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Medeski Martin & Wood 05/07/00
Cajun Queen Riverboat, New Orleans, LA
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Entered by duggy
Checksums d1shn-md5 , d2shn-md5
Disc Counts 1 / 2
Media Size
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Source Summary shn; front row Neumann KM-140's > Lunatec V2 > Apogee AD-1000 > ? > SHN > shntool fix (all tracks misaligned) > SHN (seeking); shntool fix of previous shn set by John Cook 
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Medeski, Martin, and Wood
May 7, 2000
Cajun Queen Riverboat
New Orleans LA

Taper:     Burris T. Ewell
Source:    Neumann KM-140's > Lunatec V2 > Apogee AD-1000
Location:  Front Row

SHN alignment fixes by John Cook [email protected] (details below)
SHN > shntool fix (all tracks misaligned) > SHN (seeking)

Disc 1 (45:05)
Set 1:
1. Acht O'Clock Rock (09:03)
2. Your Lady > Open Improv [@9:13] > (11:24)
3. Seven Deadlies (13:34)
4. Brigas Nunca Mais > (04:40)
5. Hey Joe (06:24)

Disc 2 (65:30)
Set 2:
1. Nostalgia in Times Square/
Angel Race (I'll Wait For You)/Syeeda's Song Flute > (08:40)
2. Hermeto's Daydream > (10:27)
3. Golden Lady > (07:02)
4. Toy Dancing > (08:38)
5. Note Bleu > (05:19)
6. Swamp Road > (05:04)
7. Mercy Mercy Mercy* > (08:28)
8. Blue Pepper* (07:51)

9. Olde Wyne (04:01)

* w/ Skerik


SHN Realignment Details

Since disc 1 ends in silence, I realigned each disc
separately as follows (using shorten 4.3, which appends
seek files by default):

shntool fix -s b -o shn *d1*.shn
shntool fix -s b -o shn *d2*.shn

I then generated a new md5 checksum file for each disc.

md5sum *d1*.shn > mmw2000-05-07d1-fixed.md5
md5sum *d2*.shn > mmw2000-05-07d2-fixed.md5

I also renamed the files (purely cosmetic).

I provide these instructions in case you have the original
seed and want to fix yours to match the new md5s.

Original md5 checksums for reference:

8228a20d23c02a5ca4678b26086cd8a5 *mmw20000507d1t1.shn
b7c26a000c10c34ed447f40c650f21ab *mmw20000507d1t2.shn
0e1f8a6111c891f260c4e4027fbfe1b3 *mmw20000507d1t3.shn
39f2b060e18d318362f43764cfa23769 *mmw20000507d1t4.shn
6b4d81811efe5921b15393cc6a8d2eae *mmw20000507d1t5.shn

278aaa89419223621d6dd8437423b9b7 *mmw20000507d2t1.shn
71e576e5ddeb425262eca429e819fe0d *mmw20000507d2t2.shn
dbfeb16238b49e68aa360427809dd8a0 *mmw20000507d2t3.shn
d6094f46911219f8986af3574c60b112 *mmw20000507d2t4.shn
9b2774f1bb88d9185d3670165a2d976d *mmw20000507d2t5.shn
d5db71762201510331e2878898eceb99 *mmw20000507d2t6.shn
0daa1b7b67c7efd75baf45081b7df6bd *mmw20000507d2t7.shn
3dc184c6f4885c7514f04b74fef46edb *mmw20000507d2t8.shn
77ed30e8ae2b19d7c824dcef6117ae25 *mmw20000507d2t9.shn
Show Checksums
32f38653a715c5d7c47b27d8d0bb60a6 *mmw2000-05-07d1t1-fixed.shn
296837c75690f1ab7994d513520d3d4c *mmw2000-05-07d1t2-fixed.shn
f283423d7b50bae880e17e3ba0de8cfd *mmw2000-05-07d1t3-fixed.shn
e01d88968ee84e81c0035de54e24679e *mmw2000-05-07d1t4-fixed.shn
4e1fd3490409dc20e22dd68bb9dee4fe *mmw2000-05-07d1t5-fixed.shn
fa0638eb28b831b9d3285ca0d8e7de06 *mmw2000-05-07d2t1-fixed.shn
d145434b3fa98524ebece07542eb1163 *mmw2000-05-07d2t2-fixed.shn
c969cd32ee806278ed9460e32491e3a8 *mmw2000-05-07d2t3-fixed.shn
d83441195bda23b11189a152aa4616cd *mmw2000-05-07d2t4-fixed.shn
779aeb38543dc1c2970ffdd17f9390fe *mmw2000-05-07d2t5-fixed.shn
04c1ca6725618285c26460c2400d76ba *mmw2000-05-07d2t6-fixed.shn
0f9edb3e877e99af9a25b9183fa98010 *mmw2000-05-07d2t7-fixed.shn
eb49dea697d952f455d9606b3a3eafa0 *mmw2000-05-07d2t8-fixed.shn
f80c124373a4113c1a9e95b2f83a5d02 *mmw2000-05-07d2t9-fixed.shn

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Other Sources (comments)
shn; front row... (4) flac16; front row... (1)
Date User Comment
09/24/2005 duggy Skerik does NOT play on the encore...I've updated the setlist above to reflect this. I've also added some segue markers to the setlist.
01/11/2010 duggy Minor maintenance to setlist (updates, segues, typos, etc.)

Added Burris' name as the taper which had been listed as "unknown".