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Robert Hunter 06/25/03
Avalon Ballroom, San Francisco, CA
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Entered by Greg Yurkovic
Checksums rh03-06-25d1.md5 , rh03-06-25d2.md5
Disc Counts 0 / 0
Media Size Compressed: 632 MB (662700032 bytes)
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Robert Hunter
Avalon Ballroom - San Francisco, CA.

Source: SBD > DAT > Sound Forge > CD-Wav > SHN
Taper: Cotter Michaels

Set 1
Disc 1

Track 01 Mission in the Rain
Track 02 Doin' That Rag
Track 03 Into The Blue
Track 04 Serafina Magdalena
Track 05 Cumberland Blues
Track 06 Keys to the Rain
Track 07 Over the Hills >
Track 08 So Many Roads
Track 09 Wind Blows High

Set 2
Disc 2

Track 01 Standing on the Moon
Track 02 Easy Wind >
Track 03 Mr. Charlie
Track 04 Bertha
Track 05 End of the Road
Track 06 Dire Wolf >
Track 07 Peggy-O >
Track 08 Dire Wolf >
Track 09 Peggy-O >
Track 10 Dire Wolf
Track 11 Talking Money Tree >
Track 12 Friend of the Devil
Track 13 Tiger Rose
Track 14 Yellow Moon
Track 15 Reuben & Cérise >
Track 16 It Must Have Been the Roses >
Track 17 Reuben & Cérise
Track 18 E: Ripple

Many thanks go out to Robert Hunter & Cotter Michaels for making these shows available!

Ice Nine Pub. & The Digital SlipStream 2003
Show Checksums
c35a1defc5dc0c32d5f082a13b0f60a5 *rh03-06-25d1t01.shn
16ebc72b2d85ec3c2f6fa8cb7aadbd69 *rh03-06-25d1t02.shn
ba099f315c320868e1ddc702edf1b1e2 *rh03-06-25d1t03.shn
16fb5e300a281f1d5c146bd714070b81 *rh03-06-25d1t04.shn
242f29a749c9fe01550b7b012885b5b3 *rh03-06-25d1t05.shn
fb4baba47241284193c9962d2deb860e *rh03-06-25d1t06.shn
bcf8c4bdc82030a1a5e5be02c60aba73 *rh03-06-25d1t07.shn
7243d47b3f64dcc904624a38523a9a26 *rh03-06-25d1t08.shn
c6f0aac47135045b54c8bbf742131db8 *rh03-06-25d1t09.shn
94bf25069cdadbb3e1558b2fe9297ab3 *rh03-06-25d2t01.shn
2158a45061e5a4f5eb342db6b6db78fc *rh03-06-25d2t02.shn
eec86716237cd84905be59b32b8c535c *rh03-06-25d2t03.shn
aa4ebfd46b4e913ae1e4cf42d9be2011 *rh03-06-25d2t04.shn
8d2c421d3af2063cf8ae851536c6d749 *rh03-06-25d2t05.shn
7ea7b5b58e0a3bd044f6baafbbdc5394 *rh03-06-25d2t06.shn
0626e5b6127f08cef9b00d3180eb9bb5 *rh03-06-25d2t07.shn
6de946ffc83c6d10283a6b8d990144f5 *rh03-06-25d2t08.shn
5e48a329b59732ef19b2d52da81f3eab *rh03-06-25d2t09.shn
22f63db01c7974bd96cd2109ab03c754 *rh03-06-25d2t10.shn
4c3b9520214822d179004f7d5db8ad8c *rh03-06-25d2t11.shn
d5ad493d57a70fce61807565977ce57e *rh03-06-25d2t12.shn
7a449e2d41b4d55a5d4adaadfbad5710 *rh03-06-25d2t13.shn
5d6b984edd1b03550437df38a1043a8c *rh03-06-25d2t14.shn
92ea7928821513609a59442a8f70b9db *rh03-06-25d2t15.shn
a1d3b5112539ccc689dee0f7305075e3 *rh03-06-25d2t16.shn
1c57a5695564550fa3a9f9a30efd0ce7 *rh03-06-25d2t17.shn
d91ba03f252fcab94949a0d660fcd7ba *rh03-06-25d2t18.shn

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