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Medeski Martin & Wood 01/06/13
Revolution Live, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
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Entered by Tom Luhrs
Checksums flac16-md5 , flac16-ffp
Disc Counts 0 / 0
Media Size Compressed: 809.82 MB (849157649 bytes)
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Source Summary flac16; Rode NTG1's - > Naint littlebox -> Fostex FR2-LE 24bit@ 48 kHz; Tracked & Flac'd and ReSampled with Audacity 2.02 
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01/06/13  Revolution - Fort Lauderdale, FL

Source: Rode NTG1's - >  Naint littlebox -> Fostex FR2-LE 24bit@ 48 kHz
Tracked & Flac'd and ReSampled with Audacity 2.02
Taped, transfered, and seeded by BIGT aka IAMHAMMERED

Set 1: Improv > The Lover > Open Improv > New Planet, Shackman, Jelly Belly > Drum Solo, Chank*;

Set 2: Down The Tubes (Improv), Little Walter Rides Again, Open Improv > Cacha¬ća, In Case The World Changes Its Mind, Unknown > Fuck You Guys; Encore: Amazing Grace;

* with John Scofield for 'Chank' and the entire second set
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f032dbdb455bd35535c9b8c55cf4e58a *mmw2013-01-06set1 t-01.flac
1ee5a870a1792a3cb30192e484815f4d *mmw2013-01-06set1 t-02.flac
a8a29da5964568e1f8a9c5828a2ef28e *mmw2013-01-06set1 t-03.flac
5fd3b70bffcce21049b3a0bc23a5b87e *mmw2013-01-06set1 t-04.flac
398df26354570e6d0545e6424566b0bd *mmw2013-01-06set1 t-05.flac
f6b0fe454e51ec1524d8568e6bc25e0c *mmw2013-01-06set1 t-06.flac
e7c3077d1124cdc84c55108a02e5e655 *mmw2013-01-06set2 t-01.flac
965b590314c54e63604501514d58dce5 *mmw2013-01-06set2 t-02.flac
631830c9c56b829a7a4850d04263a842 *mmw2013-01-06set2 t-03.flac
860ca0efe443f593bf92d94cdc5d0982 *mmw2013-01-06set2 t-04.flac
a011a161c0e6b9d3e075c930e3510f40 *mmw2013-01-06set2 t-05.flac
3ffb71ee87768eab6cd1e0ff41cfd3f5 *mmw2013-01-06set2 t-06.flac
8d71699a56d7ab82c22cada9f6550b8c *mmw2013-01-06set2 t-07.flac
mmw2013-01-06set1 t-01.flac:310549b226e8af90f81752253fa3f851
mmw2013-01-06set1 t-02.flac:4b6232558fefc23d887a5c002ba46f59
mmw2013-01-06set1 t-03.flac:23368ad8108792260f63a7cd3e1e8489
mmw2013-01-06set1 t-04.flac:dcf11e169e76ccc59c20e5a0e23af61f
mmw2013-01-06set1 t-05.flac:6a202c34e9dcfb15812aa2ce8b19e34a
mmw2013-01-06set1 t-06.flac:a682a1435442cc35ac493cf5161028c0
mmw2013-01-06set2 t-01.flac:0c7a9d7825995bc8a2e4eac39142ce44
mmw2013-01-06set2 t-02.flac:0bc47411c6feb96779377b06ca3e5125
mmw2013-01-06set2 t-03.flac:875236d5d9a8d0ca1fbacb9cd5d27ae9
mmw2013-01-06set2 t-04.flac:8aa0d8722d19d7284c15ef4ca3866553
mmw2013-01-06set2 t-05.flac:b04db652b114d2243d049c488bb8a4cc
mmw2013-01-06set2 t-06.flac:dc5b4dc878e4b2849ecabc0a625647d9
mmw2013-01-06set2 t-07.flac:c3d2b07cb2e8169b99c0e0b5ed70393f

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