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Medeski Martin & Wood 04/18/95
The Phoenix, Nashville, TN
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Entered by duggy
Checksums t-flac16-md5 , t-flac16-st5 , t-flac16-ffp
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Media Size Compressed: 479 MB (502267904 bytes)
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Source Summary flac16; Source: SBD > Maxell XLII (low gen) in Marantz PMD510 (pitch adjusted/tape "tuned") > Korg MR-1 (16/44.1) > xACT > FLAC; Tracking/Encoding: 16bit FLAC > Trader’s Little Helper > WaveLab 6.11 (tracking/fades) > Trader’s Little Helper (fix SBEs + FLAC Level 8) > MP3Tag (ID tags) 
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Medeski Martin & Wood
The Phoenix, Nashville, TN
1995-04-18 (Tuesday)

Source: SBD > Maxell XLII (low gen) in Marantz PMD510 (pitch adjusted/tape "tuned") > Korg MR-1 (16/44.1) > xACT > FLAC
- cassette source provided and transferred by Joe Perona

Tracking/Encoding: 16bit FLAC > Trader’s Little Helper > WaveLab 6.11 (tracking/fades) > Trader’s Little Helper (fix SBEs + FLAC Level 8) > MP3Tag (ID tags)
by dug (crookedbirds AT gmail DOT com) – January 25/2014

SET I (missing & setlist unverified)
Lonely Avenue, The Lover, Last Chance To Dance Trance (Perhaps), Think, Caravan, Chinoiserie

- SET II -
01.  [01:20] - 'Crowd/air'
02.  [04:55] - Crosstown Traffic >
03.  [12:24] - Pakalolo
04.  [10:03] - Sequel*
05.  [09:46] - We're So Happy
06.  [04:06] - Bass Solo >
07.  [10:49] - Friday Afternoon In The Universe+
08.  [09:16] - Chubb Sub
09.  [02:01] - 'Billy Speaks/Crowd'
10.  [07:28] - Worms >
11.  [13:47] - Moti Mo
12.  [00:50] - 'Billy Speaks/Crowd'

* momentary CUT @3:40 (seems to result in missing a few bars of music; CUT again @4:13-18 (while there is silence, it's almost like the sound was just turned down for 5 seconds)
+ joined @3:55 (you can hear my edit, but it's better than it was)

Traders Little Helper used for creating checksums:
- FLAC ST5 & MD5 generated for ID3 tagged files

MP3Tag (current version) used for all ID3 tagging:
- The metadata ID3 tags can be read by any player that plays FLAC files.
- ID3 tags will be stripped if converted to WAV, however audio data will be unaffected

Use FLAC ST5 to validate audio integrity.
(Alternatively, the FLAC FFP contains the same checksum values.)
FLAC MD5 values will change if ID3 tags are altered.
T-FLAC16TAG.HTML uses FOLDER.JPG to display album art
T-FLAC16TAG.TXT provides a track-by-track breakdown of the fileset's ID3 tags
- by dug [crookedbirds AT gmail DOT com] 2014-01-25
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3546ab33987368ba998e0f291fa0baea *mmw1995-04-18s2t01.flac
a68aae7b49f12083935a52bb3b8fe57b *mmw1995-04-18s2t02.flac
4ee3bbcd528addab21def92055b30c75 *mmw1995-04-18s2t03.flac
ed48bc52f62722be4d404f069cce6e7f *mmw1995-04-18s2t04.flac
f32b1cfe3568e968ada0a1f2207491bb *mmw1995-04-18s2t05.flac
cd6b99379d515747433629a2d17ed797 *mmw1995-04-18s2t06.flac
95ae74de318496973dfe92ffe5ac4a3e *mmw1995-04-18s2t07.flac
ab07fe3d1982faef565c15938edff773 *mmw1995-04-18s2t08.flac
82a1d3bf2a51429fed8901eec7384905 *mmw1995-04-18s2t09.flac
812b3d5c662c493f7ba98f372cbafa1b *mmw1995-04-18s2t10.flac
757dd8f8ba76bfe1c1f9cab05963cabc *mmw1995-04-18s2t11.flac
1d9dd15803d2b2cbc90ad2aef9500091 *mmw1995-04-18s2t12.flac
2ad7ee73f6ed68b2251c313be860d6b4 [shntool] mmw1995-04-18s2t01.flac
f22475d90ea1197e93344d397e1d18cf [shntool] mmw1995-04-18s2t02.flac
77aa417bbef81b00e4c7280d66a14dc9 [shntool] mmw1995-04-18s2t03.flac
dddb6c0af2df17f43fc277b7c7821aca [shntool] mmw1995-04-18s2t04.flac
ff3621ed80fb5b5390e4335962067c48 [shntool] mmw1995-04-18s2t05.flac
4565cdfc078dd6e727e05b16aa35e673 [shntool] mmw1995-04-18s2t06.flac
3c2f1508d4daeaff4aefa899e7dbfae5 [shntool] mmw1995-04-18s2t07.flac
350c37fbf65dc3350c7df3411490929f [shntool] mmw1995-04-18s2t08.flac
981fd09625af45ef6debf0b670bd16c6 [shntool] mmw1995-04-18s2t09.flac
a9ed4c371c4084336ba9877237de9547 [shntool] mmw1995-04-18s2t10.flac
a7992410dd2c73c5a3a4034460af2246 [shntool] mmw1995-04-18s2t11.flac
43a17466bc1d1388c5ceb175a8e417bf [shntool] mmw1995-04-18s2t12.flac

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