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Phish 10/27/13
XL Center, Hartford, CT
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Source # 126000 Other Sources
Entered by Jason Sobel
Checksums 16bit-FFP
Disc Counts 0 / 0
Media Size Compressed: 462.3 MB (484757267 bytes)
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Source Summary flac16; Telefunken M62(Hyper) > Sound Devices MP-2 > Edirol R-44(24/48); SDHC > WaveLab6 > CD Wave 1.71 > FLAC; Taped & Transferred by Keith 
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27 October 2013
XL Center (Hartford Civic Center)
Hartford, CT

Taper: Keith
Source:Telefunken M62(Hyper)>>Sound Devices MP-2>Edirol R-44(24/48)
Location: OTS DFC 10' Stand
Conversion: SDHC>WaveLab6>CDWave 1.71

Set I:
1. Intro
2. Rock & Roll
3. Ocelot
4. Tube
5. Halfway To The Moon
6. Fee
7. Maze
8. Lawn Boy
9. Nellie Kane
11.A Song I Heard The Ocean Sing
12.Walls Of The Cave

Set II:
1. Intro
2. Chalk Dust Torture
3. Tweezer>
4. Birds Of Feather
5. Golden Age
6. Halleys Comet>
7. 2001
8. Fluffhead
9. Slave To The Traffic Light
10. Encore Crowd
11.Loving Cup>
12.Tweezer Reprise

Show Checksums
6ba5180b301450dee2cb3c1d41146de1 *ph2013.10.27.m62.set01t01.flac
1be7276e748ea418c4d53a3fd042f040 *ph2013.10.27.m62.set01t02.flac
56a174d807f4a6e70fac00a215976cbb *ph2013.10.27.m62.set01t03.flac
e507b341adddb8e6ca61177986d613da *ph2013.10.27.m62.set01t04.flac
3613998f145ab6dbd879f71ddef3895e *ph2013.10.27.m62.set01t05.flac
ca3a659cdf5a705ce8e7e32024545300 *ph2013.10.27.m62.set01t06.flac
0240624f53edbb5f9eaabc941d86a1de *ph2013.10.27.m62.set01t07.flac
3efefdaabd3540a14b16122c04d9e91c *ph2013.10.27.m62.set01t08.flac
5de8b9f67a8e9d69e84ea62461d5a6ae *ph2013.10.27.m62.set01t09.flac
73e10203bad0f9ce03baa7bcc30d0062 *ph2013.10.27.m62.set01t10.flac
1863302f30cf94653a557eae602b011f *ph2013.10.27.m62.set01t11.flac
94bd381da19664548bc06c58c3aa14c4 *ph2013.10.27.m62.set01t12.flac
de3179b428bd3c8f45862286ea967cc0 *ph2013.10.27.m62.set02t01.flac
b60625c6555b7dda9292a0a99f8fe6ab *ph2013.10.27.m62.set02t02.flac
a4d260607c0636fd74ee196ce5b91484 *ph2013.10.27.m62.set02t03.flac
0cc7a2c0efd02b5c899e402553433042 *ph2013.10.27.m62.set02t04.flac
477cbc892db1e7108a8fca2ac4156f91 *ph2013.10.27.m62.set02t05.flac
14ee27ea0096fb4f0bc724c1a16b202e *ph2013.10.27.m62.set02t06.flac
b75f4f344d266fe7e678e4c9a4ae621b *ph2013.10.27.m62.set02t07.flac
c7fe36ccf759e429579b52dbdbd74b86 *ph2013.10.27.m62.set02t08.flac
96cb5f1aa94a5764371c6bb104418de8 *ph2013.10.27.m62.set02t09.flac
11c8d6451037a89e85b467a2aebf5cfe *ph2013.10.27.m62.set02t10.flac
bd6b1a539e914b54bcd520b6cad1d670 *ph2013.10.27.m62.set02t11.flac
87688b3db5e44b45765442c58dacac25 *ph2013.10.27.m62.set02t12.flac

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Date User Comment
04/09/2017 mvernon I don't know if these source was ever circulated. No one is linked. The sequence of bt.etree torrent id's has a gap where this source would have been if the shnid's are in sequence which usually happens, i.e. new sources at bt.etree are assigned shnid's in sequence.

Look around this torrent:

Most likely this source had an issue and the torrent was removed by the seeder. Note that the size is only ~462MB suggesting it was in mono or missing about 1/2 the show?? Can only speculate.