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Phil Lesh & Friends 10/31/13
Capitol Theatre, Port Chester, NY
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Entered by Matt Vernon
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Source Summary Neumann SKM 184 >; SD USBpre2 > Sony M10 @ 24bit/48Khz DFC, 70 ft from stage, OTS (directly behind SBD), 7 1/2 ft, DIN (a) 
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Phil Lesh and Friends
October 31st, 2013
Port Chester, NY
Capitol Theatre

Neumann SKM 184 >; SD USBpre2 > Sony M10 @ 24bit/48Khz
DFC, 70 ft from stage, OTS (directly behind SBD), 7 1/2 ft, DIN (a)

American Jubilee opened.

Set 1
01 Tuning
02 Big Railroad Blues
03 Caledonia Mission
04 Walkin' Blues
05 The Weight
06 Brown Eyed Women
07 And It Stoned Me
08 Deal

01 Tuning
02 Who Do You Love
03 Not Fade Away
04 We Can Talk
05 The Wheel
06 Two Trains Running
07 Scarlet Begonias
08 The Other One
09 Rollin & Tumblin'
10 Cortez The Killer
11 Fire On The Mountain
12 Donor Rap

13 Long Black Veil
14 Chest Fever

Show Checksums
PAF13-10-31 Set1 T01.flac:c09e6c269e2c9938306538d355e1b580
PAF13-10-31 Set1 T02.flac:d7e249b25dd0eb825d6059c68512b751
PAF13-10-31 Set1 T03.flac:322f0a038cb9f617f7816b6900215bfa
PAF13-10-31 Set1 T04.flac:ee0b6fa4abf5233258801d03c158c4af
PAF13-10-31 Set1 T05.flac:a169fa78493b55008ab9a96e39cb5f8a
PAF13-10-31 Set1 T06.flac:0da4a6e280e90d82e17ed6b8bcbc1da9
PAF13-10-31 Set1 T07.flac:67a91acf091a71ccafc017d817cc9a22
PAF13-10-31 Set1 T08.flac:253ca4eca3bd7924195624b7c5ee6302
PAF13-10-31 Set2 T01.flac:345f307d9a4cca5cf8bcaff6f15a2e74
PAF13-10-31 Set2 T02.flac:91c07350d93ba7bbd1d6682d25f2a16a
PAF13-10-31 Set2 T03.flac:857873e4252094b7f45d1e1a98fc3553
PAF13-10-31 Set2 T04.flac:bea16bc2412029eefaa4037964e46644
PAF13-10-31 Set2 T05.flac:7628b29f861424175454459eee5c0dbe
PAF13-10-31 Set2 T06.flac:d5ac0995abef7e3596476284a9a3afc3
PAF13-10-31 Set2 T07.flac:fca7f9ef8eb995e74e6688bca926ee1a
PAF13-10-31 Set2 T08.flac:6c932755bdb8d30f4fa15bc31daf46f2
PAF13-10-31 Set2 T09.flac:e5cb918753d4f94d4ce8e55bc1cb0b00
PAF13-10-31 Set2 T10.flac:8f239653c6db9bc7ac02dda525fc4f85
PAF13-10-31 Set2 T11.flac:5227e53963f09cb1c7df9e2ae09e88f4
PAF13-10-31 Set2 T12.flac:60915f823b73764f9ea7f0cb08c0b21b
PAF13-10-31 Set2 T13.flac:741b61ca4104f5dd6c9075b5ea91371a
PAF13-10-31 Set2 T14.flac:d1f0280306b23fcf83d50fd1b5bd1e34
cf4112336f61704d18582e3751029380 *PAF13-10-31 Set1 T01.wav
99c473e565cec60ca61853bf551894b3 *PAF13-10-31 Set1 T02.wav
5b9583d57cb85a508de2342e3543ae2a *PAF13-10-31 Set1 T03.wav
5390ad29ff75774a44f6eecc7f8d0a8f *PAF13-10-31 Set1 T04.wav
9bd27f28db0a753112cb4fdca9a6eed9 *PAF13-10-31 Set1 T05.wav
24dd3aba9288f687db0fa68a1822b5f4 *PAF13-10-31 Set1 T06.wav
136ef937260a590be1cc240578b4ec26 *PAF13-10-31 Set1 T07.wav
9b976f366c09cd2637d6b52df4b60904 *PAF13-10-31 Set1 T08.wav
da8683d6b517e8289857c60f11561add *PAF13-10-31 Set2 T01.wav
7876ea24fb2b5187e048cc268ecd7871 *PAF13-10-31 Set2 T02.wav
d16f818c881267397034c058a8b6d066 *PAF13-10-31 Set2 T03.wav
745e445108f2a516a02a3993aa5909af *PAF13-10-31 Set2 T04.wav
b7e8f9a855dcad6630dd1b4ba99a27c8 *PAF13-10-31 Set2 T05.wav
fba387eaf061ee60b4c76b98e3421e29 *PAF13-10-31 Set2 T06.wav
ec9744874e608152993dabff5dc428b6 *PAF13-10-31 Set2 T07.wav
4429e7609650be1e67bb5d7d48ddcb94 *PAF13-10-31 Set2 T08.wav
b591d184a2268b1abb869edea17d1c01 *PAF13-10-31 Set2 T09.wav
c02d2f9072f00f23c13a172eb76ea997 *PAF13-10-31 Set2 T10.wav
3dff6a6f7163735824eb2c8ad668a9ca *PAF13-10-31 Set2 T11.wav
94eca8c29b8c255f282e35f322d8abde *PAF13-10-31 Set2 T12.wav
c65fcd94a947d2a28be868d4e7f67a78 *PAF13-10-31 Set2 T13.wav
e418736cb67e98fc44457201914500ca *PAF13-10-31 Set2 T14.wav
ec0107c274dd707e61b53820e7289d4f *PAF13-10-31 Set1 T01.flac
92d9ef28044e6335fb477ca82ebcbd7b *PAF13-10-31 Set1 T02.flac
cb3574449a976b3f8cefe99498d80f78 *PAF13-10-31 Set1 T03.flac
3e2e8bfa97537bebb54685b6ac50cabe *PAF13-10-31 Set1 T04.flac
33c2aeb756425e857125d10110e26ec9 *PAF13-10-31 Set1 T05.flac
60e952e6fb920dfe9e77fa138bd4c754 *PAF13-10-31 Set1 T06.flac
86cae44f8210a7417b1792578da106e2 *PAF13-10-31 Set1 T07.flac
c98bee0df827fbb44af32ea0826fcfd0 *PAF13-10-31 Set1 T08.flac
fd309d026a02f78ac7c81747715c7ac6 *PAF13-10-31 Set2 T01.flac
f56ca3ccd75d9d9be0656a01e731b0b1 *PAF13-10-31 Set2 T02.flac
77c5f2c7b4eecebe2eba63c6a1d97fe5 *PAF13-10-31 Set2 T03.flac
a9c5d19928e9cc666f47940d6f054456 *PAF13-10-31 Set2 T04.flac
fd7e1cc1c8e2f54d5025095cbf25091a *PAF13-10-31 Set2 T05.flac
ea34b30347400020b84625bd5d29aa0a *PAF13-10-31 Set2 T06.flac
4fec57fd4f666ad6ab5fbeff46fb09fa *PAF13-10-31 Set2 T07.flac
fb3b60fb9ea786d67ec34fce815c2be7 *PAF13-10-31 Set2 T08.flac
b21e44cec8c6f1a19641c0048454f344 *PAF13-10-31 Set2 T09.flac
4d24ff70babfe5ab6ad5057645005649 *PAF13-10-31 Set2 T10.flac
85389a86e1518e498ede81ec5d7dc7b6 *PAF13-10-31 Set2 T11.flac
378e6fa7e795a15b9475384db96b114f *PAF13-10-31 Set2 T12.flac
7bb5ff57542b98a69d91f30439991f67 *PAF13-10-31 Set2 T13.flac
034bd0a4fbb25018e63e369c8ba0550d *PAF13-10-31 Set2 T14.flac

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