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Robert Hunter 06/21/03
Conga Room, Los Angeles, CA
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Entered by Greg Yurkovic
Checksums rh03-06-21d2.md5 , rh03-06-21d1.md5
Disc Counts 0 / 0
Media Size Compressed: 579 MB (607125504 bytes)
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Source Summary SHN: SBD > DAT > Sound Forge > CD-Wav > SHN 
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Robert Hunter
Conga Room - Los Angeles, CA

Source: SBD > DAT > Sound Forge > CD-Wav > SHN
Taper: Cotter Michaels

Disc 1

Track 01 Candyman
Track 02 Easywind
Track 03 The song Remains
Track 04 Cumberland Blues
Track 05 Lazy River Road > God Bless My Underware
Track 06 Stagger Lee
Track 07 Scrap of Moonlight
Track 08 Tiger Rose

Set 2
Disc 2

Track 01 Scarlet Begonias
Track 02 Silvio
Track 03 Loser
Track 04 Tales of the Great Rum Runners
Track 05 Wharf Rat
Track 06 Mountains of the Moon
Track 07 Terrapin Suite
Track 08 Ripple
Track 09 Boys in the Barroom

Many thanks go out to Robert Hunter & Cotter Michaels for making these shows available!

Ice Nine Pub. & The Digital SlipStream 2003
Show Checksums
194289ff3837142bca2ad8d814e3a483 *rh03-06-21d2t01.shn
849de1154889536d353ddfa7517d0c95 *rh03-06-21d2t02.shn
7ddfd76b4857beb3ccc7658542fcbbbd *rh03-06-21d2t03.shn
0643e9bb06bb2ef0264e0248997c7b93 *rh03-06-21d2t04.shn
a1ea60a5c04e996b933f9b84b1cf62e8 *rh03-06-21d2t05.shn
0965aa83e610272517f3fd0718abb849 *rh03-06-21d2t06.shn
3835a9b6d77f4737da6f3e42914975d1 *rh03-06-21d2t07.shn
3c6c106c12bf3577d8aeb75a5b17cf8d *rh03-06-21d2t08.shn
ccdc6acf58efbfe1855525e3604eb31d *rh03-06-21d2t09.shn
c7c740bd27e9e9fb4ebfab4a15b8cbc7 *rh03-06-21d1t01.shn
c56b1cea226156368229c56dcd94caa7 *rh03-06-21d1t02.shn
5ff92a2291891b68f53e955625aca7ec *rh03-06-21d1t03.shn
2f71463c9f9288c0016a49157343e6ac *rh03-06-21d1t04.shn
9d04c670917052f6c8ed26f8f035a823 *rh03-06-21d1t05.shn
624b31b828c5f16d50e4669bd6ae7617 *rh03-06-21d1t06.shn
76d2be1000171d4414b31689b5cbbb69 *rh03-06-21d1t07.shn
99084cb38931e1d18e81680f9b84481b *rh03-06-21d1t08.shn

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