Am Hydrogen [2:47]
9. Weekapaug Groove [11:17]
10. Hold Your Head Up [2:47]
11. Lengthwise [4:06]
12. Hold Your Head Up [1:23]
13. The Squirming Coil [9:58]
14. Highway to Hell [5:57]


15. Fire [4:23]

Known Flaws:

Tape flip after My Friend, My Friend
Chalkdust is from a different source with the same lineage due to an issue on the first set of tapes.
Drop out in Curtis Loew, possibly a tape flip or turn on the master as this was on both sources.
Tape flip in Weekapaug see if you can hear it.

Show notes:

Ending of Fluffhead and beginning of My Friend, My Friend had Trey on acoustic guitar
Mimi Fishman on vacuum for Lengthwise
Baby Elephant Walk tease in My Friend, My Friend

Source Notes:

(M. Lavoie)
I was one of the student producers for the show along with Rich Simon (see Relix contributing editor).  So were in touch with Dionysian to arrange the show. He did the heavy lifting with the administration, and I got to do more of the fun stuff.

I stayed in touch with Shelly about getting a tape for posterity for Colgate -- I was always bummed they didn't have a good recording of the Dead from 11/4/77. She accommodated me...  The tapes came from Dionysian to me, I ran a few copies, then gave them to the library. It's my opinion that the only reason they sent them was because I always said they'd go to Colgate. So the original analog masters should still be there.

Show Checksums
ph1993-04-23d1t01 - Runaway Jim.flac:95ef36b9a51497d361452d224e7cd3b0
ph1993-04-23d1t02 - Weigh.flac:1cff99c9a7f94f19e9e86882a54662b4
ph1993-04-23d1t03 - Sparkle.flac:533e63811817936e2721d9cf38701a65
ph1993-04-23d1t04 - Split Open and Melt.flac:4afd2aea305103735d39af443b5fe9cb
ph1993-04-23d1t05 - Fluffhead.flac:f637acb9d6d0d7c5db4ec32f6708a371
ph1993-04-23d1t06 - My Friend, My Friend.flac:d53fbc81821ac6529a48be3489e49eaa
ph1993-04-23d1t07 - Divided Sky.flac:27a844f1d7a7dee9a745801337ed3a9a
ph1993-04-23d1t08 - Guelah Papyrus.flac:5adc64472e1ee45f5006eb8d4edaf09a
ph1993-04-23d1t09 - Dedication.flac:d164f572fd9c5954bd7221a3ec37854d
ph1993-04-23d1t10 - Lawn Boy.flac:b04e7822d4f9bbc5aeefb05c387d75f1
ph1993-04-23d1t11 - Chalkdust Torture.flac:1460a199167c141380438334ff9821ba
ph1993-04-23d2t01 - Golgi Apparatus.flac:1b90317e912b7d4106385665eaf946fd
ph1993-04-23d2t02 - Maze.flac:b566b46eb9789f00740fc940f4a8e0e6
ph1993-04-23d2t03 - Curtis Loew.flac:ce5043e03bc6fb5fc978eb7e77446332
ph1993-04-23d2t04 - It's Ice.flac:9d11bcf171f485e902fa522a05a39cd3
ph1993-04-23d2t05 - Paul and Silas.flac:4a3452de7a43217482ca87c864f24d20
ph1993-04-23d2t06 - Big Ball Jam.flac:62d0e1491a2917fca6491694bda28f88
ph1993-04-23d2t07 - Mike's Song.flac:c63e3a76a731f0af0022436acb438e08
ph1993-04-23d2t08 - I Am Hydrogen.flac:718f046063260f40b688c0378c27263d
ph1993-04-23d2t09 - Weekapaug Groove.flac:66046055a34d3a3a23898c3ade4ffb0a
ph1993-04-23d2t10 - Hold Your Head Up.flac:97884443267292d96c9f3027a0696cda
ph1993-04-23d2t11 - Lengthwise.flac:8bddf4b88ce2f340d5f0a74dfa112d87
ph1993-04-23d2t12 - Hold Your Head Up.flac:aa873e5ebc1128c5f5d7c9672992a89e
ph1993-04-23d2t13 - The Squirming Coil.flac:4d0ff126a021de44f777e68f2dd62ffe
ph1993-04-23d2t14 - Highway To Hell.flac:c0af520bc9a05f0233a36599693c9333
ph1993-04-23d2t15 - Fire.flac:c8e2eabbe1d2fd6124c200268bd78858
ae373cc6fdb7c6d685888d20a7b21598 *ph1993-04-23d1t01 - Runaway Jim.flac
1aa61989c9f560af57dee17d39561a7a *ph1993-04-23d1t02 - Weigh.flac
ce43dddc4ff70f1394f7690b5a20ca91 *ph1993-04-23d1t03 - Sparkle.flac
4398dc48d96922eb5c90032a133a03f6 *ph1993-04-23d1t04 - Split Open and Melt.flac
2ec634f83011a19854116da64ad72974 *ph1993-04-23d1t05 - Fluffhead.flac
b451893541f83bcc03a09ae50c80197e *ph1993-04-23d1t06 - My Friend, My Friend.flac
d0e1b457a6262db50d16cb7e85198f6b *ph1993-04-23d1t07 - Divided Sky.flac
913875a48fd2edc79fbf58ccecf66336 *ph1993-04-23d1t08 - Guelah Papyrus.flac
0f2bbd1d3ed6c032674954c77678d3df *ph1993-04-23d1t09 - Dedication.flac
7ee6156488d233b87a427be66bd188a8 *ph1993-04-23d1t10 - Lawn Boy.flac
c8393be1c5e625f39158820b46c391c6 *ph1993-04-23d1t11 - Chalkdust Torture.flac
d3fc1597d998562a94e3fb6ba43a05ce *ph1993-04-23d2t01 - Golgi Apparatus.flac
9790cb0b5af40cfb26487752f58c573f *ph1993-04-23d2t02 - Maze.flac
dcb58d9c31d509e659a870ec1d3bd31c *ph1993-04-23d2t03 - Curtis Loew.flac
0a2b7730f546d3a3e2d37c75d63d59fc *ph1993-04-23d2t04 - It's Ice.flac
3520d213e9da091dd17aa677dc359659 *ph1993-04-23d2t05 - Paul and Silas.flac
5de7f6a426027ccf3e55c051743fd64f *ph1993-04-23d2t06 - Big Ball Jam.flac
f71b97affab17eefa555bb6c1f4be3e1 *ph1993-04-23d2t07 - Mike's Song.flac
e69be270066694cb0fd377ad3f2d6cea *ph1993-04-23d2t08 - I Am Hydrogen.flac
42a48abf1833ec7b5ab72a606b48f4f4 *ph1993-04-23d2t09 - Weekapaug Groove.flac
df217009edc5be1ad5ca5db0338e2b67 *ph1993-04-23d2t10 - Hold Your Head Up.flac
534931a29d5eee065cab31b4caf7ef06 *ph1993-04-23d2t11 - Lengthwise.flac
13fe89c9ff8bc6c9f2ae7f04ada76d8e *ph1993-04-23d2t12 - Hold Your Head Up.flac
b0543335b3843e2fd0fb59f963f4ae5f *ph1993-04-23d2t13 - The Squirming Coil.flac
3e787d969d65e575dd8ee348ed853d12 *ph1993-04-23d2t14 - Highway To Hell.flac
ffe6cb6412eefe0b08ef97de7ce9fa69 *ph1993-04-23d2t15 - Fire.flac

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