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North Mississippi Allstars 10/23/13
The 100 Club, London, UK
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Entered by vanark
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Source Summary flac16: SP-CMC-2(AT831)>SP-SPSB-8>Nomad JB3 
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North Mississippi Allstars

2013-10-23 (23 Oct 2013)

The 100 Club, London, UK

Source: SP-CMC-2(AT831)>SP-SPSB-8>Nomad [email protected]
Transfer: JB3>USB>DellHD>Audacity (fade in, copy right to second left, volume boost original tracks +9.0/9.0dB, fade out)>CD Wave>FLAC

Location: DIN, Approx 20ft from stage, centre, on stand at 8.5'

Recorded, transferred, and FLAC'd by Humbug

Disc 1, time: 53:00

1. Intro
2. Shimmy She Wobble >
3. My Babe >
4. Sitting on Top of the World (Mississippi Sheiks)
5. Turn up Satan
6. Shake
7. JR
8. Meet Me in the City (Junior Kimbrough)
9. Rollin' and Tumblin' (Hambone Willie Newbern)
10. Boogie
11. Poor Black Mattie (R.L. Burnside) >
12. Skinny Women (R.L. Burnside)
13. Ho Down
14. Psychedelic Sex Machine
15. Mystery Train
16. Mean Ol' Wind Died Down

Disc 2, time: 48:00

1. Mississippi Boll Weevil (Charley Patton)
2. Shake 'Em on Down (Bukka White)
3. World Boogie
4. Hear My Train a'Comin * > Machine Gun (Hendrix) >
5. Goin' Down South (R.L. Burnside)
6. Snake Drive (R.L. Burnside)
7. Granny, Does Your Dog Bite
8. Goat Meat
9. All Night Long (Junior Kimbrough)
10. ML (Goin' Home)

Reasonable sounding open recording. I'll be uploading this to the archive in a couple days if you prefer to download / listen to it there.

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05fc404f2beb80add2b46efd7c977247 *nmas2013-10-23.ffp
c0be749360fdb1a772116d4cdf083bee *nmas20131023.txt
4558d7d9df3d5a31edea48642def6cab *nmas2013-10-23cmc2d1t01.flac
f1b2dde0ba11e3328ac24f130383dcf3 *nmas2013-10-23cmc2d1t02.flac
375455eec01b74741b75d01eef73f5fd *nmas2013-10-23cmc2d1t03.flac
4d3104fe3eeb1e1145a2dcbb75579675 *nmas2013-10-23cmc2d1t04.flac
543e6c009e2146e64262606549b2ac89 *nmas2013-10-23cmc2d1t05.flac
647ab48e7e95b61bd6507076d4693f0d *nmas2013-10-23cmc2d1t06.flac
657266a8e316b4a44ebfd0189a6c8c39 *nmas2013-10-23cmc2d1t07.flac
981773b42b1565f91aa562858b4c60f4 *nmas2013-10-23cmc2d1t08.flac
6aff84ebba3860d6da847aaf1e9dbcd4 *nmas2013-10-23cmc2d1t09.flac
d2096497fa07e9559b23b952b6064ddb *nmas2013-10-23cmc2d1t10.flac
80ca5f6254eab4bf1bb1c043de3f3a10 *nmas2013-10-23cmc2d1t11.flac
846a833a01b2568c2c0e5884e7379162 *nmas2013-10-23cmc2d1t12.flac
3a74573409f1e12ca7a1c8d11827e990 *nmas2013-10-23cmc2d1t13.flac
41903c1387a65d32da893219f8a126ef *nmas2013-10-23cmc2d1t14.flac
e2ef16635003742684e9d1565bc542fd *nmas2013-10-23cmc2d1t15.flac
bc18f974e7086213d4026f01063a92e5 *nmas2013-10-23cmc2d1t16.flac
76932644fa2ce3e6cd953ba971627455 *nmas2013-10-23cmc2d2t01.flac
cbdfd5cd399323d5354cb93f67e2a8d9 *nmas2013-10-23cmc2d2t02.flac
55d486bb814c3a223e0ea663129d7d58 *nmas2013-10-23cmc2d2t03.flac
a0b3acb34639f0c75019e7f20e8b7e35 *nmas2013-10-23cmc2d2t04.flac
879302caf0265a28a4c8f50aed3af418 *nmas2013-10-23cmc2d2t05.flac
e3acbb8ba95d14d244d329662ba90cfc *nmas2013-10-23cmc2d2t06.flac
f469e33e12a04e6111e48080e0913dc5 *nmas2013-10-23cmc2d2t07.flac
862cd44d386182e63fc9f5277d3ba149 *nmas2013-10-23cmc2d2t08.flac
cbaec4654343857d04bb9ffe5313ecab *nmas2013-10-23cmc2d2t09.flac
264ed9ba8aed6ae78319dad8534f5966 *nmas2013-10-23cmc2d2t10.flac

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