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The Wood Brothers 03/13/12
Track 29, Chattanooga, TN
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Entered by Tom Luhrs
Checksums flac16-ffp
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Media Size Compressed: 454.91 MB (477005797 bytes)
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Source Summary flac16; akg460b/ck61(xy 90)>v2>mr1000 24/48 fob, dfc, @~8 ft; mr1000>audiogate>cdwave>tlh 
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the wood brothers
track 29
chattanooga, tn

one set  ~93 min

01- intro
02- postcards from hell
03- spirit
04- when i was young
05- lovin' arms
06- mary anna
07- one more day
08- pray enough
09- honey jar
10- up above my head
11- chris solo
12- chevrolet
13- luckiest man*
14- midnight rider*
15- shoofly pie
16- the shore*
17- made it up the mountain*
18- atlas*
19- ain't no more cane on the brazos*
20- down the road*#

* w/ clay cook (lap steel & vocals)
# w/ seth walker (guitar & vocals)

source: akg460b/ck61(xy 90)>v2>mr1000 24/48 fob, dfc, @~8 ft, by john m
transfer:mr1000>audiogate>cdwave>tlh, by john m

notes: great show, great sound! thanks to kenny for the sweet taping spot and general kindness.  thanks
to track 29, bubba et al, for being taper friendly and bringing great music to chattanooga!

go see the wood brothers and spend money on cd's, t shirts, etc.!  :)
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woodbros2012-03-13 16bt01.flac:49abf354e72b2de81f1cbf7743299602
woodbros2012-03-13 16bt02.flac:51540cd9147a626d3b6ac3fcf86de0ac
woodbros2012-03-13 16bt03.flac:e758d4665e087f9fabcd99ff79cbcf6b
woodbros2012-03-13 16bt04.flac:7d424db84d03a5d7c33c099e5b334efc
woodbros2012-03-13 16bt05.flac:7f9437dbeb083eae28373795efaff31a
woodbros2012-03-13 16bt06.flac:fb88d8c82dafc16a9445e656ec1ff6b0
woodbros2012-03-13 16bt07.flac:f2cba560591f03fb52bcbe9f2960406b
woodbros2012-03-13 16bt08.flac:81a6ad82d16352b141e7047b755c288a
woodbros2012-03-13 16bt09.flac:407c63f83f72b909f597691a344bbe25
woodbros2012-03-13 16bt10.flac:58405be37d81c26561161077b80afb95
woodbros2012-03-13 16bt11.flac:028a73a131a30c6c795cde5f95bf7981
woodbros2012-03-13 16bt12.flac:967e3bf5ba970832651943c1e25e148d
woodbros2012-03-13 16bt13.flac:e3575d156664512dd43831b32d7535da
woodbros2012-03-13 16bt14.flac:32c117f548fd030a9cd5df417e3d3582
woodbros2012-03-13 16bt15.flac:1eb6783723a0a4fbb9eb872ab623506d
woodbros2012-03-13 16bt16.flac:d454da4b8c3768eeeecdac8564b7c639
woodbros2012-03-13 16bt17.flac:8ff49c6a89b60b4cce15c639790851d0
woodbros2012-03-13 16bt18.flac:40ea45aa1b9a08fda2139c3fa30f7676
woodbros2012-03-13 16bt19.flac:3d88cbb56f385b0a9dc29ccf6e65a722
woodbros2012-03-13 16bt20.flac:0ad264582907f7f1077c1b8b988d1e95

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