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Phil Lesh & Friends 01/31/98
Fillmore Auditorium, San Francisco, CA
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Entered by Matt Vernon
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Source Summary Recorded with 3 CM 300 Naks X-Y, 2 CP4's (Guns) 1 CP3 (Omni) DAT>CD By Jill & Rob Rightmyer 
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01/31/98 Fillmore Auditorium - San Francisco, CA
Set 1:
1) Franklin's Tower
2) It's all too Much
3) Broken Arrow
4) Honeydew
5) Sultans of Swing
6) St. Stephen
7) Scarlet Begonias
8) Fire on The Mountain
9) Sugaree

Set 2:
1) Friend Of The Devil
2) Golden Days
3) Stella Blue
4) The Other One
5) Dark Star jam > Imagine
6) Dark Star
7) Things We Said Today

CD 3
1) Cosmic Charlie
2) Box Of Rain
3) Like A Rolling Stone
4) Encores
5) Wild Horses
6) The Wheel > And We Bid You Goodnight

Comment: Broken Angels: Robin Bonnell, Clayton Call, David Gans, Joe
Goldmark, Tammie Horowitz, Steve Horowitz, Jennifer Jolly, Gary Lambert,
Phil Lesh, Kitty Margolis, Vince Welnick

Recorded with 3 CM 300 Naks X-Y, 2 CP4's (Guns) 1 CP3 (Omni)

By Jill & Rob Rightmyer
Email: [email protected]

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17951b3d1839556afbcb6975c6e18b1f *phil98-01-31d1T03.shn
d7d3c594b413fbef51d595f364e72448 *phil98-01-31d1T04.shn
57a081cfd26ff7ffe2d5adad9d7edc56 *phil98-01-31d1T05.shn
8a9f30ec80f43297d6d5de20f1d8611f *phil98-01-31d1T06.shn
9ac0ba4ed27e16fcf992f7140744c1a2 *phil98-01-31d1T07.shn
7a18c6731d2b3601b6c173992f86f5fd *phil98-01-31d1T08.shn
6e75576efb5b56fc7fad54fc58c242bd *phil98-01-31d1T01.shn
3a29e5ff7729977e313c7d04de927ff6 *phil98-01-31d2T07.shn
fabc5c1ecf54f7aeb97c9ba181d1f1b1 *phil98-01-31d2T02.shn
fb792fb5d2d5c70a182d4f9ac2226a8d *phil98-01-31d2T03.shn
823a91eecba23f37d23d6339168e6800 *phil98-01-31d2T04.shn
8fe8751a9a881eded13921ee75428105 *phil98-01-31d2T05.shn
7e367c76f48cbdd3e3b1f2fa3d2b9b5d *phil98-01-31d2T06.shn
711673d9e0f5111e24a82c91d7997b36 *phil98-01-31d2T01.shn
11adabda78fd05ac21e1faadec1753d9 *phil98-01-31d3T06.shn
2b148e1fd99038a2d3bd35af04bc10f1 *phil98-01-31d3T02.shn
0cd156da6f67299b8e40e88a37c3ca71 *phil98-01-31d3T03.shn
07cff2594362bd4d4031e957b4c6ec8f *phil98-01-31d3T04.shn
d6de4406cb6f0582e84904147c487a32 *phil98-01-31d3T05.shn
cf0a2ecf7d8b52b1ed389a527365e916 *phil98-01-31d3T01.shn

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