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Medeski Martin & Wood 03/19/99
Tonic, New York, NY
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Entered by duggy
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Disc Counts 2 / 2
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Source Summary flac16; Source: AMS ST-250 Blumlein > Sequerra 1070-a > dCS 902D; via Burris Ewell; note parts of this run are released as Tonic- go buy that 
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Medeski Martin & Wood
March 19, 1999
Tonic, New York City, NY

TONIC is a live album released in 2000 by MMW, and taken from performances during this extended run at the club. If you enjoy this free recording than you owe it to yourself AND the band to purchase a copy of the album, TONIC -- it sounds extraordinary! You will not be disappointed.
Details about the album can be found here: -- click on TONIC in the album list

Source: AMS ST-250 "Blumlein" > Sequerra 1070-a > dCS 902D

=== Acoustic Shows ===

Early Show, Disk 1:
01.  [06:22] - Open/Improv >
02.  [05:13] - Improv > Drum Solo [@3:39]
03.  [13:47] - Toy Dancing* >
04.  [11:47] - Piano Solo > Note Bleu (w/Bass'n'Drums > Bass Solo) [@2:04] >
05.  [07:22] - Drum Solo > Bowed Bass Solo (w/Percussion) [@4:04] >
06.  [11:29] - Afrique+
07.  [09:49] - Hip Chops^

Late Show, Disk 2:
01.  [13:30] - Seven Deadlies+ >
02.  [08:01] - Brigas Nunca Mais
03.  [10:54] - Open Improv >
04.  [21:43] - Piano Solo > Rise Up+ [@4:33] > Piano Solo >
05.  [09:25] - Piano Solo cont'd > Hey Joe
06.  [10:00] - Olde Wyne%

* begins at end of previous track
+ 1st known performance (most likely played earlier in this March '99 Tonic run)
^ begins during band intros at end of previous track
% w/ acoustic outro

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bbfb6a2e59ef8f2ccfe734561dfb7feb *mmw19990319d1t1.flac
9496349c39a842d8f1d1c2055e7d5a16 *mmw19990319d1t2.flac
e76a5229e0e2f8c2420738c151d3913e *mmw19990319d1t3.flac
2281d094e2624a37bd7d8db0e8ff4166 *mmw19990319d1t4.flac
0c2e8cbda075f310cfbeb94efcc8cc57 *mmw19990319d1t5.flac
3c61aefdc4536bc64875fb3c6cceeed6 *mmw19990319d1t6.flac
1802dacdaf6f58a56bbc768a307e0ab9 *mmw19990319d1t7.flac
ae95bc8e377fbd8e6688ebde7f163acd *mmw19990319d2t1.flac
39ea2934b2742557b8f13d573479c099 *mmw19990319d2t2.flac
008770ca03eebb72dd5b9b599b4a8573 *mmw19990319d2t3.flac
dec1b5cef1e150ce7f254236da530eb9 *mmw19990319d2t4.flac
a7b65cc59172bef174ba1cc76731d2e0 *mmw19990319d2t5.flac
42a28861f9f0e167f43efdbcd88b6382 *mmw19990319d2t6.flac
422d23bdc8147b4e274ecdb90ce6ab55 [shntool] mmw19990319d1t1.flac
94a7a3a04f57e1d59b10e3b4cfb335d6 [shntool] mmw19990319d1t2.flac
ed14088674c902900c42428aac0b479d [shntool] mmw19990319d1t3.flac
aef99ed22d5002d49b8e2b47ea90de45 [shntool] mmw19990319d1t4.flac
2b67b027819328445ce3905dd16a7053 [shntool] mmw19990319d1t5.flac
8a03ed3d37b0bebdfdcd9959d83cccfd [shntool] mmw19990319d1t6.flac
e1df23c81bf3e685a648531f99369c90 [shntool] mmw19990319d1t7.flac
57cf1b7839271687d7e850b14e0ef9f9 [shntool] mmw19990319d2t1.flac
3877beca2a2b3302fe153815f5148033 [shntool] mmw19990319d2t2.flac
7cf132b5553e907d9b7b5577a6d8baa5 [shntool] mmw19990319d2t3.flac
8065f92aee0708735fbe3e72ef3158f5 [shntool] mmw19990319d2t4.flac
5f85e46cbed663df5b0925339d010625 [shntool] mmw19990319d2t5.flac
5084a432b402dc62769027c70982812e [shntool] mmw19990319d2t6.flac
4cf5896379ef62683125c0f32ff46ec1 *mmw19990319d1t1.flac
cdb9b82d8b0e6279bfad709319c08ac8 *mmw19990319d1t2.flac
b5449ae831e5404a84629a50aa2ac58f *mmw19990319d1t3.flac
f8f879123f5a6413ca32b1f77795b20c *mmw19990319d1t4.flac
20003b18b7a797543d127926e7baa3d9 *mmw19990319d1t5.flac
72f44d4f0e640607c6180c2c3a76043a *mmw19990319d1t6.flac
2cbbd61c16e6e6f577232ebd9679308e *mmw19990319d1t7.flac
3e100a44f8c6eecdb306135bbd7d625c *mmw19990319d2t1.flac
fcfd0c624de0dbd2ab77104036737a05 *mmw19990319d2t2.flac
aba940806f88753750863538c98bdfdb *mmw19990319d2t3.flac
db8bf592c291a96da8698678ca1ee4b6 *mmw19990319d2t4.flac
6c92bead68068ed83180da56ed0cc368 *mmw19990319d2t5.flac
702002d394bec013ad44e6792981acde *mmw19990319d2t6.flac

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flac16; Source:... (2)
Date User Comment
10/21/2002 Hamilton, Diana This is the first FLAC seed to appear in the MMW tables. is down for a while, but there is some background there on FLAC (and Bit Torrent too). For now, do a google search or something.
09/18/2009 duggy Updated setlist.
11/06/2012 duggy Considerable maintenance to setlist (updates, segues, typos, etc.)

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