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Medeski Martin & Wood 11/15/13
Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club, London, UK
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Entered by Tom Luhrs
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Source Summary flac16; Early show: Zoom H2>Wavepad>EAC>FLAC; Late show: FM?? 
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Medeski Martin & Wood
Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club, London, England
November 15, 2013

Early show source: Zoom H2 > Wavepad > EAC > FLAC
Recorded by: √ęBill the Taper√≠

Late show source: unknown

Early Show:
01 Intro
02 Agmatia
03 Improv
04 The Lover
05 Baby Goats
06 Shackman
07 Chinoiserie
08 Suspicious Minds
09 Hey Joe

Late Show:
01 Intro
02 Wonton
03 Just Like I Pictured It
04 Jelly Belly

Early show notes:
The recording was made with a Zoom H2, post recording levels boosted with Wavepad, some subsequent wav editing with EAC. The box was positioned low down near the floor in an aisle to side of stage left of Medeski and in direct line to a bass unit at floor level. The clavinet is a bit lost in the mix during Agmatia but is nicely balanced for the rest of the set. You can tell that the recording was made in a small room, it has a full sound with plenty of bass and B3.  Play loud and it cooks.

Ronnie Scott's is a small space with a low ceiling and room for maybe 200 people seated club style at tables with waited service and fine wines on the menu.  Classy (at a price) and cosy.  It was a thrill seeing the guys in such an intimate setting and the 80 minutes flew by.

The club has a small stage and they seemed to be using a cut down rig.  Billy just had the kit and a few tinklies, not much in the way of pots and pans.  The only keys were the B3 with the clavinet on top sitting beside the house grand.  No electric piano or melodica.  The sound in the room was clear, rich and all enveloping.  The B3 seemed to wrap itself round the ribs as it bounced off the ceiling and walls around us.  At one point in The Lover vibrations from a deep bowed bass and organ drone sent tremors through our table that shook the drinks in our glasses. Tasty!

Late show notes:
MMW played three songs as the opening band of the 2013 London Jazz Festival opening night concert that featured four different bands playing a few songs each.
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