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Robert Hunter 10/10/13
The Town Hall, New York, NY
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Entered by Greg Yurkovic
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Source Summary flac16: AT943cards>SP-SPSB-10>MM-AT-1>H2n(24/48)>WaveLab>r8b>cdwav>TLH(8)>flac 
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Robert Hunter
The Town Hall
New York, NY

Recorded by: Seaweed
Source: AT943cards>SP-SPSB-10>MM-AT-1>H2n(24/48)
Transfer: WaveLab>r8b>cdwav>TLH(8)>flac
Location: Mics split 5 feet on loge railing far left side, aimed at left speaker stack

Set I

s1t01 crowd
s1t02 Franklins Tower >
s1t03 Standing on the Moon >
s1t04 Box of Rain
s1t05 talking
s1t06 Dire Wolf >
s1t07 Peggy-O >
s1t08 Dire Wolf >
s1t09 Ship of Fools
s1t10 Deal
s1t11 Silvio
s1t12 Candyman

Set II

s2t01 crowd
s2t02 Jack Straw
s2t03 Cruel White Water
s2t04 talking
s2t05 Brown Eyed Women
s2t06 It Must Have Been the Roses
s2t07 Reuben and Cherise
s2t08 crowd
s2t09 Stella Blue
s2t10 Wharf Rat
s2t11 talking
s2t12 Brokedown Palace
s2t13 talking
s2t14 Sugaree
s2t15 crowd
s2t16 The Wind Blows High
s2t17 Talkin' Money Tree >
s2t18 Friend of the Devil
s2t19 New Speedway Boogie
s2t20  - encore break -
s2t21 Scarlet Begonias >
s2t22 Ripple
s2t23 Boys in the Barroom
s2t24 Robert Thanks the Crowd
Show Checksums
s1t01 crowd.flac:9076670a829a4a43a691b2e102132f69
s1t02 Franklins Tower.flac:990a79bce97b90aadd95265c5aca0dfa
s1t03 Standing on the Moon.flac:899aa7302f800bdc6581d1015a61b7d8
s1t04 Box of Rain.flac:d0dfb11d2234a08aaaf09f8b054db123
s1t05 talking.flac:e8aa70f25352e6b21c579effb4c8b6a2
s1t06 Dire Wolf.flac:935a1ea10ba07f317503641513f9037c
s1t07 Peggy-O.flac:6fc57ac2822a34a2fa003e9a0b17d031
s1t08 Dire Wolf.flac:a7d120baf336936b89caf04e842ccf82
s1t09 Ship of Fools.flac:25a580bd233314a34730f0168a4b3dca
s1t10 Deal.flac:9c2cb56f34efc6dadfb6a17616784ddb
s1t11 Silvio.flac:afb04825988522949209a75109d33c33
s1t12 Candyman.flac:1e2639764ff492e33556324e4d8e3423
s2t01 crowd.flac:bf4d96add3bea1e96c095742d5afbd7b
s2t02 Jack Straw.flac:a2cdde3fe02e842593d423b982ba3f12
s2t03 Cruel White Water.flac:57366feaf66d030fa117017e0c63a293
s2t04 talking.flac:46b1a41e6b756d3777f9b3845cf2254a
s2t05 Brown Eyed Women.flac:be6536b2c090f0397687a63dc905c7fe
s2t06 It Must Have Been the Roses.flac:9c825e16ecfc17728cb913238199b163
s2t07 Reuben and Cherise.flac:46868c67d71a984ea1a1b82498d4bdf2
s2t08 crowd.flac:9db231ff17d5fdece83a701fac350c1b
s2t09 Stella Blue.flac:b0bceaf3fe9315f1a438363c34c4d3b3
s2t10 Wharf Rat.flac:24ed0f1678e01ff2c4aa2f8803d99962
s2t11 talking.flac:8dd017a3aa47bc0aed5d17c27b208d7c
s2t12 Brokedown Palace.flac:7df48eb14e47271f84872562f230a171
s2t13 talking.flac:bc5a149c736add12b010b5428deb96d2
s2t14 Sugaree.flac:ebdb5879d73e7fbb1029cd47668bfc42
s2t15 crowd.flac:3f7ba621efce4de5b4bec37f94447cb3
s2t16 The Wind Blows High.flac:b22c50ce0dec7afb48ba3b14bc6aa9f2
s2t17 Talkin´┐Ż Money Tree.flac:7b94ca0b445d8e3539686e48388ea9c8
s2t18 Friend of the Devil.flac:a9f1f442f0d225bc0e5c325b6b91c2d2
s2t19 New Speedway Boogie.flac:676a6c2888a715936790665d4eeb9b6c
s2t20 encore break.flac:c7c23eb330fda37532f2684f09653cce
s2t21 Scarlet Begonias.flac:56896e2c4582d17ca53133435ea91837
s2t22 Ripple.flac:6534b5d016e22d4622eb47385d15dc08
s2t23 Boys in the Barroom.flac:e7991474c84f60d4cfe38aa05301ce5a
s2t24 Robert Thanks the Crowd.flac:1eea12297bdd022446672521b37b76fc

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