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Phil Lesh & Friends 11/02/13
Capitol Theatre, Port Chester, NY
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Entered by Matt Vernon
Checksums ffp , flac-md5
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Source Summary Source:Audio Technica AT897's>AT8202(-10DB)>Tascam DR100MKII Transfer:SD Card>PC>CD Wave>FLAC Taped and Transfered by M.Laurentus Sr., M.Laurentus Jr. Official Taper Section Behind Soundboard 
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Phil Lesh and Friends
November 2nd, 2013
Capitol Theatre
Port Chester, NY

Source:Audio Technica AT897's>AT8202(-10DB)>Tascam DR100MKII
Transfer:SD Card>PC>CD Wave>FLAC
Taped and Transfered by M.Laurentus Sr., M.Laurentus Jr.
Official Taper Section Behind Soundboard

American Jubilee opened

Set 1
Disc 1
D1T01 Tuning
D1T02 Ramblin' Man
D1T03 Bertha
D1T04 Down by the River
D1T05 Peggy O
D1T06 Direwolf
D1T07 The Losing End
D1T08 Cumberland Blues

Set 2
Disc 2
D1t01 Tuning
D2T02 Caution (Do Not Stop on the Tracks)
D2T03 Shake (What your Mama Gave you)
D2T04 Sugaree
D2T05 Running Dry
D2T06 All Along the Watchtower
D2T07 Death Don't have no Mercy
D2T08 Going Down the Road Feeling Bad
Disc 3
D3T01 Help on the Way
D3T02 Slipknot
D3T03 Franklin's Tower
D3T04 Donor Rap
D3T05 E- Cowgirl in the Sand
D3T06 E- I Ain't the One

Show Checksums
D1T01 Tuning.flac:621c2858ecfdd1ad35d1df1dfbb62c79
D1T02 Ramblin\' Man.flac:d5422f6ea910d9161bf068db97564aa6
D1T03 Bertha.flac:e650329d76c4cfd6e3f089983fedc3a9
D1T04 Down by the River.flac:533508af9d97de37d0855259b6ec3766
D1T05 Peggy O.flac:5135ceb94900583668207ba36e99971d
D1T06 Direwolf.flac:4a10b59a072b0f93730f1e24fc6c77d4
D1T07 The Losing End.flac:aa106d94cc121b48ab2f4f45cd4e3d90
D1T08 Cumberland Blues.flac:bbdef45168ff95a99b26a1aeb4d96ad7
D2T01 Tuning.flac:b8e479daa597b19e2266446328f98497
D2T02 Caution (Do Not Stop on the Tracks).flac:31036e57c510f3ea658a57d0a4067070
D2T03 Shake (What your Mama Gave you).flac:710def3ac557c426c9f636cad9f0aee6
D2T04 Sugaree.flac:6fd00187cd83b278022414262bce0618
D2T05 Running Dry.flac:91379441e3d959f375d579756a21fed4
D2T06 All Along the Watchtower.flac:40adf6c5556eb195daa46fbe514feb4d
D2T07 Death Don\'t have no Mercy.flac:2f8fb9eb01570e54f43c37569ff016cb
D2T08 Going Down the Road Feeling Bad.flac:e9aa812a76fce61d33a589ab147baad9
D3T01 Help on the Way.flac:43d24e57f3e08e85b1dbda8b402a8145
D3T02 Slipknot.flac:014e52735d77ee4035ea100184c18f3a
D3T03 Franklin\'s Tower.flac:a723cf7b19258c48d9c395cf9371d883
D3T04 Donor Rap.flac:aea62c4f90cd6d95a075e52bf050884d
D3T05 E- Cowgirl in the Sand.flac:c2386a7c6d7dc8aa9bafb995e4aef456
D3T06 E- I Ain\'t the One.flac:344cf3c5ad0db37f6744073d730d6d35
44076b9efab864640a582b5ac9dfc61f *D1T01 Tuning.flac
33470cc392516cf4b359c8fff7f10a3c *D1T02 Ramblin' Man.flac
fbe71071035b372e5a1fddb1577f42a0 *D1T03 Bertha.flac
1b79f195942dbab403a35b79f7419f4c *D1T04 Down by the River.flac
d0807b5323ba8667c15245bb0d87a59a *D1T05 Peggy O.flac
9eea4847a0bd801c1d46328e4e2625dd *D1T06 Direwolf.flac
19b9e99adaad4d5a1bf994711cdbbbf7 *D1T07 The Losing End.flac
822a6c8876e0e076ddf3804a6a51f64a *D1T08 Cumberland Blues.flac
a2455ce028301beff3996eb8d99b3998 *D2T01 Tuning.flac
1332ff71983d96bbca58f8a14817076e *D2T02 Caution (Do Not Stop on the Tracks).flac
2e9b68431f21a8d8ddfeb19f6f6c5f13 *D2T03 Shake (What your Mama Gave you).flac
8c68396f99c1d72304c6cb012de5e920 *D2T04 Sugaree.flac
6c995be79d0f4c07b7f5c2e8930ea5c3 *D2T05 Running Dry.flac
3505291771ed8f67369a329b0d283562 *D2T06 All Along the Watchtower.flac
b9d8f454fa944eed526b2cc5d2b01267 *D2T07 Death Don't have no Mercy.flac
858b994df27457d84558f79d381a6655 *D2T08 Going Down the Road Feeling Bad.flac
cae9c76d5551a00364307211afd5801e *D3T01 Help on the Way.flac
21635efb7af7841bf4d00d5bc8357ee1 *D3T02 Slipknot.flac
876e7f6e1489f147dc065ce8f352315f *D3T03 Franklin's Tower.flac
86c89c11db67eb1a9fa94742db451f7b *D3T04 Donor Rap.flac
c61508e1c5e63a2476f73b276a97ed6f *D3T05 E- Cowgirl in the Sand.flac
62e80270d3d6a213db57d944c8363c1e *D3T06 E- I Ain't the One.flac

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