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Ween ??/??/92
Chocolate And Cheese Taster-Demos-Summer 92', NewHope, PA
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Entered by Greg Yurkovic
Checksums Chocolate_&_Cheese_Taster-Demos_Summer_92 _FLAC.md5
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Media Size Compressed: 299.6 MB (314153476 bytes)
Uncompressed: 570.37 MB (598079112 bytes)
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Chocolate and Cheese Taster-Demos-Summer 92


1.I Still Love You
2.Short Span Of Attention
3.Ode To Rene
4.Feed The Fire
5.Mango Woman
6.Gabrielle (1)
7.Freedom of 76' (1)
8.Buckingham Green (clean)
9.Take Me Away
10.Sweet Texas Fire
11.Spinal Menengitis (Got Me Down)
12.Buckingham Green (2)
13.Gabrielle (2)
14.The Rift
15.Pass The Bong
17.Freedom of 76' (2)
18.Buckingham Green (hiss)

encoded by Chocolate Mike
[email protected]

Sorry no source info on this.  I received none.
This show was FLACed from a CDR obtained through
a trustworthy source. Enjoy--Chocolate Mike

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Chocolate_&_Cheese_Taster-Demos_Summer_92 _FLAC.md5
96bebd30ea09292f2b448a201ae710f0 *Track01.flac
255d028fd156d2eff0e8a249dd6ac159 *Track02.flac
244b55e842a05abc40907c30159cbe3e *Track03.flac
1aa5d63819fb653f2a377aa6710096d3 *Track04.flac
cb2c6572f2229fbc212c48166a19cdf4 *Track05.flac
5d581b1d61e10cf7d73e50de2effb4f4 *Track06.flac
0a516dbc6ae73196ebb9775c619357a6 *Track07.flac
0b860bbfad1f50daeebd98f003d7216d *Track08.flac
caff8d7f5822f86e187fb31c3c04709b *Track09.flac
7c2ac1c4f223755117ba6fa640665566 *Track10.flac
614b54a23776ea3decb01ee28584b855 *Track11.flac
3509b4368454bcb3e6f6a57379e17df9 *Track12.flac
8f2bb6da18200bd50a42c86177712fd5 *Track13.flac
5b4f3af87b03baa56a047d45bfb2f599 *Track14.flac
0493dfa1c7d6de8c4b50ba00f7043a1c *Track15.flac
0012459f1f3610ecd554d2cb24c3d525 *Track16.flac
19257e549adf438d91c2281703996056 *Track17.flac
a2900b4c8e7245a2ce747b268280d6f6 *Track18.flac

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