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North Mississippi Allstars 06/23/02
Bonnaroo Music Festival, Arena Stage, Manchester, TN
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Entered by Randy Carman
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Source Summary Source: Neumann KM140s > ? > M1  
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North Mississippi Allstars
Bonnaroo 2002
Sunday Show 6/23/2002

Source:  Neumann KM140s > ? > M1
Transfer:  D8 > Coax > Zoltrix NG Pro 6 > Cooledit 96 > wav > CDWAV > shn (mkw)

Taped by Morgan Baird
Transfer by Scott Goodwin

1. Shimmy She Wobble/Station Blues*
2. Shimmy She Wobble/Station Blues* > Freedom Highway >
3. Drinkin' Muddy Water > Sugartown
4. Meet Me In The City >
5. Bad, Bad, Bad > Po' Black Maddie > Skinny Woman >
6. Drums > Po' Black Maddie > All Night Long > Lovelight > All Night Long
7. Crowd
8. Cody Washboard Feedback Jam**> Shake 'Em On Down
9. K.C. Jones***

-track 1 beginning is cut.
-the tracking is terrible: track 1 continues into track 2, track 3 is two songs, track 5 continues into track 6 and should have been two tracks
-the md5 that circulates has track 9 named as *nmas_broo_t2002_09.shn. the md5 has been corrected to *nmas_broo_2002_t09.shn here.

Arena Stage
entire show with Duwayne Burnside on guitar.
* "Shimmy She Wobble" is the name for the Othar Turner conglomeration NMAS plays in concert of Station Blues (their version of "Sittin' On Top Of The World" from Shake Hands With Shorty), and various instrumental jams. Call it SSW, Station Blues, or Sittin', whatever ya want.
** Cody played a washboard feedback jam to open the encore, then hung it on the mic stand and lit it on fire!
*** Cody on guitar and vocals, Duwayne on drums

info:  [email protected]
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db034439da07d082ea83aa38a7b7a8ca *nmas_broo_2002_t01.shn
2c2fec21549a4cb3648741eabcd1e267 *nmas_broo_2002_t02.shn
ac55c2a70194df3b64b316c9238b4ef4 *nmas_broo_2002_t03.shn
8be473be590b82fba34082289478f80c *nmas_broo_2002_t04.shn
58d5eff65824755f7a5b4b4e0122aef3 *nmas_broo_2002_t05.shn
88773119b5a5767608db1c7480a5c1f1 *nmas_broo_2002_t06.shn
637dfd2926f096e6eb7641ef39e918fd *nmas_broo_2002_t07.shn
ddbb3cb3accae28867cd89fecbd432dc *nmas_broo_2002_t08.shn
267554ed100de6a9dfc128b1b1b794cb *nmas_broo_2002_t09.shn

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