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Medeski Martin & Wood 11/23/01
The NorVA Theatre, Norfolk, VA
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Entered by duggy
Checksums d3shn-md5 , d2shn-md5 , d1shn-md5
Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary shn; Source: B&K 4022> Sonosax> ad1000> dap1 (clipped to outside of the balcony/dfc), by Craig Davis; transfer: Tascam DA302> Coax> MAudio Dio 24/48> CDWav> Cool Edit 2000 (48> 44.1)> SHN, by Blane Harvey 
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Norva Theatre, Norfolk, Va

source: B&K4022>Sonosax>ad1000>dap1 (clipped to outside of the balcony/dfc) by Craig Davis

transfer: Tascam DA302>Coax>MAudio Dio 24/48>CDWav>Cool Edit 2000 (48>44.1)>SHN
by Blane Harvey

Show fits on 3x74 cds.

D1 (Set 1):
t1. Improv > Improv > Improv
t2. Wiggly's Way
t3. The Lover >
t4. Partido Alto >
t5. Bass Solo > Shacklyn Knights>
t6. Drum Solo >
t7. Blue Pepper

D2 (Set 2):
t1. Fire >
t2. Smoke
t3. The Dropper
t4. Big Time > Open Improv >
t5. Nostalgia In Times Square/Angel Race (I'll Wait For You)
t6. Bass Solo >
t7. Latin Shuffle >
t8. Think >
t9. Dracula

D3 (Set 2 cont.):
t1. Pappy Check
t2. Crosstown Traffic
t3. I Wanna Ride You
Show Checksums
71a9627b10f77f63f364fe5d149bb75e *mmw01-11-23_d3t1.shn
a797eed327b241576ae938e65d0dba42 *mmw01-11-23_d3t2.shn
f54acd574179b218298e1f5f55cb45de *mmw01-11-23_d3t3.shn
0891f03489bf833ab333c76d961481d6 *mmw01-11-23_d2t1.shn
4c69fd6ec5b38aaff71c568395a96559 *mmw01-11-23_d2t2.shn
3984bc6dbac2f0b68d8c11ac355fb505 *mmw01-11-23_d2t3.shn
8cf30b5cc846556fdfea7832c1576647 *mmw01-11-23_d2t4.shn
344bb2f374e844370a35816c54eb1172 *mmw01-11-23_d2t5.shn
7ef5f82c23cbfc56ab9c7259980d338d *mmw01-11-23_d2t6.shn
d2e296a0d113fa24e461163917732c33 *mmw01-11-23_d2t7.shn
9e450eaa41b166b1cb3c76dba1159fe6 *mmw01-11-23_d2t8.shn
d1183391a48090212e319c8e2ad9c6d4 *mmw01-11-23_d2t9.shn
919b2dd9a0c5e6a9ccd22fffd27fa6a2 *mmw01-11-23_d1t1.shn
e784b2302717b35f1351eb080c927322 *mmw01-11-23_d1t2.shn
854a86f83ceeed209c9b87582fdce90e *mmw01-11-23_d1t3.shn
bd92648bed1e5e1c81e579a6a4f7b1f2 *mmw01-11-23_d1t4.shn
303bba8da38e3dd6f82fd114a2ad69d6 *mmw01-11-23_d1t5.shn
26647c27f61e502ca5cb4f44d1c21372 *mmw01-11-23_d1t6.shn
dd968c61e71d7c39187ad55fe9dc6b77 *mmw01-11-23_d1t7.shn

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Other Sources (comments)
shn; Source: Neumann... (2)
Date User Comment
01/27/2011 duggy Minor maintenance to setlist (updates, segues, typos, track times, etc.) based on the other source.

The other source has some wacky tracking, so NOTE the following assumptions for this source:
- that d1t1 contains the entire opening improvisations
- that tunes are tracked as indicated (check timings against the other source if need be)
- that the Bass Solo is on the same track as Shacklyn Knights
- that the Open Improv following Big Time is on the same track