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Medeski Martin & Wood 04/07/14
Auditorio Stelio Molo RSI, Lugano, Switzerland
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Source Summary flac16; Source: Lewojazz recording RETE2 (mp2 256/48) > Edit (details below) > TLH (flac 6 + SBE / decode check); via DIME 
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Medeski Martin & Wood featuring Nels Cline (Lewojazz-TomP remaster)
Auditorio Stelio Molo RSI
Lugano CH
Live: 2014-04-07

Source: Lewojazz recording RETE2 (mp2 256/48) > Edit (details below) > TLH (flac 6 + SBE / decode check)

Fine fastone artworks are included, which were used to create flac tags

Contrast Clause:

Jaype post: uses the same Lewojazz source files, but converted
with Audacity, rather than Foobar / Audition used here which give slight but audible quality improvement

Quality: Worth an A++ now

Prompted by the recent jaype post using the same source, I had already converted the Lewojazz mp2 with different tools and
downloaded one of his tracks to confirm that I had a better SQ result. I did further remastering and added flac tags, so now
you can have the best possible quality, along with the flac tags and artworks (and no announcer) that many like to have.

TomP post on Dime, April 2014...Enjoy !!

John Medeski – keyboards
Billy Martin – drums, percussion
Chris Wood – bass, e-bass
Nels Cline – guitar, electronics

01 - Improv (67:28)
[@00:06] Improv >
[@07:30] Open Improv >
[@08:57] Improv >
[@14:05] Improv >
[@20:20] Improv >
[@28:34] Open Improv >
[@31:23] Improv >
[@36:22] Open Improv >
[@47:09] Improv >
[@54:50] Improv >
[@62:24] Drum Solo

02 - Billy Martin talks (0:43)
03 - Woodstock Jam (8:18) *

total time: 76:28min

* My understanding of Italian is not great, but I think this is how the announcer named the track.

Edit details:

Convert mp2 > 48k wav (Foobar)
Convert 48k > 44.1k (Audition)
Inverted Phase (Audition)
Removed all announcer (Nero)
Fixed many balance variations (Nero)
Tracking (Nero)
Flac tags (Tag&Rename)

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60f84fca8bd7297eac34e416db880857 *Medseki Martin Wood - 01 - Improv.flac
37be061c5b7ea92705f2e72f21509395 *Medseki Martin Wood - 02 - Billy Martin talks.flac
bfc5a14992ece97f4b2c9ded4f3d33f8 *Medseki Martin Wood - 03 - Woodstock Jam.flac

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