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Grateful Dead 07/20/94
Deer Creek Music Center, Noblesville, IN
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Entered by dr.unclear
Checksums st5 , shn-md5
Disc Counts 2 / 2
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Source Summary SBD> DAT> WAV> CDR> WAV> SHN; via darkstar13311  
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Grateful Dead
Deer Creek Amphitheatre
Noblesville  IN

Disc 1

1.  Feel Like a Stranger
2.  Peggy - O
4.  High Time
5.  Memphis Blues
6.  Childhood's End
7.  Don't Ease Me In
8.  Box of Rain
9.  Samba in the Rain
10. Looks Like Rain

Disc 2

1.  Here Comes Sunshine
2.  Corrina
3.  Mathilda
4.  Drums
5.  Space
6.  Uncle John's Band
7.  I Need a Miracle
8.  Morning Dew
9.  E:  Johnny B. Goode

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5b4ae8000aef6188b235b72cab8aad72 [shntool] gd94-07-20d01t01.shn
e491a6b8ae1cea0bd7b43647bb7012a0 [shntool] gd94-07-20d01t02.shn
2c7d89f335534ab362f2dd38419cc839 [shntool] gd94-07-20d01t03.shn
54a1b195bca63f787362ddd567cc7628 [shntool] gd94-07-20d01t04.shn
0c60aeb235d4892d547a8bdb0021c5a1 [shntool] gd94-07-20d01t05.shn
652835f1c732349f53b4f2a60ad148ae [shntool] gd94-07-20d01t06.shn
d9805a5a3967dfeb4594e8e74a761459 [shntool] gd94-07-20d01t07.shn
3f08d86d8d41f644a420fd370f5957ad [shntool] gd94-07-20d01t08.shn
c387708201f6efe47d1aad3e4248a9cf [shntool] gd94-07-20d01t09.shn
9c57e8171949b1272db1ecef594813fd [shntool] gd94-07-20d01t10.shn
0b401a4afcdb58c5dd829111d30e85e3 [shntool] gd94-07-20d02t01.shn
6480651d3ab3186484ce315cbfc1e7de [shntool] gd94-07-20d02t02.shn
c48246504902887c471a4f447e48eae3 [shntool] gd94-07-20d02t03.shn
9993699a69c3c7a9fef587704d296c89 [shntool] gd94-07-20d02t04.shn
fe2b8b014112567aeddef9244eb2a362 [shntool] gd94-07-20d02t05.shn
b6833285450a29f29ea547de12f60e6a [shntool] gd94-07-20d02t06.shn
d4cacf7576a03a1324147f2f3b80ef44 [shntool] gd94-07-20d02t07.shn
a47b3eca66e9916ca045af47f2223e3e [shntool] gd94-07-20d02t08.shn
aa60b4a742f5b48dd27be098ada611a5 [shntool] gd94-07-20d02t09.shn
d3885cdbce60b77b10766c60511606e3 *gd94-07-20d02t01.shn
58268027e0faf8522c769cfbfc445619 *gd94-07-20d02t02.shn
f0b6cf47b0b6650b3451d9c8e5b8cab1 *gd94-07-20d02t03.shn
0db50524fb82ddef09496eac41f0b767 *gd94-07-20d02t04.shn
f4f3b53bdf0dceef1a2d9b52a20db870 *gd94-07-20d02t05.shn
1044d2e514e1d37c9c6fde4472086952 *gd94-07-20d02t06.shn
17ee6222399929731c22aca56fd66dea *gd94-07-20d02t07.shn
570bff201e899ce7a97276d3f2715574 *gd94-07-20d02t08.shn
534a8b2b61806b3b035816ea5e825f5a *gd94-07-20d02t09.shn
d156bf73363180f9c70ebbfb0db430a5 *gd94-07-20d01t01.shn
9100e671ac00aff54aeff0ea08ade6a8 *gd94-07-20d01t02.shn
2b2dd75593a48f35a4190e0fadf0b2e5 *gd94-07-20d01t03.shn
2d942a99948334656facd9c64c9f0148 *gd94-07-20d01t04.shn
740227c18a0e8ed7ea89447414c02d88 *gd94-07-20d01t05.shn
9d73c45332298067fb4e3dd801c5502e *gd94-07-20d01t06.shn
123b9901db128eb68e04b1d66fc92d30 *gd94-07-20d01t07.shn
76a652c5f25b0acd75f1fd2c05407b7d *gd94-07-20d01t08.shn
20a5e08a7ea90d514691ffc4a7be616c *gd94-07-20d01t09.shn
fa4c341499ff15244db7a5c01b04e358 *gd94-07-20d01t10.shn

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Other Sources (comments)
Source: A: Audio Technica... (1) flac16; Schoeps... (0) flac16; Taper: Greg... (0) flac16; Source:... (0) flac16/44.1 Source... (0) flac16/48kHz; taper... (1)
Date User Comment
01/05/2004 Ryan Sector Boundary Error on Disc 2 - Track 1
Or at least I think it is...when I play the cd it pops right before the start of track one. From what I have gathered, this is a sign of a Sector Boundary Error.
01/05/2004 Martin M. Pedersen No, that can't be a sector boundary problem. They can't
occur in the start of a disc.
01/17/2004 uh_clem shntool confirms that there are no sector boundary errors on this source
01/20/2004 Ryan So what does it mean if disc two pops at the start up of track one? Can anyone else confirm this pop?
01/20/2004 Charles There are digi-errors at 0:00.03 of d02t01, which can be viewed with any WAV editor or viewer; since this is the beginning of the set before any music, the easiest fix is to cut the first 3 sectors (1764 samples).
There is also a 0.45 sec dropout at 6:08 of LLR (d01t10); I don't know if it exists in the other DSBD.