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Disco Biscuits 10/11/02
House Of Blues, New Orleans, LA
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Source # 12811 Other Sources
Entered by Matt Spolansky
Checksums d1 , d2 , d3
Disc Counts 2 / 3
Media Size
Date Circulated
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Source Summary AKG481>V2>SBM1>DA-P1 Mark Ruenes Transfer: Seagate CTD-8000>WAV Mark Avy 
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The Disco Biscuits
10-11-2002 House Of Blues - New Orleans, LA

Source: AKG481>V2>SBM1>DA-P1 Mark Ruenes
Transfer: Seagate CTD-8000>WAV Mark Avy

Disc 1 Set (80 Min)
Set 1:

1. Banter
2. Helicopters>
3. Trouper McCue*
4. Kitchen Mitts>
5. Voices Insane
6. Spy>
7. Story Of The World
8. House Dog Party Favor

Disc 2
Set 2:

1. Batner
2. Jamilla>
3. Save The Robots>
4. Basis For A Day

Disc 3
Set 2 cont'd:

1. Little Lai
2. Triumph>
3. Above The Waves**
4. Triumph#>
5. Save the Robots
6. Crowd

7. Frog Legs>
8. Helicopters

*Completes 10/10/02 Version
** Inverted
# With Funkytown (Lipps,inc.) Tease.
Show Checksums
85684b7f23cc910fd0d2d7ef441d30ed *db2002-10-11d1t2.shn
0849d449a2ecc3feeac71bc6a8a8bdae *db2002-10-11d1t3.shn
1eb15f7d76737ae15c8d877e29d379f5 *db2002-10-11d1t4.shn
712ba1472e62d81d7258d36f73692077 *db2002-10-11d1t5.shn
36fa37b7779f66d8fe783b27ec97add0 *db2002-10-11d1t6.shn
72ff5d1336af9c660ed6b28634c82ab0 *db2002-10-11d1t7.shn
5dbfc886a6855f0c91929c4c7cbe6513 *db2002-10-11d1t8.shn
95b490ec3f5b9215bdb6b86b2c7d9578 *db2002-10-11d1t1.shn
6770c662cb12f16b5c6def2786ebdbb9 *db2002-10-11d2t1.shn
f7c1ae8ef2f78cfb5184014a6c3d8c6f *db2002-10-11d2t2.shn
ee3369b3d3da651194efe11459ab7899 *db2002-10-11d2t3.shn
80d46c8290e56ff6c7c3706357a38733 *db2002-10-11d2t4.shn
3cf8e788cba1e984af6b7e8cfb4083a7 *db2002-10-11d3t1.shn
4870b55f2e6c9a4d920fdb3f2eeed411 *db2002-10-11d3t3.shn
fdbe3bd3c4a18ef8dba660d80e926dfc *db2002-10-11d3t2.shn
59c9888688467673ac6448c4ed874c9d *db2002-10-11d3t4.shn
d299eb286a47cb1f1d28f8e93d945d2c *db2002-10-11d3t5.shn
a50d776b35f8f7b85f1a4dea4434782f *db2002-10-11d3t6.shn
bbcf28e7ee44d112ea49f42b4c05f8b8 *db2002-10-11d3t7.shn
c13d0aeac566ee47b752ea2b7bf90caf *db2002-10-11d3t8.shn

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